Saturday, February 26, 2000

Update: Cheech Marin on Bill Boggs Show

Press Release from the Food Network:

Catch Co-star of CBS Nash Bridges, Cheech Marin, at Aqua (San Francisco), SUNDAY MARCH 12TH, 9pm eastern on Bill Boggs Corner Table on Food Network! Bill sits down with four stand-ups in a comedic power hour. Also dining with Bill are The Hughleys' D.L Hughley (catered on the set of his show by Richard Kraupp and Asia De Cuba), King of Queens' Jerry Stiller at Ernie's (NY), and Howie Mandel at the NBC commissary (LA).

Here's one of the questions answered during the interview:
Bill: "What was really inside of those joints the size of a hoagie roll?Cheech: "Stunt dope."
Check your local listings for air time.

Monday, February 21, 2000

Review: E! True Hollywood Story


After sitting in front of the square box with moving images for one hour, the staff at Cheech and Chong Dot Com concluded that E! did a fantastic job detailing the life and times of the legendary duo. In case you missed it, E! premiered their Cheech and Chong "True Hollywood Story" episode last night (note: re-broadcast yet to be scheduled).
As expected, Tommy and Richard downplayed the amount of hostility that existed between the two of them. However, they did reveal that the problems began after Tommy was credited as Director of Next Movie, even though Cheech felt he had contributed equally. The tensions peaked during the filming of Get Out of My Room, for Cheech longed to pursue a serious acting career (which he accomplished). After making their last on-screen appearance together in After Hours, the duo went their separate ways.
On a happier note, Tommy and Richard did not rule out the possibility of a reunion. They gave the impression that, if the money and script are right and the duo are both at the same point in their lives, they'd be willing to do a movie.
We hope they do reunite! We want a simple movie with classic, crude drug humor. Oh, and one more thing...Stacey Keach must return as Sgt. Stadanko!

Tuesday, February 15, 2000

Our Largest C & C Auction Ever to Begin Saturday

To celebrate E! Entertainment Television's premiere of its Cheech and Chong special we are launching our largest auction to date.

Beginning Saturday you can bid on lots of rarely seen, nor heard merchandise. Here are some of the items we are auctioning:

• Los Cochinos car-shaped LP - Cover is shaped like a car. Sleeve reveals that C&C are smuggling drugs.
• Yellowbeard Media Kit - Tons of photos and info about the all-star cast. Highly collectible.
• Bloat On 45 - From the Ltd Release single from the Let's Make a Dope Deal LP. Few have seen, nor heard this song.
• Sleeping Beauty LP - Need we say more? We receive 200+ emails every week looking for this out of print album. This is the last one we have.
• Sleeping Beauty 45 - Special 45 single from this highly requested album.
• Corsican Brothers VHS - out-of-print uncensored version of video.
• Big Bambu LP - with huge rolling paper. The last one we have.
• Yellowbeard VHS - out-of-print Monty Python, Cheech & Chong, Young Ones classic.

Click here to see what's up for auction.

Cheech Marin to Appear on Food Network

On Sunday, March 12th @ 9pm, Richard Marin will be a guest on Food Network's "Corner Table with Bill Boggs." More details will be posted as they come in.

Tommy a "Regular" on That 70's Show?


It would seem to me, the Weedmaster, that Tommy Chong is becoming a "regular" on Fox's That 70's Show. He appeared again tonight as the local camera store owner. This makes it his third appearance if my count is correct.
Oh, and by the way, Donna and Eric finally "did it." :-)

ALERT: E! Officially Publishes Cheech & Chong Air Date

This time it's for real. E! has officially released the air date for their documentary on Cheech & Chong. It premieres THIS SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 20TH @ 9pm est.(even though the E! web site reports a different time). Double-check TV Guide for the correct airtime in your area. The documentary is actually part of E!'s True Hollywood Story series, not Mysteries and Scandals, as previously reported.
We're told the two hour special will detail the rise-and-fall of Cheech and Chong, as well as the reasons why Cheech left the duo. Don't miss it!

Monday, February 14, 2000

Congratulations to Our Winners

Congratulations are in order for S.M. of Florida and W.L. of Ohio. They're the winners of our newsletter contest. Each will be receiving a Cheech and Chong's out-of-print Sleeping Beauty LP.