Saturday, January 25, 2020

Tommy Chong's Not an Actor

Tommy Chong has been promoting his new film, The Color Out of Space.  The Richard Stanley film which stars Nicholas Cage has been getting great reviews.

Tommy Chong portrays a hippie named Ezra.

When he sat down with Forbes, he told them he lives in a small house in the Pacific Palisades, surrounded by $30 and $40 mill homes.

"I’m not an actor. I’m Tommy Chong. And if you’ve got a part that’ll work, I’m there. Cheech [Marin] is more of an actor, he went on to do Nash Bridges and Tin Cup. Me, I’m more like Leo in That ‘70s Show. And I love that. You know, people don’t have to wonder what I want in my dressing room. They know what gifts to buy me, and how to make my day. I love being me, there’s no work involved.

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