Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Video: Cheech Performs Mexican Americans at Hollywood Bowl

KCRW's World Music Festival 2010 at Hollywood Bowl came to a close on Sunday night with ¡Viva Mexico! featuring performances various people including Cheech Marin performing Mexican Americans.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Low Price on Things are Tough All Over DVD

Cheech & Chong's legendary film, Things are Tough All Over, has a great new price.  $8.99!!

This is the first time they’ve appeared on the screen in dual roles. Tommy Chong plays Prince Habib, a maniacal Arab, as well as the famous spaced-out wanderer. Richard "Cheech" Marin is Habib’s wily brother, Mr. Slyman, in addition to his usual role. They're hired by Slyman and Habib to drive a limousine from Chicago to Las Vegas, with $5 million secretly stashed in the front seat. In order to get there, the pair sell off the car piece by piece. Cheech and Chong then have a much bigger problem – Slyman and Habib are after them, swearing to kill them, after the appropriate torture. Not one of their more well-known movies, but definitely one of the funniest.

The song Me and My Old Lady made it's debut in this film.  The song was actually written by Gaye Delorme.  Gaye also wrote Earache My Eye.  Not Tommy, as Tommy often claims.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Don Johnson's "Nash Bridges" Judgment Doubled

Don Johnson, who co-starred with Cheech Marin in the CBS cop drama, Nash Bridges, sued and won a $23.2 million judgment from Rysher Entertainment in February 2009 claiming he had been denied his fair share of profits from "Nash Bridges" as a 50% owner of the copyright.

A judge awarded him an additional $28 million in interest.

While on the show, Johnson earned $40 million from fees as an actor and producer. Rysher argued that the show still runs a deficit.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Enter to Win a Trip to See and Meet Cheech & Chong in Los Angeles

The 24/7 Comedy North American Comedy Tour is giving away a trip for you and a guest to see comedy legends, Cheech & Chong, live in concert, on November 6th at the Universal Amphitheater!

The promotion includes airfare, hotel stay, tickets, $500 in spending money and meet and greet passes. You can check out more information at

Be sure to pick up some Cheech & Chong shirts before the show.