Saturday, November 29, 2003

The Holiday Auctions Have Begun

The annual Cheech and Chong Dot Com Holiday Auctions are underway. Nearly three dozen items will be listed during the next forty eight hours. We've outdone ourselves this year. Items include sealed out-of-print albums, one-of-a-kind animation cels, rare promotional items, LPs, 45s and more. The featured item this year is Tommy Chong's personal storyboards which were used in the making of Nice Dreams.
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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Bobby Capps Strikes Again

The Free Tommy Chong movement is stronger than ever in California. Actor Bobby Capps has struck again. This time he wrote "Free Tommy Chong" using lime at a burnt out spot along Route 80. He had been planning it for weeks, but the rainy weather caused numerous postponements.
This mission was conducted under the dark of night. After his accomplice dropped him off, he proceeded to walk 1/4 mile up a muddy hill to access the ideal location. It required over forty trips up and down that steep embankment to make it absolutely perfect.
When asked what he learned from the experience, Bobby Capps said it best, "dont eat a big potroast dinner with all the gravy and taters before the just might end up hurling your dinner over the side of the freeway."
Brilliant words from a brilliant man!
Email us if you're interested in contacting or hiring actor Bobby Capps.
While you're at it, check out this hysterical flash animation of Ashcroft arresting Chong. It was created by Bad Dog Graphics.

Monday, November 24, 2003

Free Tommy Protest Parade

Join the ìFREE TOMMYî Doo Dah Parade Brigade! Wear your hand-made FREE TOMMY t-shirtÖbring your protest signÖand your best Tommy Chong ìlookî to the corner of Raymond and Walnut Street in Pasadena at 10:00 am for a wake and bake pre-march gathering on Sunday, November 23 plus ten bucks parade entry fee to march. This salute to Tommy Chong will be a historical event filled with many laughs. We look forward to having you join us. Feel free to drop an rsvp note to Öor just show up in Pasadena at ten bells for the 11:30 am parade.
For more parade information, check out
Update: The Doo Dah Parade was a huge success. Approximately 8,000 people participated in the parade and amazingly there were no arrests. The free Tommy Chong group drew tons of media attention.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Forbes Article on Chong

Forbes Magazine posted a little blurb on Chong. Nothing new is discussed, but the article is useful in getting the word out about his ordeal.
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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Cheech Joins Cast Of Judging Amy

With the future (or actually the start) of Cheech Marin's new sitcom, The Ortegas, in limbo, Cheech has chosen to join the cast of CBS's Judging Amy. He will have a recurring role as Ignacio Messina, a landscape architect who is doing work on the Gray's home. He becomes a potential love interest for Maxine. Marin's first episode is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 6 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT).

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Chong Supporter Risks Life

This morning, aspiring actor/Chong supporter, Bobby Capps, risked life and limb when he hung a Free Tommy Chong banner from California's Foresthill Bridge. The banner, which we mentioned on the Allan Handelman show earlier this week, measured 80 X 6 feet.
According to Capps, "With Cars going by it was very hard to do it without getting caught." In fact, he almost did get caught. Two police officers asked Capp's wife (who was standing on the bridge) what she was doing there. She told the officers that she was just taking photos of the landscape. They believed her and left. If they had looked over the edge, they would have seen that her husband had climbed down the side of the bridge and was hanging the sign.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Cheech Joins Shelby On Allan Handelman Show

This Sunday, Tommy's wife, Shelby, returns to the Allan Handelman Show...and this time she's bringing Cheech Marin. They'll be discussing the movie, Tommy's sentencing and much, much more. See the official Allan Handelman Show website to learn how to hear it live.

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Update: The show was great. If you missed it you can hear a re-broadcast tomorrow. Here are the highlights.

  • Cheech indicated that his new sitcom, The Ortegas, has been shelved indefinitely.
  • There is a possibility that Stacey Keach may return for the reunion movie.
  • Shelby indicated that Tommy is being treated well in prison, he did not have to do kitchen duty, was given his own chair in the television room and begins school next week. She didn't indicate what he'll be taught at school.
  • Shelby will continue touring without Tommy. She'll be appearing at Sanford and Son's comedy club in Kansas City this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. She'll be joined by the Family Stoned Band which consists of her son and others.

Details On The Reunion Movie

People keep asking for the latest information regarding the Cheech and Chong reunion movie.

Here's what we know:

  • The current working title of the movie is Get Blunt.
  • New Line Cinema will be releasing it.
  • Shooting was set to begin summer 2004, but will be delayed by as much as year because of Tommy's legal woes.
  • New Line Cinema says that the project will not be cancelled as a result of Chong's incarceration.
  • New Line Cinema is presently looking for a director, as well as someone to pen the script.
  • Cheech and Chong wrote the storyline together and had a great time doing it.
  • The storyline: Pedro and Man invent a hair restoration marijuana lotion, but don't recall which marijuana they used. They go on a road trip testing and smoking numerous crops of marijuana, trying to find the type they used. All the while, they are being chased by law enforcement officials, who want to bust them, and the pharmaceutical companies that want the recipe.
  • The original script penned by Tommy's two daughters was hysterical. However, Tommy and Cheech felt the premise was unrealistic...Man was a drug counselor in this script.

Saturday, November 01, 2003

Jay Leno Damage Control

On the Tonight Show last night, Jay Leno pointed out that what Bill O'Reilly said duing his recent appearance was incorrect....Tommy Chong had not been arrested eighteen times prior to "Operation Pipedream."