Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cheech To Play Lake Tahoe Golf Tournament

Cheech Marin has signed on to play at the 17th annual American Century Celebrity Championship July 14th through 16th at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Cheech Marin At the Conga Room Recap

Cheech Marin & Friends performed at the Conga Room this past Sunday night. According to attendees, the night, which was hosted by Cheech Marin, was excellent. It featured stand-up by Darren Carter, Marilyn Martinez, Joey Medina and Carlos Oscar. Cheech told some jokes and performed Born In East LA to standing ovations.

According to Cheech's camp, more Cheech Marin & Friends dates are currently being scheduled.

The first Cheech Marin & Friends show aired as a special on Comedy Central in March. Comedy Central will be releasing the uncensored version on DVD in July.

Order it here. Cheech Marin & Friends: Live from South Beach

Cheech's Thoughts On Border Policies

Cheech Marin spoke to Starpulse about this country's border policies. This is part of what Cheech had to say. Read the entire article. It's funny and serious at the same time.

"What all the demonstrations (against the legislation) demonstrate are the roots are sunken way deep and they're (Latinos) not afraid of being counted. They're not illegal immigrants and certainly their children are American citizens. They have two to three generations of children who are legally here. The reason why Los Angeles, in particular, looks like Mexico is because it was once Mexico. It's a very hypocritical stance in that we want cheap labor to come in and we want to persecute it simultaneously."

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Cheech To Speak In Illinois

Cheech Marin will be giving a lecture on Chicano art Jan 23rd, 2007 at the Clark State Performing Arts Center. It's part of the Clark County Public Library speaker series.

Cheech will be signing copies of his book Chicano Visions: American Painters on the Verge. Cheech is the world's largest collector of Chicano art. Tickets are $10. The on sale date is unknown.

Cars World Premiere Recap

Over 30,000 people attended Friday's premiere of the Disney Pixar film Cars at the Lowes Motor Speedway in Charlotte. Tons of celebs and Nascar drivers were there. Storms initially delayed the start, but it wound up being a great night.

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We think we've identified the people in the photos correctly.

Photo #1 (Cheech's girlfriend Natasha Rubin, daughter, daughter's friend)

Photo #2 (Cheech arrival)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Cheech Tells Press No Chance For Reunion

While at a North Carolina press event for the film Cars, Cheech Marin told the Herald Sun that the chance for a reunion with Tommy Chong is "DOA."
"We've tried to do it a bunch of times and we always end up at the same place. All the old animosities resurface.

I'm real comfortable leaving Cheech & Chong right where it is. I was a big Laurel & Hardy fan when I was a kid. I used to watch them on TV all the time and then one time I saw a Laurel & Hardy film they made when they were a lot older and it creeped me out. I just never wanted to do that.

That was always a point of conflict with Tommy and I. I wanted to kind of keep moving and do other stuff and he wanted to stay at that same thing. My natural inclination was to keep moving.

The problem is, I'm perfect and Tommy is crazy. I'm sure that it's the same problem for him."

We provided this information a few months ago when we saw Cheech Marin at the Mattel press conference.

Tomorrow is the world premiere of the Disney Pixar film Cars. It takes place at the Lowes Motor Speedway in Charlotte. The event is sold out.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Tommy Chong

The brilliant Tommy Chong turns 68 today. Tommy was born May 24th, 1938 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Happy Birthday Tommy!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Stash Jars Back In Stock + Bible Clearance Sale

The Cheech and Chong Stash Jars are back in stock. They had been sold out since early 2005. They won't be around for long.

In addition, we are having a smoke out sale on Brown Stane Books' The Cheech and Chong Bible. Amazon sells it for $12.50. We are selling it for $6.99. The book is a biography about Cheech and Chong including rare photos and trivia.

It's essential reading material for anyone that wants to know everything about Cheech and Chong.

Purchase Here

Tommy At BookExpo 2006

USA Today posted a photo of Tommy Chong signing his book, The I Chong: Meditations From The Joint, at this past weekend's BookExpo 2006. The book will be released by Simon & Schuster in August.

Update: Slushpile also discusses and posted a photo of Tommy at the expo. The writer posts that "the signing went very well, they had given out a couple of hundred tickets and he signed all of those. The gang was packing up all their stuff and getting ready to leave but one person after another kept coming up, wanting Chong to sign something else."

Pre-order the book here.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Cheech To Present At Alma Awards

Cheech Marin will be one of the presenters June 5th at the Alma Awards. The show is organized by the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the largest Latino civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States. The annual ALMA (American Latino Media Arts) Awards recognizes and celebrates Latino artistic achievement in American film, television and music.

The show airs June 5th at 9:30PM EST on ABC TV.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

That 70s Show Series Finale

The last episode of Fox's That 70s Show will air May 18th. The show debuted in August of 1998. Tommy Chong later joined the cast as Leo, one of the best characters on that show.

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Adler's Band Malibu's Whitestarr

Cisco Adler, son of Cheech and Chong director and producer, Lou Adler, stars in Fox's The OC and is also the frontman for the band Malibu's Whitestarr. Roy Orbison's son, Alex, is on drums. Their debut album, Luv Machine (which is a reference to Pedro's Impala from Up In Smoke), is available now.

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Wanted: Ticket For Alice In Chains At Bowery

The Weedmaster would like to know if anyone can get him a ticket to see Alice In Chains at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC May 23rd. He tried buying a ticket, but they sold out as soon as they went onsale. Willing to trade Cheech and Chong merchandise.

Email us

Friday, May 12, 2006

Cheech Marin & Friends: Up In Jokes

Cheech Marin, half of the hilariously irreverent '70's comedy duo Cheech & Chong, plays ringleader to four of his favorite Latino comedic cohorts - Darren Carter, Marilyn Martinez, Joey Medina and Carlos Oscar Sunday, May 28 at the Conga Room. Cheech will also perform with a band, belting out old Cheech & Chong favorites such as Born in East L.A.

This performance will be the Conga Room's last in its current location. The popular nightclub is set to re-open in 18 months in downtown Los Angeles.
Most recently, Marin hosted the Comedy Central special Cheech Marin & Friends: Live from South Beach," which premiered on March 13th. "Cheech Marin & Friends: Live from South Beach" was taped at the Byron Carlyle Theatre during the first annual "Bud Light South Beach Comedy Festival." The festival was a culturally diverse event that showcases up-and-coming Latino and urban comedians and performers.

Showtimes are 8:00 & 10:00 p.m. and Tickets are: $40 and $75 and are available by calling the Conga Room box office (323) 938-1696.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tickets For Premiere Of Cars Are Sold Out

The World Premiere of Disney/Pixar's exciting new computer-animated feature, "CARS," on Friday, May 26th at Lowe's Motor Speedway at Charlotte, is a complete sell-out nearly one month before the event, with more than 30,000 fans racing to buy tickets, it was announced today (5/9/06) by Lylle Breier, senior vice president of worldwide special events for Buena Vista Pictures Distribution.

"The screening of the film represents the first multi-screen digital cinema premiere ever, with Texas Instruments and its DLP Cinema¬ technology serving as Disney's event technology partner in providing the digital cinema projectors. A series of four giant custom-built outdoor movie screens (115-feet wide and 50-feet tall) will be constructed at Lowe's Motor Speedway at Turn #2 of the track. Each screen will have three DLP Cinema 2K digital projectors dedicated to it. A state-of-the-art sound system is also being created and installed for the event."

The entire cast including Cheech Marin, Paul Neuman, Owen Wilson and more will be on-hand.

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Click here for photos and video of Cheech unveiling toys at Mattel.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Review: Marijuana-Logues In New Brunswick

This evening, we had the opportunity to see the Marijuana-Logues at the State Theatre in New Brunswick, NJ. This was our second time seeing the show which stars Doug Benson, Tony Camin and Tommy Chong.

In December 2004, we first saw the show at the Actor's Playhouse, a small off-broadway theater in NYC. The show was hysterical. After the show ended its off-broadway run in March 2005, they decided to take the show on-the-road. Unfortunately, the audience frequently smoked pot which was in violation of Tommy's probation. This forced Tommy to cancel the tour.

Last month, they resurrected the tour.

Marijuana-Logues is even funnier now than it was off-broadway. The place was nearly sold out. The venue is near Rutgers University so the audience was awesome. Doug, Tony and Tommy have become a super-tight unit, frequently playing off each other's jokes and laughing uncontrollably while doing so.

Doug is a huge Tommy Chong fan. His eyes are fixated on Tommy every time Tommy opens his mouth. Unlike Doug and Tony, a lot of Tommy's jokes are unscripted. Tommy's improv is incredible. He told a story of Cheech unknowingly smuggling pot from Canada to the US because Tommy hid it in his suitcase. He also spoke of the time he met Jerry Garcia. Jerry kept calling Tommy "Cheech" so Tommy kept calling Jerry "Santana."

Tommy hasn't done stand-up in the NYC area in a long time. If the powers-that-be see this, please have Tommy come to NYC or Northern NJ. We are dying to see him live.

We spoke with Doug and Tony after the show. They said they are looking forward to their upcoming show in Hawaii. It's a shame that although the tour was successful, it doesn't look like any additional dates will be scheduled.

We spoke to Tommy as a large crowd of people lined-up for his autograph. He said both he and Cheech are writing the script for "Up In Smoke: The Play"...separately. Apparently, each will write their own script and they will then choose one. This is disappointing because we were under the impression they were collaborating together creatively on the play script.

Tommy was very friendly and was impressed that Cheech and Chong Dot Com remastered and re-released Sleeping Beauty and Let's Make A New Dope Deal. He hadn't yet received copies so we supplied him with a pair.

Thanks to Doug, Tony, Tommy and the fantastic folks at AM Productions for a fantastic time.

Marijuana-Logues is in Philly tomorrow.

Click here for tickets.

a/k/a Tommy Chong Wins Two More Awards

a/k/a Tommy Chong director, Josh Gilbert, just notified us that the film won the audience award for Best Documentary and Best Feature Film at the Calgary Underground Film Festival.

Previously, the film won Best Documentary at the Aspen Comedy Awards, as well as Best Documentary at the San Francisco Independent Film Festival.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Chong Added To Cast Of Scarface Video Game

Tommy Chong has been added to the cast of Vivendi Games' Scarface video game. He joins the previously announced voices which include Cheech Marin, James Woods and more.

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Spring Break Wrap-Up

In April, our unbelievably hot friend, Tiffany, traveled to Panama City, Florida for Spring Break. She gave away Cheech and Chong contraband (shirts, steins, shooters, etc).

Click on the photos above to enlarge.

Philadelphia Daily News...In Search Of Tommy

The Philadelphia Daily News had a chance to interview Tommy Chong regarding Saturday's Marijuana-Logues performance at Philly's Keswick Theatre. However, the article focuses on how difficult it was to reach Tommy for the interview. When the writer finally had the chance to interview him, he didn't ask many good questions.

Yet, it's worth a read. He discusses drug legalization and how he became a US citizen.

On the other hand, David Hiltbrand of the Philadelphia Daily Inquirer conducted an excellent interview. When asked about drug use, Tommy says he's not much of a drug user. "I found out you can't act in or direct a movie under the influence. But you can certainly watch and enjoy it that way."

One interesting fact he revealed was that one of Bruce Springsteen's first gigs was opening for Cheech and Chong. He also mentions that the show Chico and the Man was developed for Cheech and Chong, but they declined to do it. This is why there is Cheech and Chong-esque humor in the show.

"Over the years, Chong turned down other TV roles, including playing the libertine father on Dharma & Greg and reuniting with Cheech in the cast of Nash Bridges."

Not mentioned in the article is that the film Stripes was written for Cheech and Chong.

Regarding the reunion with Cheech, he says there definitely won't be one. "I was in New York last week and he came on the TV in a rerun of Nash Bridges. Usually when he's on, I change the channel. It's just too painful. This time I watched."

"I realized he's really become the Nash Bridges Cheech. He shaved his mustache and gained weight, became a Don Johnson guy. I thought, 'Wow, I don't know this guy at all.' "

However, as we reported last month, Cheech and Tommy are currently writing a film, as well as Up In Smoke: The Play. The play will be produced in 2007 and star actors performing their classic bits.

Buy Tickets For The Show

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Now Taking Pre-orders for Tommy's New Book

Howard Stern has been raving about this book and Tommy was interviewed by Howard 100 News this morning.

The I Chong: Meditations From The Joint, a book written by Tommy Chong while he was in prison, will be released by Simon & Schuster August 8th. The book contains comedy, thoughts on life and discusses his predicament.

Here is a sample:
I hear the train a-comin
It's rolling 'round the bend
I hope it's full of women cause,
I'm tired of fu**ing men.

We are now taking pre-orders.

Monday, May 01, 2006

a/k/a Tommy Chong, High Times Nominee

The First Annual World Marijuana Film Festival - home of the coveted WMMF Awards - will be held on May 28 through June 3, 2006 in beautiful Ibiza, Spain, the Party Capital of the Western World! The event is purposely scheduled to follow the Cannes Film Festival (May 17 through 28). This will be the after-party for Cannes, says High Times editor-in-chief and Festival organizer Steve Hager. And believe me, we know how to throw a party!

Marijuana has long had a supporting and sometimes a starring role in some of the best films ever made. The 2006 WMFF Awards will honor this trend and recognize the finest achievements in current cannabis-themed cinema. The award categories include Best Feature, Best Short, Best Cult Film and Best Documentary.

The Festival's top award the Golden Leaf will be reserved for that film which most successfully celebrates marijuana and the culture it represents.
Following is a partial list of the 2006 WMFF Award nominees:

Best Documentary:
A/k/a Tommy ChongProduced & directed by Josh Gilbert
Timothy Leary LivesProduced & directed by Danny Schecter
The King of Cannabis IIIProduced by Arjan Rostrum; directed by Kenya Winchell
Dr. Jah Goes To AmsterdamProduced by Dave Geoghegan; directed by Steven Hager
Mundo CannabicoProduced & directed by Julio Zenil