Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Tommy Chong Visits Futurola in Amsterdam

Tommy was out in Amsterdam this past weekend to launch his partnership with Futurola.
Here is some video from the events. I guess his Dancing with the Stars smoking hiatus is over.


Legendary writer/actor/comedian Tommy Chong of the Grammy Award-winning comedic duo Cheech & Chong, and 2014 competitor in ABC’s Dancing with the Stars has inked his first-ever international co-branding deal with Europe’s top purveyor of roll-your-own smoke accessories, Futurola, to introduce premium Dutch rolling equipment to the expanding U.S. market.

Headquartered in “the smoker’s capital of the world,” Amsterdam, Netherlands, Futurola opened its first U.S. branch office in early 2014 to bring its line of high-quality smoke accessories to legal medical marijuana patients and American smoke enthusiasts nationwide. The collaboration, which unites Europe’s top brand of smoker’s equipment with America’s most famous toker, will feature a co-branded collection of roll-your-own essentials including fine, handcrafted rolling papers, herb grinders and Futurola’s patented rolling machine -- the only device on the market which rolls cone-shaped cigarettes, the preferred style in Dutch coffee shop culture.