Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Low Price On Being There DVD

We've just lowered the price on the Being There DVD.

BEING THERE is based on Jerzy Kosinski’s short comic novel about a simpleton, Chance (Peter Sellers), raised in isolation whose only education came from watching TV. When he’s forced out of the house where he worked as a gardener by the death of the wealthy recluse who raised him from infancy, he fortuitously struck by a limousine carrying Eve Rand (Shirley MacLaine), the wife of a wealthy industrialist.

In BEING THERE, he presents a comic fable about a man whose entire sense of reality came from watching television. Sellers is marvelous as the always-deadpan cipher in whom everyone he meets sees whatever it is they need to see. Shirley MacLaine, Jack Warden, and Melvyn Douglas give outstanding performances in this biting satire directed by Hal Ashby.

ALERT: Cheech and Chong are in this film. There's a scene where Peter Sellers turns on the TV and watches a cartoon short. The carto on is the sketch Basketball Jones, from Cheech and Chong's infamous Los Cochinos album. This is the only place you'll see this cartoon. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND PICKING IT UP. It's essential for C and C fans.

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Big Price Drop On Next Movie DVD

Big price drop just announced for Cheech and Chong's Next Movie DVD. As of the time of this post, it's now only $8.99. $1 lower than Amazon.

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Park City, Utah...Home Of The Stars?

Apparently, Park City and Deer Valley, Utah are home to many celebrities. Montel Williams, Tony Danza, Lisa Kudrow and Cheech Marin have homes there. Dustin Hoffman is currently in the market for a house.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Psychedelic Revolution Features Interview With Tommy Chong

VANCOUVER, BC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 18, 2006 --

Vancouver, December 18, 2006 - Global Developments, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GBDP), a publicly traded venture capital company, is pleased to provide the following update with respect to Helixus Productions, a movie production company with which Global has a feature documentary joint venture.

Helixus Productions has completed an extensive round of interviews through Southern California to complement its first round of interviews conducted throughout mainland Europe (Cannes, Amsterdam, Hamburg, and Ibiza) and United Kingdom (London and Liverpoole). Over 40 interviews have been conducted to date for their production of "The Psychedelic Revolution", a 100-minute feature documentary and mini-series which explores the origin, flowering and long-term influence of psychedelia, a subculture that in the 1960s achieved a mass influence. Through interviews with many of its key innovators, the feature will show how revolutionary new art forms were created as an expression of the counterculture and utilized as a tool for tearing down the existing establishment. The documentary is a serious investigation of the phenomenon and long-term impact of this cultural shift. The film features interviews with many of the key innovators, as well as music, period stock footage and current footage of locations of many of the events covered in the film and psychedelic images as transitions.

The film is being produced by Karl Ferris, who is recognized as the innovator of psychedelic photography. A photographer to the "British Rock Elite", Ferris was invited to create their images, costumes, look, and album covers, which he achieved, as the personal photographer to Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Donovan, Graham Nash, and the Hollies.

Karl Ferris met Jimi Hendrix in 1967, and after showing him his photography, Hendrix remarked to him: "You are doing with photography, what I'm doing with music, going far out beyond the limits". Hendrix then asked Ferris to be his photographer and to re-shoot the UK version of the album Are You Experienced. rl began creating a new look for Jimi Hendrix and his bandmates, carefully designing their clothing, hairstyle, and appearance. He created the famous photograph used for Jimi's first US record album cover, which he also designed. His images appeared on all three US Album covers released during Hendrix's life, Are You Experienced, Axis: Bold as Love, and Electric Ladyland. Karl also created the album cover images for four of Donovan's albums, The Hollies' Evolution, and many others. He was also instrumental in creating their look for the shoots, which then became their recognized public image. During the years 1967-69, Karl Ferris was one of the preferred photographers to the British Rock elite, shooting many photos, as well as designing concert posters and album covers. Ferris also created a stage light show for Pink Floyd, which is believed to be the first ever stage light show in England in 1966.

The following is a list of the current interviewees that have participated in the documentary to date:

Alan Aldridge (graphic designer; editor, Beatles Illustrated Lyrics)
Birgitta Bjerke (fashion designer)
Patti Boyd (60s model; wife of George Harrison & Eric Clapton)
Jim Byrnes (Juno award winning musician; Genie nominated actor; Highlander)
Peter Coyote (actor; 60s political activist The Diggers; San Francisco Mime
John Densmore (drummer, The Doors)
Pamela Des Barres (LA member of Zappa's GTOs; authour 'I'm With the Band')
Keith Emerson (musician The Nice; Emerson, Lake & Palmer)
Karl Ferris (photographer - Hendrix 'Are You Experienced'; Donovan; The
Wavy Gravy (Master of Ceremonies, Woodstock; Hog Farm Commune)
Christoph Grunenberg (Director - Tate Gallery Liverpool; Curator - exhibit
'Summer of Love')
John Van Hamersveld (graphic artist: Beatles 'Magical Mystery Tour',
Rolling Stones 'Exile on Main Street'; Jefferson Airplane; 'Endless
Colin Hanton (drummer 'The Quarrymen' - John Lennon's original band)
Simon Hayes (Mayfair Publicity - Hendrix, Cream, The Fool)
George Hunter (musician, The Charlatans; graphic designer Charlatans,
Mickey Jones (drummer, Bob Dylan's electric 1966 World Tour)
Alton Kelly (The Family Dog; poster designer Grateful Dead, Wings, Rolling
Astrid Kirchherr (Hamburg photographer of Beatles; creator of 'moptop')
Marijke Koger (graphic designer; The Fool; wardrobe stylist for Beatles)
Paul Krassner (co-founder The Yippies; witness Chicago 7 Trial; publisher
'The Realist')
Gerard Mankowitz (photographer - Rolling Stones 'Between the Buttons';
Charlotte Martin (60s model; girlfriend of Jimmy Page & Eric Clapton)
Bob Masse (60s poster designer - Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Doors,
Steve Miller)
Craig McCaw (60s band The Poppy Family; contemporary Laser Light Shows)
Dennis McNally (author; publicist, The Grateful Dead)
Philippe Mora (60s Australian/London filmmaker/painter; Beatles Illustrated
Stanley Mouse (poster/album cover designer: Grateful Dead, Jefferson
Rocket Norton (musician The Seeds of Time; Prism)
Simon Posthuma (The Fool - designer of Beatles' Apple Boutique; inside
sleeve 'Sgt. Pepper")
RAIN (leading Beatles tribute band)
Peter Rawley (60s London Agent)
Bob Rock (The Payolas; producer Metallica & Motley Crue)
Rock Scully (original manager The Grateful Dead)
Bob Seidemann (photographer & graphic designer Blind faith, Grateful Dead,
Janis Joplin)
Bobby Taylor (60s band 'Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers', featuring Tommy
Chong and Jimi Hendrix; discovered Jackson 5 & Michael Jackson)
Fred Turner (Professor Stanford University, 'From Counter Culture to Cyber
Rita Tushingham (actress - 'The Knack and How to Get It'; 'Smashing Time')
Klaus Voormann (artist - Beatles' album cover 'Revolver'; musician Mannfred
Bill Wheeler (Wheeler Ranch Commune)
Bob Whitaker (photographer - The Beatles' 'Butcher Cover', Cream's
'Disraeli Gears')
Herbie Worthington (album cover photographer: Fleetwood Mac 'Rumours')
The film is currently on schedule for release in Summer 2007.
About Global Developments

Global Developments, Inc. is a publicly traded venture capital company. It was formed to create a unique investment vehicle representing a growing portfolio of innovative and emerging growth-oriented companies. Global acquires its portfolio companies either as wholly or partially owned subsidiaries, or as an investment where Global is the lead investor. As a result, Global maintains substantial management and operational control, thereby giving it the ability to provide significant oversight and guidance in building value and creating liquidity events for its shareholders. Global invests in companies with solid management, operational excellence, and the potential to grow substantial revenue streams.

Please visit for more information.

Forward-Looking Statements

You should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements in this press release. This press release contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. Words such as "will," "anticipates," "believes," "plans," "goal," "expects," "future," "intends," and similar expressions are used to identify these forward-looking statements. Actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in these forward-looking statements for many reasons, including the risks we face as described in this press release. For further information about Global Developments, Inc. please refer to its Web site at Contact:

Global Developments, Inc.
Leighton Dean
(604) 685-7552

Friday, December 15, 2006

First Person To Email Us Wins An Up In Smoke Club Shirt

As a pre-holiday gift to you, the first person to email us gets an Up In Smoke Club Shirt, Size Large. Before you email us, make sure you or someone you love can fit into a large.

Fans outside the US and Canada can enter, but they will be responsible for shipping and handling. There are no shipping and handling charges within the US and Canada. Must not have won anything from us within the past 90 days.

And don't forget...Anyone that places an order is automatically entered to win a Sleeping Beauty CD booklet autographed by both Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong. This is a super rare item.


Tommy Chong Comments On Death Of Peter Boyle

Tommy Chong posted comments on the death of Peter Boyle.

The Blog Of Chong

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Peter Boyle Of 'Everyone Loves Raymond' And 'Yellowbeard' Dies

Peter Boyle died Tuesday night at age 71. He is best known for playing Raymond's dad on "Everyone Loves Raymond." He also co-starred with Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong as "Moon" in the film Yellowbeard.

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Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Cheech and Chong Dot Com Holiday Auctions Are On!

The annual Cheech and Chong Dot Com Holiday Auctions began last Saturday. Up for grabs this year are Yellowbeard on VHS, the original release of Let's Make A New Dope Deal on cassette, the super rare Santa Claus and His Old Lady 45, Up In Smoke Sdtk LP and their first album with a very unusual crown sleeve.

Bid Here

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

First 2 People To Email Us Win A Chong Headknocker Or Up In Smoke Club Shirt

As a pre-holiday gift to you, the first people to email us gets their choice of any of the following items we have to give away. Please specify which you'd like. It's first come, first serve.
  • Chong Homegrown Headknocker (one of the fingers is broken). NO LONGER AVAILABLE.
  • Chong Homegrown Headknocker (hand is broken). NO LONGER AVAILABLE.
  • Brand new Up In Smoke Club Shirt (size Medium). It retails for $34.99. We have 2 to give away. NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Fans outside the US and Canada can enter, but they will be responsible for shipping and handling. There are no shipping and handling charges within the US and Canada. Must not have won anything from us within the past 90 days.

Sorry, giveaway is over. More giveaways to come.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Cheech Is Back From Filming Lost In Hawaii

Cheech Marin just returned from Hawaii where he was filming a segment for ABC-TV's Lost. Cheech will be Hurley's dad. He's on one episode which airs February 28th.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Cheech and Chong Dot Com Holiday Auctions Begin Saturday Night

The annual Cheech and Chong Dot Com Holiday Auctions will begin Saturday Dec 2nd. Up for grabs this year are Yellowbeard on VHS, the original release of Let's Make A New Dope Deal on cassette, the super rare Santa Claus and His Old Lady 45, Up In Smoke Sdtk LP and their first album with a very unusual crown sleeve.

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Special Pre-Holiday Giveaway For Women

As a pre-holiday gift to you, the first person to email us wins a free a/k/a Tommy Chong shirt. The shirt is white, sleeveless, with a black ringer collar. It's size medium.

They were given away at the aftershow party for the New York premiere.

Fans outside the US and Canada can enter, but they will be responsible for shipping and handling. There are no shipping and handling charges within the US and Canada. Must not have won anything from us within the past 90 days.

Sorry, giveaway is over. More giveaways to come.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

List Of Celebs Posted For 2007 Bob Hope Classic

The Desert Sun posted the list of celebrities that have committed to play the 2007 Bob Hope Chrysler Classic. The event takes place January 17-21 in St. Augustine, FL.

Yogi Berra — Baseball, NY Yankees
Michael Bolton — Musician, Singer
Glen Campbell — Musician, Singer
Roger Clemens — Baseball player
Alice Cooper — Musician, Singer
Carson Daly — host, “Last Call” Late Night Talk Show
Tom Dreesen — Comedian, Entertainer
Andy Garcia — Actor, “The Untouchables”/“Ocean’s Eleven”
Huey Lewis — Musician, Singer
George Lopez — Comedian, Actor, “The George Lopez Show”
Cheech Marin — Actor, “Cheech and Chong”
Ed Marinaro — Former Football player, actor
Craig T. Nelson — Actor, “Coach”/“The District”
Ray Romano — Actor, “Everybody Loves Ramond”
Kurt Russell — Actor, “Overboard”/“Miracle”
Sterling Sharpe — Former Football player, NFL Analyst

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VH1 Rock Docs Rolls Out Five New Music-Based Documentaries

NEW YORK, Nov. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- VH1 will expand its documentary series "VH1 Rock Docs" to include five new high-end feature-length programs. Each of the documentaries will reveal an untold story in the history of rock and hip- hop music, combining never-before-seen footage with a unique and unconventional narrative approach. The documentaries will tell some of the most unique stories of artists and music from a wide range of genres, styles, and musical perspectives.

"The Rock Docs franchise continues to grow and as long as there remain stories out there to tell, we will find a way to bring that story to life on- air and into the homes of our viewers," said Michael Hirschorn, Executive Vice President, Original Programming and Production, VH1.

The Return of Courtney Love

After drug addiction and 18 months of rehab, one of the most controversial and complicated women in modern pop culture is captured on her first ever documentary. Courtney Love is getting her life back on track as she records her new album, hustles to get work as an actress and rebuilds relationships with her friends. Writing and recording her new album has afforded Love the chance to look back at her tumultuous life, including her relationships, drug addiction, and the tragic death of husband Kurt Cobain. Filmed in her California home, at the studio and featuring unseen home movie footage of Cobain, this documentary tells the life story of Courtney Love with searing honesty.

1977 (tentative title)

Executive Produced by Nanette Burstein ("The Kid Stays in the Picture"), 1977 is a two-part, two-hour documentary that tells the story of one astonishing year in New York City. It was a time when the city had fallen into decay, with too few jobs, money, police, schools, or social services. There was a city wide black out with major looting, a serial killer on the loose, and the Bronx was burning.

And yet out of the chaos emerged one of the most creative times any city has ever encountered. Featuring interviews with major figures from the era, the documentary weaves together the stories of the emergence of hip hop, punk and disco, graffiti art, and sexual liberation. By the end of '77 all of this artistic expression was on its way to mainstream America, and would be with us for generations to come.

A.K.A. Tommy Chong

In 2003, Tommy Chong, the bandana-clad half of stoner comedy duo Cheech & Chong, was arrested in a raid on his family business and charged with selling bongs over the internet. This was a result of Attorney General John Ashcroft authorizing a $12 million drug paraphernalia sting operation, "Operation Pipe Dreams." Chong, then 65, was singled out among 55 defendants and was sentenced to nine months in federal prison. He was the only one with no prior convictions to serve time. Filmmaker Josh Gilbert captures Chong in candid moments before and during his incarceration, and then as the comedian turns his absurd arrest-by-SWAT team into hilarious stand-up material. Chong emerges as an activist and de-facto symbol of governmental priorities gone awry and the film that results is a surreal Cheech & Chong fantasy come frighteningly to life. Official Selection, Toronto Film Festival, 2005. Winner, Best Documentary, US Comedy Arts Festival, 2006.

Air Guitar Nation

Every August, the Air Guitar World Championships bring thousands of fans all the way to Oulu, Finland to see the world's best air guitarists battle it out for 60 seconds of mock stardom. For years, the USA was missing in action. Enter the first official US Air Guitar Championships. This feature-length documentary chronicles the year that Air Guitar swept America and follows one person's journey to become world champion. What starts as a friendly contest above a New York strip club becomes a battle of naked ambition played out on the national and, ultimately, world stage. Full of triumph and disappointment -- and of course invisible guitars -- this fake competition quickly turns very real. "Air Guitar Nation" captures the explosion of competitive air guitar through the eyes of former world champions, fans and media, and through the personal rivalries of those trying to attain the title of the best Air Guitarist in the world.

Sex: The Revolution! (tentative title)

The sexual revolution of the sixties and seventies was a time in our history that challenged century's old notions about sex and also a time that promoted unprecedented sexual honesty and expression. The four-part, four- hour series, "Sex: The Revolution!" produced by Perry Films ("And You Don't Stop," "The Drug Years") in association with VH1, features rare footage, classic clips, iconic music, and interviews with a broad and eclectic range of people. The series begins with the groundbreaking sexual research of Alfred Kinsey and takes the viewer through key moments in America's sexual history including Marilyn Monroe, Splendor in the Grass, Bettie Page, Citizens for Decent Literature, Sex and the Single Girl, the Pill, Sex, Drugs & Rock and Roll, Make Love Not War, swinging, Midnight Cowboy, Burn the Bra, Stonewall, Deep Throat, Forty Second Street, the Continental Baths, Roe v. Wade, Hustler, Caligula, phone sex, herpes, AIDS, the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, Angels In America, Bob Dole and Viagra -- and oh, so much more!

VH1 connects viewers to the music, artists and pop culture that matter to them most with series, specials, live events, exclusive online content and public affairs initiatives. VH1 is available in 90 million households in the U.S. VH1 also has an array of digital services including VH1 Classic, VH1 Soul and VSPOT, VH1's broadband channel. Connect with VH1 at

Monday, November 27, 2006

New Low Prices On Cheech and Chong's Next Movie and Cheech Marin And Friends

Just in time for the holidays...we've reduced the price of the DVD, Cheech and Chong's Next Movie and Cheech Marin And Friends. Earlier this month, we also dropped the price of Born In East LA.

See Here

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Win An Autographed The I Chong In Calgary

As part of the Charity Rock Auction, CJAY92 is auctioning of an The I Chong book autographed by the dopemaster himself, Tommy Chong. It takes place Thursday, December 7th at Outlaws Niteclub in Calgary. They also have items from Motley Crue, Aerosmith and more.

Read Here

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Cheech Has Been Cast For ABC's Lost

According to the Toronto Star, ABC hit show "Lost" has just announced casting of fan-favourite Hurley's dad: former pothead comic turned actor Cheech Marin."

We have confirmed that the episode will air February 28th. No word on whether or not he'll be on future episodes. This is most likely one of the infamous Lost flashback scenes.

Jesse Torres, Co-Owner Of The Green Van Has Died

Big Green Van

Jesse Torres, one of the owners of the green van from Up In Smoke, passed away earlier this month.

Dave Cuslidge and his beautiful daughter, Melinda, are the other owners of the van. Dave and Jesse purchased the van for $700 from Dave's friend. Friends and family helped restore the van. Jesse restored the fiberglass sunroof, windows, curtains, as well as the paint.

In his will, Jesse left part ownership of the van to his mother.

His family has not released the cause of death.

For the history of the van click here.
To see van photos click here.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Win A Sleeping Beauty CD Booklet Autographed By Cheech Marin & Tommy Chong

Anyone who purchases anything from this site from 11.22.2006 thru 12.19.2006 is automatically entered to win a Sleeping Beauty CD booklet autographed by both Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong. This is a very rare item. We have two in total to give away.

Each separate order counts as (1) entry. Winners will be contacted via email. Winners will have (10) days to respond to the email, otherwise the prize will be forfeited.

Cheech Tribute To James Taylor To Air Next Wednesday

This past February, Cheech Marin participated in a tribute to musician James Taylor. PBS will air this tribute on Wednesday, November 29th at 9PM.

See PBS for local times.

Tommy Chong Begins Work On New Book

We received confirmation today that Tommy Chong has begun working on the follow-up to his best seller, The I Chong: Meditations From The Joint. The book will be published by the same company, Simon & Schuster.

He asked that we keep the title and subject under wraps for the time being, but believe us folks, you'll love it.

Correction: According to Tommy, the book writing is complete.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Special Pre-Holiday Giveaway

We have leftover t-shirts from the The I Chong: Meditations From The Joint book promotion. As a pre-holiday gift to you, the first 3 people to email us win a free shirt. It's size small so only enter if it will fit. :-)

Fans outside the US and Canada can enter, but they will be responsible for shipping and handling. No shipping and handling charges within the US and Canada.

Giveaway is over. Congrats to the winners.

Cheech Attends Last Streisand Concert

Cheech Marin attended the last Barbara Streisand concert in Los Angeles yesterday. Other celebs in the audience included Barry Manilow, Quincy Jones, Ben Stiller, Rob Lowe and Bill Maher.

Read Here

Monday, November 20, 2006

Cheech Attends Coppola Auction

This past weekend, Cheech Marin attended the Hands Across the Valley charity auction at Francis Coppola’s winery in Napa. The auction, which raises money for causes such as the Napa Valley Food Bank, was attended by numerous celebs including Rob Schneider.

Read Here

Cheech Turns Down Cheech & Chong Reunion Special?

According to Tommy Chong (see The Blog Of Chong), Cheech Marin turned down an offer by HBO to do a reunion special. "He does not want to "turn back the clock" and do any of the old bits!"

Editorial from Cheech and Chong Dot Com...In our opinion, Cheech doing the special and reuniting with Tommy would only strengthen his career. There are plenty of comedians with a R-rated comedy show and a G-rated voiceover/tv/film career. The reunion would give Cheech greater exposure.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Founder Of Crow's Theatre Steps Down

Jim Millan, founder of Toronto's Crow's Theatre, is stepping down after 23 years. Among other things, Millan staged the Marijuana-Logues tour. He says writing dope jokes with Tommy Chong was a "trip" and he's always been interested in the "oddballs of life."

Read Here

Friday, November 17, 2006

Cheech & Chong Influenced Jack Black

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jack Black says that his new film, Pick Of Destiny, was partly inspired by Cheech & Chong.

Read Here

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Third Miracle Needs A Miracle

According to the Austin Chronicle, Cheech Marin's new film, The Third Miracle, has been postponed indefinitely. The film which was supposed to have began filming in the Carolina's months ago is having funding problems.

Read Here

Order Santa Claus And His Old Lady

Be sure to order Cheech and Chong's double CD, Anthology. It contains two essential tracks for the holidays...Santa Claus And His Old Lady, as well as Moe Money. The double CD contains a booklet written by Dr Demento, along with tons of rare photos.

Buy Here

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cheech In Florida For Chicano Visions Launch

Cheech Marin was at the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale, FL today for a preview of his Chicano Visions art exhibit.

The exhibit officially opens November 18th and runs thru May 1st.

View Photo Here

and another Here

Tommy & Shelby Coming To The Improv In Irvine

Tommy Chong just announced on his blog that he and Shelby will be at the Improv in Irvine California this Friday and Saturday.

Friday: 8:30pm & 10:30pm
Sat. 7:00PM & 9:00PM & 11pm

Friday, November 10, 2006

Tommy Hints Of Cheech and Chong Deal

According to Tommy Chong on The Blog Of Chong, a Cheech and Chong deal is in the works. He said he can't go into details.

Whether it's a film or something else remains to be seen. The latter, "something else" is more likely.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Basketball Jones Cartoon Posted On YouTube In Its Entirety

Lou Adler produced an animated version of the song "Basketball Jones," which ran about four minutes, and released it in a few theaters in late 1973 for Oscar consideration. It was on the 35mm reels.

George Harrison is on guitar and The Beatles are depicted in it.

Someone did Cheech and Chong fans a huge favor and posted the entire cartoon on YouTube. Before this, the only place to see part of it was in the Peter Sellers film, Being There.

We're not even certain Cheech or Tommy has a copy of the full version.

Thanks to Shaw aka for the link.

Random Information On Director Of Borat

Did you know that Larry Charles, the director of the film Borat, was slated to be the director of the now cancelled Cheech and Chong film? Larry has also written for Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld.

He did a great job with Borat. One can only wonder how great the Cheech and Chong film would have been.

Thanks to Cheech and Chong fan, John, for telling us that "Larry Charles also directed Bob Dylan's movie, Masked & Anonymous, which also starred Cheech for about 2 mins."

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Born In East LA DVD Price Drop

We're happy to announce that we've dropped the price of the Born In East LA DVD by $2.00. The price is now $8.99.

Some memorable moments...Paul Rodriguez thinks the Jesus painting is speaking to him. In reality, it's Cheech leaving a message on the answering machine. Daniel Stern working at a strip club.

Buy it today

Monday, November 06, 2006

Anjelica Huston to Chair Art for the Arts Benefit for the Los Angeles Ballet

The Los Angeles Ballet celebrates its much-anticipated arrival on the Southern California cultural landscape with a fundraiser on Thursday, November 9th at Bergamot Station. The evening will be hosted by Anjelica Huston and will feature a celebrity art auction including the works of Steve Martin, Orlando Bloom, Tony Bennett, Joni Mitchell, Jeff Bridges, Julie Andrews, Tommy Chong, Leonard Cohen, David Cowles, Tony Curtis, Gil Garcetti, Joel Grey, Buck Henry, Dennis Hopper, Martin Mull, Jane Seymour, Richard Schiff, the evening's host Angelica Huston plus some surprise works. The benefit will also spotlight the Company's talented new ballet dancers as they make a special introductory appearance.

The evening will be accented with fine food donated by local restaurants including JiRaffe, Melisse, Angelini Osteria, Rockenwagner Bakery, L.A. Farm, Amici Brentwood, Buddha's Belly, Lemon Moon, Nook, Rustic Canyon Wine Bar and Seasonal Kitchen, Three Square Bakery and Cafe, Whole Foods Market, The City Bakery and La Terza. The evening's spirits and water sponsors include Korbel California Champagne, Little Black Dress, Campari, Five Rivers, Badoit Sparkling Natural Spring Water and Volvic Natural Flavored Spring Water.

Los Angeles Ballet makes its debut as the city's own professional ballet company focused on capturing the creative aesthetic unique to Southern California. With a professional ballet presence in Los Angeles, balletomanes will no longer have to rely on visiting companies to experience world class dance; they will now have a home-based outlet for their passion. Additionally, a new generation of dance enthusiasts can regularly enjoy the company's dynamic dance productions.

Tickets for the evening are $125 per person and tickets can be purchased at or 310-284-3541. Ticket purchase includes a one year charter membership to Los Angeles Ballet

Bergamot Station is located at 2525 Michigan Ave. in Santa Monica.

Tales From The Crypt Season Five Now On DVD

Season Five of the HBO series Tales From The Crypt is now on DVD. Cheech Marin is in episode #64 "Half-Way Horrible" which originally aired 12.01.2oo3.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Video From NYC Alice In Chains Concert Posted

Cheech and Chong Dot Com was at the Alice In Chains concert in New York City (Nokia) on Wednesday. We've posted great video of the show here. It requires the latest edition of itunes to play.

Cheech and Tommy were not there. Only worth downloading if you're an Alice In Chains fan.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Tommy Chong Doodle Auction

Tommy Chong and other celebs donated doodles which will be auctioned off this Saturday, November 4th. The auction benefits and takes place at the Live Bait Theater in Chicago.

Read Here

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Third Miracle Moved To Austin

The new film Cheech is working on, The Third Miracle, was set to begin filming in the Carolinas. However, due to a shortage of a film crew, the film has been moved to Austin.

Read Here

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Tommy Wraps Up Week In NYC

Tonight, Tommy and Shelby Chong wrapped up their week in NYC with one last performance at Comix. Like we stated on Friday, Comix is an aweome comedy club with a-list comedians. Check it out.

On Friday night, Tommy was on Sirius satellite radio's Raw Dog channel. We missed it. If anyone has the audio, please send it our way.

On Saturday, Tommy awarded the winners of a costume party. It was a private function with super loud dance music.

For details on this and more read Tommy's post.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Review: Chong and Shelby At Comix

Cheech and Chong Dot Com was on hand for Chong and Shelby's opening night at Comix comedy club in New York City. Comix, which has only been open a few months, is beautiful. The food and bar are excellent, although a tad pricey.

Tommy and Shelby don't bring their comedy tour to the Northeast very often so it was great chance for New Yorkers to finally see them. They looked fantastic and were in high (pardon my pun) spirits. They're material was hysterical. Bush jokes, family jokes, drug jokes and a laugh-my-ass-off salsa number.

They will be at Comix tonight, Saturday and Sunday. There are a few tickets available. They can be purchased from the Comix web site. Stick around after the show. Tommy and Shelby are selling and signing "Tommy Chong, Free At Last" t-shirts.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tommy To Be On Judith Regan Show

Tommy Chong will be on the Judith Regan Show this week. Her show is on Sirius Satellite Radio's "Sirius Stars" Channel 102. If you don't have a Sirius subscription, don't worry. You can sign up for Sirius' free 2 day trial.

We'll provider the exact date and time when we have it, but it will be either October 25th or 26th.

Update: The show airs tonights at 7PM.

VH1 and Sundance Channel To Air a/k/a Tommy Chong

This is a Cheech and Chong Dot Com exclusive. VH1 and the Sundance Channel will air the film a/k/a Tommy Chong early next year. The film is excellent!

People Jacked For Their Weed At High Times After Party

Numerous people have told us about the afterparty for the High Times Stony Awards. It was held at a top secret run by a gang of bonafide street thugz from the hood, who wound up jacking all the weed from the high times staff and friends as they entered (after paying a mandatory $4 coat check fee).

It was still a big deal at the office the next day that these thugz jacked the stoners for their bags under the pretense of "security." A writer from high times was seen arguing with a bad ass bouncer who'd just jacked him for a fat bag of kush: we're FUCKING HIGH TIMES, MAN. WE'RE SUPPOSED TO HAVE WEED!!!!

Tommy Chong A Big Winner At Stony Awards

Tommy Chong was a big winner at High Times magazine 6th annual Stony Awards. Tommy was voted Top Pot Comic and a/k/a Tommy Chong won Best Documentary. Josh Gilbert accepted the awards.

Jackie The Jokeman Martling was originally supposed to win Top Pot Comic because of his ongoing devotion to the marijuana movement, but it was changed to Tommy Chong at the last minute.

Tommy would have come to the award show, but no one told him he was going to win. He was arriving in NYC on Wednesday for his shows at Comix this weekend so he easily could have come in on Tuesday for the awards.

Charlie Murphy, Eddie Murphy's brother and a big Tommy Chong fan, was disappointed Tommy wasn't there.

Read Here

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tommy Discusses Coming To NYC, Hosting Halloween Party and More

Today in The Blog Of Chong, Tommy talks about coming to NYC later this week, this weekend's gigs at this great new comedy club in NYC named "Comix" and his long overdue vacation. Leave Tommy comments while you're there.

Old Cheech and Chong Concert Poster For Auction

Pop culture super collector and radio host, Gary Sohmers, is auctioning off a lot of collectibles. One item is a New York University Cheech & Chong Concert Poster from 1972.

View Here

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Paul Rodriguez Calls Cheech Godfather Of Latin Comedy

Comedian Paul Rodriguez told The Arizona Republic that he considers Cheech Marin the godfather of Latin Comedy.

Read Here

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tommy Chong Tapes The George Lopez Show

If you read today's edition The Blog Of Chong, you saw that, this morning, Tommy taped an episode of ABC-TV's George Lopez.

Tommy isn't the first stoner legend to be on George's show. Cheech Marin was on a couple years ago. Both Cheech and Tommy are good friend's of George....and George is a huge Cheech and Chong fan. In fact, he's ordered a lot of Cheech and Chong stuff from this site.

The air date is unknown at this time. Ratings for George Lopez haven't been strong so new episodes aren't coming til early next year. The George Lopez show is one of the funniest sitcoms on TV today, but hasn't achieved a strong audience it deserves.

History Of The Bridge School Benefit

The 20th annual Bridge School benefit concert takes place this weekend. The following article details the headliners of the previous Bridge School concerts. Of interest is that Cheech Marin was one of the headliners for the fourth benefit concert which took place in 1990.

Read Here

Tommy And Shelby Begin Taping Reality Show

If you read today's edition The Blog Of Chong, Tommy revealed that he and Shelby began being filmed for their own reality show. No details on which network will air it and when.

Tommy told us that the reality show, the I Chong book promotions and his stand-up act will consume most of his time through 2007. As a result, his rejoining the Marijuana-Logues is on hold.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tommy Cancel's Latino Book Fest Signing

At the last minute, Tommy Chong cancelled this past weekend's Latino Book Fest book signing. No explanation was given.

MTV Cribs With Tommy Chong Premieres Tonight

The Canadian version of MTV Cribs airs tonight at 7:30PM on MTV Canada, Ch 81, 7:30PM. Tommy Chong's house is featured.

a/k/a Tommy Chong Is Top 10 At Woodstock

The Times Herald Record chose a/k/a Tommy Chong as one of the ten best films at the Woodstock Film Festival. This festival was held this past weekend.

Read Here

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bandana Autographed By Tommy Chong Donated To Benefit

A bandana autographed by Tommy Chong was one of the many items auctioned this weekend to raise money for a youth killed by a drunk driver. Eighteen year old James "J.R." Rogers Jr. was killed in August. The money will be used to purchase a grave marker.

Read Here

Thursday, October 12, 2006

a/k/a Tommy Chong Coming To Woodstock

There will be a special screening of the documentary a/k/a Tommy Chong at the Bearsville Theater in Woodstock, New York this Saturday at 12:30PM. It's one of many independent films being shown at the Woodstock Film Festival.

The director, Josh Gilbert, chose to show the film at this festival because he grew up near Woodstock.

Read Here

Cheech To Moderate Xicano Exhibit

Los Angeles, CA, USA United States of America

Pharmaka is pleased to announce a guest curated show “Xicano Demiurge”. This exhibition opens Thursday, October 12th from 6-9 pm and will run through November 30th. Featuring works by Rolo Castillo, Maria Elena Castro, Alexis Disselkoen, Camille Rose Garcia, Alexandra Gonzales, Andres Janacua, Dave Kawano, Alma Mota, Leora Olivas, Jacobo Ramirez, RETNA, Albert Reyes, Guadelupe Rodriguez, Sonia Romero, Shizu Saldamando, Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia, Yesenia Soliz, Armando H. Torres, Melissa Melly Trochez, Jaime GERMS Zacarias, and Brenda Zamora. This exhibition was curated by Richard Duardo, Francesco X. Siqueiros and Armando H. Torres. Xican@ Demiurge” will also include a panel discussion event; Sunday, November 5th, 2pm and 4pm at downtown location (TBA). Moderated by Cheech Marin and Richard Montoya.

Art that is innovative and aggressive in its approach is critical to developing a contemporary aesthetic that is representative of the 21st Century Xican@ artist. The cultural climate influencing this particular group today is not the same as the one that triggered “El Movimiento Chicano” of the 1960’s. In light of this, the work featured in “Xican@ Demiurge: An Immediate Survey” is an attempt by it’s curators to reposition “Xicanism@” as a viable genre in which any artist influenced by our community can participate. The twenty-one artists collected here (affectionately referred to as “Los Inbetweens) are a dynamic group whose work, which is as varied and expressive as the city of Los Angeles, initiates a compelling and alter-Native dialog.

This exhibition and related programs at Pharmaka Art are supported in part by the Dale and Edna Walsh Foundation and the Joelson Foundation, Gilmore Associates and the Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles.

PHARMAKA is a Greek word that means to paint or an artist’s colors. It also means a poison or remedy. The name was chosen because its roots are in ancient Greece, the cradle of Western civilization, and it speaks to the duality inherent in all things. PHARMAKA Art has been incorporated as non-profit, and will also include exhibitions that might otherwise fall into the void between commercial Galleries and Museums. Respected curators and a variety (including internationally acclaimed artists) will be invited for curatorial collaborations.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Tommy Reunites With Old Friends

While doing the Canadian leg of his book tour, Tommy Chong had the chance to reunite with some old friends.

The first person Chong saw was poet, Patrick Lane. He hadn't seen Tommy since they were 14, but Tommy recognized him instantly.

The second person was Jerry Kruz, who had managed a night club in the 60s. Bobby Taylor and The Vancouvers (Chong was on guitar), played there.

It's a great article. It also mentions that Cheech and Tommy gave David Foster his first record producing job. Foster produced the song Bloat On which is on the Let's Make A New Dope Deal album. His name is in the liner notes.

Read Here

Today In History

On October 7th, 2003, Tommy began his prison sentence.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Up In Smoke Now Available In Afghanistan

There's a funny article listing some of the American goods which are available in a market in Afghanistan. The one item they mention is Cheech and Chong's Up In Smoke DVD.

Read Here

Rude Awakening Filmmaker Directs Second Film

Aaron Russo, director of 1989's Rude Awakening (which starred Cheech Marin and Eric Roberts), is releasing a documentary called AMERICA: FROM FREEDOM TO FASCISM. This will mark his second time directing a film.

Read Here

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dress As Cheech & Chong For Halloween

The Daily Orange of Syracuse, New York wrote an article about choosing the best Halloween costume. They recommend, for instance, dressing as Cheech and Chong.

Read Here

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Raffle For T-Shirt Autographed By Tommy Chong

Medical Marijuana of New Jersey is giving away a T-Shirt autographed by Tommy Chong. Along with the Framed Tee Shirt are souvenirs from Tommy's tour with the Marijuana Logues at the Keswick Theater on May 6th, 2006 in Philadelphia. As well as a Philadelphia Daily News interview with Tommy Chong (Beautifully concealed in a pouch on the back of the frame) that was sent to Universal Arts Inc. in an envelope postmarked on Tommy Chong's Birthday!. (Envelope included in pouch.)

This one-of-a-kind autographed Tee has been preserved inside a sealed high quality wooden frame with an acid-free black marble matte backing and covered by a glossy acrylic sheet.

The frame measure 34" X 25" and has a black/bronze name plate honoring Tommy Chong's Comeback Tour.

Purchase Raffle Tix Here

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Chong To Be On MTV's Canuck Cribs

Earlier this year, we reported that Tommy Chong would be on a new MTV Canada (not in US) show, Canuck Cribs. It's essentially the Canadian version of MTV Cribs.

The show premieres tonight. The MTV Canada website seems to still be in its infancy. We'll try to let you know when Tommy's episode airs.

No Marijuana-Logues For Tommy Chong

We won't be seeing Tommy Chong in the Marijuana-Logues play for a while. He's currently working on a project thru 2007 which will consume a lot of his time. Plus, he continues to promote his book and perform stand-up.

This doesn't mean you won't be seeing Tommy. The project he's working on, which we'll announce later this year, won't disappoint. Sorry, it doesn't involve a reunion with Cheech.

Monday, October 02, 2006

More Tour Dates And Signings Posted

We've posted more Tommy Chong book signing and stand-up dates in "current events". The new dates are located in California.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Celeb Duets...It's A Wrap

Celebrity Duets, that Fox-TV show which critics called horrible is finally over. Alfonso was the winner. Cheech was on-hand to sing a final song with all the contestants.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Paul Rodriguez Lawsuit Strained Relationship With Cheech

In 2002, comedian Paul Rodriguez, Cheech Marin and George Lopez produced a live comedy show, The Original Latin Kings of Comedy.

Earlier this month, Rodriguez reached a settlement with his former manager, Scott Montoya. The manager was accused of forging Paul's signature on a contract and then signing a deal with Paramount to distribute his film The Original Latin King's Of Comedy.

"He paid nobody. Consequently, my friendship with George (Lopez) and Cheech (Marin) is strained," Rodriguez said. "Because Scott and I were so close, I'm sure they think we were playing good cop/bad cop to hold onto the money."

Read Here

Norm MacDonald Inspired By Cheech & Chong

In an interview conducted by VH1, Norm Macdonald says that a Cheech and Chong album was one of the first albums he ever purchased. In addition, he says Up In Smoke was the first R rated movie he ever saw. He goes on to say that Up In Smoke kept him smoking pot longer than he should have.

Read Here

Monday, September 25, 2006

Good Street Vibrations

"Free Tommy Chong" was the chant as I waded through a tsunami of bikers from all walks of life. Forty to Fifty thousand showed up for Reno Nevada's Street Vibrations. I had on my original, "Free Tommy Chong" shirt in order to gain their attention. It was like Tommy Chong had become the white Nelson Mandela over night and I was his messenger.

Many of them knew of Cheech was duet crooning his way on the Fox show while others recanted their favorite lines from old C&C movies and albums. I loved it when Tommy had his bike in the living room. Earache My Eye was a fan favorite. What's Tommy doing now? Is he out of Jail? When they going to do the next movie? I replied,"Tommy currently has a brand new blog and there's all kinds of information on the web site." Just being there promoting the new comic strip or telling folks about the Chong art store coming, made huge mammoth size long haired biker bros get all giddy. They are jonesing like a junkies for one more fix of Smokin Madness .

Bikers Brenda and Donny gave us the thumbs up to one more movie and said if Cheech and Chong ever get yourselves a scoot, they will save some pavement for you in our pack. Throttle on and smoke'em down the highway.

Canadian Press Interviews Tommy

Tommy Chong has been in Canada as part of his "The I Chong: Meditations From The Joint" book signing tour. The Canadian Press had the chance to interview him at his hotel.

During the interview, Tommy joked about Cheech on Fox-TV's Celebrity Duets.
"If he'd stayed on another a week, I would have voted him off." "There's a reason we went into comedy. We were going to start a band, but I heard him sing and I said: 'We better stick with comedy.' "

Read Here

More On Cheech's Black Eye

During last week's Celebrity Duets, Cheech Marin appeared to have a black eye. We're happy to report it was not a black eye...It was bad make-up and bad lighting.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Cheech Is Sent Home

On tonight's Celebrity Duets, Cheech absolutely killed performing with Al. He was having a lot of fun out there.

Unfortunately, he was voted off. We appreciate everyone who voted. Cheech said he enjoyed performing with all these great musicians. Cheech also said he was happy that his mother got to see him.

He appeared to have a black eye. We'll try to find out where that came from.

Some articles on the show...
Reality TV
The Trades

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tommy Chong Is Now Blogging

We have officially launched The Blog Of Chong. Tommy, Shelby and family are posting messages. You can comment and ask them questions.

The Blog Of Chong


Cheech did a great job tonight on Celebrity Duets. He performed a jazz song with Al Jarreau.

They briefly showed Cheech's dad in the audience. Last week, they showed his mom. They've also frequently shown his girlfriend.

Vote after the show...10PM EST.


The results will be announced tomorrow, Friday, at 9PM. If the phone lines return a busy signal, then the polls are closed. Try to vote again next Thursday.

Reality TV Magazine


Vote for Cheech Marin after the conclusion of this evening's episode of Celebrity Duets. The phone number will be posted during the show. We'll post it here, too.

It's at 9PM EST on Fox.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Celebrities Fight to Prevent Breast Cancer with eBay Auction

(PRWEB) September 20, 2006 -- In October, several thousand walkers are uniting and participating in the Philadelphia Breast Cancer 3-Day fundraiser. Not only have participants agreed to walk 60 miles over the course of 3 days, participants have each committed to fundraise a minimum of $10,000 to help fight breast cancer. Yes, this is a big endeavor – but it must be bold to match the mission to eradicate breast cancer.

Cock Blocker Clothing and Mark James (creator) hope that you will join them in this fight against breast cancer. If willing, there are various ways to support their efforts and they would certainly appreciate any or all that you are able to help with. Not only would a monetary donation be of great significance, but going to their online auction on eBay and bidding on celebrity autographed 3-Day T-shirts and Cock Blocker Clothing items, would absolutely help this cause. The Online Auction ends 10/01/06 8pm Pacific. The Philadelphia Breast Cancer 3-Day will take place on October 4 through the 6th. Net proceeds from the Breast Cancer 3-Days (there are 11 other 3-Days around the country this year) benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation to fund breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment programs, as well as the National Philanthropic Trust Breast Cancer Fund, to provide an endowment for breast cancer initiatives.

The Philadelphia 3-Day community is strong, in part due to a tremendous amount of community support. Breast cancer has affected Mark James own mother Darlene, and too many of your loved ones. They are determined to fight against this disease so no one else will have to. Please remember, all of us have the power to change lives and contribute to society.

We look forward to talking with you further about any support that you will be able to provide to help them reach their fundraising goal of $10,000. If you would like to volunteer, sponsor or donate celebrity autographed apparel for the auction you can reach Mark James at 808-728-2781. Or contact Melanie Munyan’s fundraising page on the 3Day website listed below. More information about the Breast Cancer 3-Day can be found at, or by calling (800) 996-3DAY.

Actor Cheech Marin, NFL All-Pro Ladainian Tomlinson, World Series of Poker Champion Scotty Ngyun, Hall of Fame Mike Schmidt and 30 more available. To see which celebrities have generously participated in this charity event and take a look at the playful hats, ties, shorts, and t-shirts Cock Blocker Clothing has donated, please go to the web-site at:

eBay Online Auction is currently LIVE and ends on 10/1/06 at 8PM Pacific.

Thank you for your support,

Mark James / Creator Cock Blocker Clothing Breast Cancer 3-Day Fundraiser

Monday, September 18, 2006

Get Ready To Vote Thursday

Hey everyone,

We need to keep Cheech alive on Celebrity Duets.

Watch Celebrity Duets on Fox this Thursday at 9pm. After Cheech performs, they will give you a toll free phone # to call and vote for Cheech.

Immediately following the show (10PM), call that number to vote for him. It'll be the biggest upset ever and will be a big F YOU to the judges that keep dissing him.

If you miss it, we'll post the phone # here.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Chong Fan Gets Chong Tatt

Kasim, a Tommy Chong fan from Cali, had Tommy's face tattooed on his arm. Kasim will be at Tommy's show this Sunday in Ontario.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Cheech Survives Week 3 of Celebrity Duets

Cheech survived Week 3 of Fox-TV's Celebrity Duets. Carly was voted off this evening.

We need to vote for Cheech next Thursday. Let's take him to the end.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

This Week On Celebrity Duets

Cheech Marin performed with Aaron Neville on this evening's edition of Fox-TV's Celebrity Duets. Cheech still seems like he's holding back. All the judges agreed that he should be voted off.

Let's keep Cheech on. Vote for Cheech. Call 866-90-DUET-5

Paul Rodriguez Settles Dispute With Former Manager

Paul Rodriguez reached a settlement with his former manager. The manager was accused of forging Paul's signature on a contract and then signing a deal with Paramount to distribute his film The Original Latin King's Of Comedy. The special also starred Cheech Marin.

Read Here

Bill Maher Comments On Tommy's Arrest

The A.V. Club asked Bill Maher.

"AVC: Your pot use and your support for legalization. In the wake of Tommy Chong's arrest and conviction, are you concerned at all that someone might try to make an example of you?

BM: Well, as truly ridiculous as that bust was, it was a different situation. He was actually selling things, paraphernalia and such, and it was clear what he was doing. Whereas in my case, I joke about it more than I actually do it, so no, I'm not all that worried."

Read Here

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New Chong Book Signings & Comedy Show Dates Posted

Tommy has added Barnes & Noble in Lansing, Michigan to his list of The I Chong book signing dates.

Tommy & Shelby have also announced a string of dates for their comedy tour. It includes dates in New York, Michigan, Tampa and more. Their show is killer so don't miss it.

See the complete list of dates on the right side of this page.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The I Chong Is #10 In SoCal

According to the Los Angeles Times, Tommy Chong's book, The I Chong: Meditations From The Joint, is the tenth best selling non-fiction book in Southern California.

Read Here

Bankrate interviews Tommy Chong

Bankrate interview Tommy Chong about his book and life in prison.

When asked if he's going to appeal his conviction, he says "No. I'm waiting for this administration to disappear, then I'll go there ... or, I might not. I looked into it, and it's a process that ... it's like my high school GED. Eventually I'll get it, but it's not necessary in my life. That's the way I look at this appeal process."

Tommy goes on to say that he's probably lost $2 million total. He "lost about a half a million with the glass company, another half a million in legal fees, and then about a million was loss of income."

The article also briefly discusses Tommy's income.

Read Here

Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering 9-11

I can't believe it's been 5 years since that tragic day. Not a day goes by that I don't think of Kristine. She was a close friend of mine that died in the towers.

While on the subject of 9-11, it's important to for everyone to realize what did and did not occur that day. There's a great film created by Power Hour Productions titled In Plane Sight. Some of the points-of-view are open to interpretation. However, there are items in the film that are undeniably true.

For instance, a missile hit the Pentagon, not a plane. The hole was only 16 ft in diameter before the building collapsed. There were dozens of surveillance cameras on top of the Pentagon, as well as at a gas station, that captured what happened. However, the existence of these tapes has been denied. Most shocking is that there was no plane wreckage at the Pentagon.

The creators encourage bootlegging of the film so post it, upload it, rip it. It's allowed.


Read about conspiracy.
Buy the DVD with bonus footage.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Old Radio Interviews With Cheech and Chong

Al Horta, a big Cheech and Chong fan we met at the Bookends book signing provided us with these awesome clips of Cheech and Chong on the Alex Bennett radio show. The interviews took place on WPLJ-New York in 1971 and 1974.

During the interviews, they play clips from and discuss their first album, their recent performances at the Academy, television offers they've turned down, censorship and politics.

There are very few tapes of classic radio interviews with Cheech and Chong. Furthermore, there is only one tape of their live stand-up act, Perform and Perform Again. Why they didn't tape their live shows, we don't know.

If you have any old Cheech and Chong radio or TV appearances, please let us know.

Clip #1 1971

Clip #2 1974 Part One
Clip #3 1974 Part Two

NY Times Article Discusses Latino Art

Today's edition of the New York Times discusses Latino art exhibits, including Cheech Marin's Chicano Visions which is currently on display in San Francisco.

"And for a look at patronage in action, there’s “Chicano Visions: American Painters on the Verge as Collected by Cheech Marin” at the de Young Museum in San Francisco through Oct. 22. Mr. Marin, the Mexican-American comedian and actor, has been buying work by some wonderful artists, Margaret Garcia, Gronk, Carmen Lomas Garza and Patssi Valdez among them. They’re all here, along with an interactive installation designed by Mr. Marin to give a multimedia immersion into Chicano creative life."

Read Here

Friday, September 08, 2006

Cheech Survives Week 2 of Celebrity Duets

As predicted, Cheech Marin survived Week #2 of Celebrity Duets. However, he was in the bottom three.

Lea Thompson was voted off tonight. She sang great on the show. The competition is more of a popularity contest, than a singing competition. Carly clearly had the worst voice.

Everyone out there needs to vote for Cheech. Watch the show and vote!!!!

Misc articles on the results.

The Trades

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Will Cheech Survive This Week's Celebrity Duets?

Cheech showed a big improvement on the second episode of Fox-TV's Celebrity Duets. Cheech showed more confidence while performing with Clint Black.

The results show is Friday (tomorrow) at 9PM. We think he should survive this week.

Cheech would win for sure if he belted out an old Cheech and Chong song.

We will post reviews as they come in. The reviewers are all fairly positive towards Cheech, but all wonder what David Foster, a judge, has against him. All of David's Cheech comments are negative.

Reality TV Magazine

TV Squad


Foxes On Idol

Palm Beach Post

Cheech Signs On For The Third Miracle

Cheech Marin has signed on for a lead role in the film The Third Miracle, "based on a group of boys from Mexico who became the first team from outside the United States to win the Little League World Series."

It will be filmed in Rock Hill, SC.

Read Here

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Pixar's Cars Coming To DVD

BURBANK, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 05, 2006 --
From the Winning Team of Disney and Pixar

Racing to DVD in Time for the Holidays -- November 7!

Loaded With Bonus Materials Including an All-New Exclusive Short Film "Mater and The Ghostlight,"
Deleted Scenes, Behind-the-Scenes and More

The high-octane Disney/Pixar team announce the DVD debut of the smash hit #1 animated and #2 biggest film of the year, CARS, in time for the holidays -- November 7! From Pixar's Academy Award® winning director John Lasseter ("TOY STORY," "A BUG'S LIFE," "TOY STORY 2") and the creative team that thrilled audiences with unforgettable hits including "THE INCREDIBLES" and "FINDING NEMO," CARS is a musically charged, comedy-adventure box office favorite about a hotshot rookie race car who, with a fun cast of car-actors, goes on the ride of his life. Starring Owen Wilson ("Wedding Crashers"), the legendary Paul Newman (Oscar® winner Best Actor "The Color of Money" 1986) and an all-star cast, CARS takes audiences of all ages on an incredible adventure that blends a heartfelt story, great music and breathtaking animation.
Loaded with a full tank of electrifying DVD bonus features, the highly anticipated CARS DVD debut includes an exclusive all new animated short "Mater and The Ghostlight," starring Mater, the rusty but trusty tow truck. This exclusive bonus feature was produced by the creative and technical teams who developed CARS. The story is set in the town of Radiator Springs and tells the legend of the Ghostlight -- a mysterious blue light that haunts the town and its residents. Also included for the first time on DVD is Pixar's Academy Award®-nominated "One Man Band" (Best Animated Short 2005) which played with the film in theatres and spins the hilarious tale of two competing street musicians vying for a little girl's attention. Revving up and rounding out the CARS DVD bonus features is the fascinating behind-the-scenes "Inspiration for Cars," an exciting journey with John Lasseter that explores how the story of CARS was born, as well as deleted scenes and a special sneak peek at the highly anticipated next Disney/Pixar feature RATATOUILLE.

Available in separate widescreen and fullscreen editions on November 7, 2006, CARS is priced at U.S. $29.99 (SRP) and Canada $36.99 (SRP) from Walt Disney Home Entertainment.

After taking moviegoers magically into the realm of toys, bugs, monsters, fish, and superheroes, the masterful storytellers and technical wizards at Pixar Animation Studios and Academy Award®-winning director John Lasseter, hit the road with this fast-paced comedy adventure set inside the world of cars. In addition to Owen Wilson and Paul Newman, CARS includes an all-star vocal cast including Bonnie Hunt (as Sally, a snazzy Porsche), Larry The Cable Guy (as Mater, a wise-cracking, rusty but trusty tow truck), George Carlin (as Fillmore, the town's resident hippie van), Paul Dooley (as Sarge, the no-nonsense Army Jeep) and Cheech Marin (as Ramone, the low-riding, car painting Impala). As well, the fast-action film favorite includes the voice of Jenifer Lewis (as Flo, the sassy, no-nonsense '50s big-fin show car), Tony Shalhoub (as Luigi, the excitable, tire-brokering Italian import), Michael Wallis (as Sheriff, the Mercury Police Cruiser), Michael Keaton (as Chick Hicks, Lightning McQueen's nemesis), Richard Petty (as The King, the classiest champ on the race-car circuit) and John Ratzenberger (as Mack, the big-hearted Super-liner who ferries McQueen across the country). Ratzenberger is the only actor to appear in all of Pixar's feature films.

Supercharging CARS is a fantastic soundtrack, including tracks from many of the top acts in music today. For the project, director John Lasseter enlisted his longtime collaborator and Academy Award® winner Randy Newman (Best Song "If I Didn't Have You" from "MONSTERS, INC." 2002). Melding perfectly with Newman's score are performances from Sheryl Crow, Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley, James Taylor, John Mayer, and more. The songs range from originals such as the heartfelt "Our Town" (written by Randy Newman and performed by James Taylor) to rousing renditions of the famous tune "Route 66." The Disney/Pixar Cars Original Motion Picture Soundtrack debuted in June at #8, making it the first Pixar soundtrack to enter the Billboard Top 10 and to ship gold.

The driving force behind CARS is John Lasseter, who returns to directing for the first time since "TOY STORY 2" in 1999. In addition to guiding CARS through the production process, Lasseter has executive produced and overseen all of Pixar's creative endeavors (including "MONSTERS, INC.," "FINDING NEMO," and "THE INCREDIBLES"), produced at Pixar's state-of-the-art studio in Emeryville, California. CARS taps into Lasseter's personal love of cars, racing, and animation.

Direct prebook: September 12, 2006
Distributor prebook: September 26, 2006
Suggested retail price: $29.99 US and $36.99 Canada
Rated: U.S. G, Canada G.
Bonus materials not rated and subject to change.
Feature run time: Approximately 116 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.39:1 enhanced for 16x9 TV screens
and separately
1.33:1 formatted 4x3
Sound: Dolby® Digital 5.1 EX Surround Sound
Dolby® Digital 2.0 Surround Sound
THX Certified
Languages: English audio. Close captioned.
Walt Disney Home Entertainment is distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Inc., a recognized industry leader. Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Inc. is the marketing, sales and distribution company for Walt Disney, Touchstone, Hollywood Pictures, Miramax, Dimension and Buena Vista videocassettes and DVDs.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Jeremy London Gets Married

Party of Five's Jeremy's London got married to Melissa Cunningham yesterday. "London and Cunningham met in 2000 when she auditioned for a film he was producing, the Tommy Chong comedy Secret Agent 420 (she got the part). "

Secret Agent 420 was a low budget film which was never released. It was supposed to go to DVD, but the only place we've ever seen it is on Netflix. DVD distributors don't even carry it. Hank The Angry Drunken Dwarf of the Howard Stern Show was also in this film.

Read Here

NORML interviews Tommy About His Book

NORML posted an interview with Tommy Chong about his book, The I Chong: Meditations From The Joint. The interview was conducted by Steve Goldstein as part of his Daily Audio Stash Podcast.

Read Here

10 Questions For Tommy

The Chicago Tribune asked Tommy Chong 10 questions in their article about his book, The I Chong: Meditations From The Joint. The questions are "home and garden"-esque such as what's under his bed, what he reads in the bathroom, etc.

Read Here

Friday, September 01, 2006

Cheech and Chong Dot Com Debuts Renovated News Page

Today, we are officially debuting our renovated Cheech and Chong news page. It has a much cleaner look.

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Chong Mentioned In Weird Al Song

Tommy Chong is mentioned in Weird Al Yankovic's song "Don't Download This Song" from his new album, Straight Outta Lynwood. The song is about music downloads and one verse says "Don't download this song; Or you might wind up in jail like Tommy Chong".

Listen Here

Tommy Gets Asked 20 Questions

Online magazine, Quirkee, asked Tommy Chong 20 questions. Read the questions and answers here.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Celebrity Duets Reviews Are In

Fox-TV's new show, Celebrity Duets, achieved big ratings, but mixed reviews for last night's premiere. Here are the opinions on Cheech.

USA Today

"Cheech Marin is genial enough, but has no business singing straight."

Palm Beach Post

"Cheech Marin, who would probably come in first in a mumbling/singing contest. One too many puffs on those funny-looking cigarettes may have cost Cheech a singing career."

"I'm surprised that Cheech Marin wasn't the first contestant eliminated. Though Cheech's performances left me wondering why he was even on the show, his personality impressed the judges."

The Trades
"Cheech’s singing ability isn’t really mentioned by any of the judges, which is a good thing for him, and even Brady slips in a “Dave’s not here” reference."

"Peter Frampton's first partner, Cheech Marin, was not so great, but not so bad that everyone would jet to the bathroom if he sang at a karaoke club. Frampton himself was just okay; the real star on the stage during their duet was the shirt he was wearing, which featured a huge bat lifting up a skull."

"Cheech Marin and gymnast Carly Patterson should be the next to go."

We still stand by our opinion that Cheech was super-nervous and that his true voice will come out if he relaxes.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cheech Makes Debut On Celebrity Duets

Tonight, Fox-TV premiered Simon Cowell's Celebrity Duets. Some of the celebs, such as Lea Thompson and Lucy Lawless, came on stage with great confidence and a strong singing voice. Others, such as Cheech Marin and Carly Paterson, seemed a bit nervous their first time out.

Cheech had the chance to perform with Randy Travis and Peter Frampton. He survived episode #1. If he begins to relax in future episodes, his true voice should shine through.

All of the judges, as well as host Wayne Brady, are apparently huge Cheech and Chong fans. Their comments were more about his Cheech and Chong notoriety than his singing.

If he was on stage performing with Tommy, they could easily sell out a stadium. Everyone is aching for a reunion of these comic geniuses.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Video From The I Chong Book Tour Posted

We've posted video clips of Tommy Chong speaking at The I Chong book tour.

Warning: These files are VERY BIG so allow time for each to complete. Each requires Quicktime 7.0 or higher or a player that plays MP4.

Barnes & Noble, Sixth Ave, NYC: Clip #1 (59 Megs)
Bookends, Ridgewood, NJ: Clip #1 (6 Megs), Clip #2 (44 Megs)

Cheech Coming To "Morning Invasion"

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Latino 96.3 FM, a Spanish Broadcasting System station, was 'Invaded' yesterday by "Latin King of Comedy," Joey Medina. Medina joins "The Morning Invasion" with Nico Jones on Latino 96.3 FM. The show airs Monday through Friday, 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
Joey Medina is one of the top Latino comedians in the country. He is also a veteran of many television shows and feature films, including "The Original Latin Kings of Comedy" and "Latin Palooza". He will now use his finely honed comedic talent to entertain the largest Hispanic listening audience in the country in Los Angeles. Causing a stir with his debut on Monday, he is truly in his element with the 'The Morning Invasion' and the English-Spanish delivery of this popular morning show.

Joey Medina will celebrate his radio debut with a LIVE Broadcast on Thursday, August 31st at the Laugh Factory at 8001 W. Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA. Joey and Nico will be joined by guests Cheech Marin, Paul Rodriguez and others to help kick off the new radio morning show.

WHO: Joey Medina and Nico Jones with guests Cheech Marin and
Paul Rodriguez
WHAT: Live broadcast of "The Morning Invasion" on Latino 96.3 FM
WHEN: Thursday, August 31, 2006 - 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.,
Press event at 10:15 a.m.
WHERE: Laugh Factory, 8001 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA

About Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc.
Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc. ("SBS"; Nasdaq: SBSA) is the largest publicly traded Hispanic-controlled media and entertainment company in the United States. SBS owns and operates 20 radio stations located in the top Hispanic markets of New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco and Puerto Rico. The Company also owns and operates Mega TV, a television operation serving the South Florida market, and produces live concerts and events throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico. In addition, the Company operates, a bilingual Spanish-English online site providing content related to Latin music, entertainment, news and culture. The Company's corporate Web site can be accessed at

Source: Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc.

Canadian Book Signing Dates Posted

We've posted a list of signing dates for Tommy Chong's book, The I Chong: Meditations from the Joint. See "current events" on the right.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Scarface Coming October 8th

Scarface, the video game based on the classic movie, will hit stores October 8th. Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong provide voiceovers for the game. The PS2 version of the game is special edition which includes interviews with Cheech and Tommy.

Read Here

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Cheech To Be Stuck In The Middle

Si TV, the English-language, Latino-themed production company, is developing a comedy named Stuck In the Middle. Not much more is known about the series, except that they have received a vocal commitment from Cheech Marin.

Read Here

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

George Lopez To Host 2007 Bob Hope Classic

On the set of his ABC show, George Lopez announced he will be hosting the 2007 Bob Hope Classic golf tournament. There will be a number of celebs participating. "And one Latino’s not enough, so I’ll bring Cheech (Marin) with me.”

Read Here

Press Photo For Celebrity Duets Posted

Fox-TV has posted a photo of the celebs participating in their new show, Celebrity Duets. Cheech is seen wearing some sort of latino-influenced black outfit. He appears to have lost a lot of weight. Either that or Photoshop slimmed him down.
Update: It was photoshop-ed.

The show will premiere on a one-time-only special night with a two-hour episode Tuesday, Aug. 29 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX. The CELEBRITY DUETS performance show will have its time period premiere Thursday, Sept. 7 (9:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed).

See Here

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Next Leg Of Chicano Visions Announced

The location of the next leg of Cheech Marin's Chicano Visions art exhibit has been announced. It takes place November 18 thru May 1 at the Museum Of Art in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The exhibit is currently in San Francisco.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Book Signing In Austin, Texas

Thank you very much to John for providing his acount of Tommy Chong's book signing at Book People in Austin, Texas.

Tommy was in excellent spirits and really kept the crowd laughing. He gave his take on meeting Cheech. Sporting a black t-shirt that read "Hemp is an herb. Bush is a dope.," Chong seemed very relaxed and confident as he transferred his wisdom into a very receptive crowd. I would estimate about 150-200 people were in attendance, and Tommy did no Q+A. Overall, the experience was a happy and long-awaited moment for me, and I walked out of BookPeople with a smile on my face and an easy mind knowing that men like Tommy Chong still stand up for what they believe in.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tommy Signings in IL and TX

If anyone has any photos or stories about the Chicago and Texas & The I Chong: Meditations From The Joint" book signings, please send them our way.


Yes, Cheech Can Sing

We've been seeing a lot of articles wondering why Cheech Marin would be on the Fox-TV show, Celebrity Duets. It's because he can actually sing! You can't tell during the screams on Earache My Eye, but he really does have a beautiful singing voice. When we spoke to Tommy, he confirmed this as being true.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tommy's Last Day In NYC

Tommy Chong wrapped up the NYC leg of his "The I Chong: Meditations From The Joint" book tour with a visit to Jim Kerr on Q104.3.

Here are some highlights:
-Tommy finally got the publishing back from Motown for the song he wrote while in The Vancouvers, "Does your mama know about me." The lawyer that represented Smokey Robinson in his divorce represented Tommy.
-Still gets big royalty checks for movies such as Nice Dreams, but gets checks for 48 cents for Corsican Bros. He said he throws those checks out.
-Tommy hope's he and Cheech will reunite. Thinks Cheech may need the money after he's finished with his divorce.
-Tommy made an odd statement. "Cheech will have to compete with Shelby if they reunite."

Cheech Begins Press Tour

Cheech Marin has begun a press tour promoting the Cheech Marin and Friends DVD, his comedy tour and the Fox show Celebrity Duets.

Listen to the complete interview.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tommy's NYC Press Tour...Continued

Tommy continued his NYC press tour today.

Here are the highlights:
Opie & Anthony
-Waiting for this interview to start was tedious because they were busy doing(stealing) bits that Stern did already. ie the educational video on homosexuality and the homeless game.
-O&A sabotaged the interview with Tommy because they were upset that Chong did Stern first (yesterday). This was confirmed by insiders.
-They said Tommy should be thrown in jail for a couple of the movies he made. They were complete DICKS to him.
-Interview lasted under five minutes. They said they had to go to a commericial and then kicked Tommy out.
-They pretended like they didn't know the name of the book even though Simon & Schuster explained everything to their producer.

Alex Bennett on Sirius
-Very little new information.
-Tommy made it sound like Cheech was the only one that wanted to reunite. He said it's because Cheech needed the money.
-During yesterday's press tour, Tommy said the Corsican Brothers didn't make much money because the film studio, Orion, went bankrupt during production. Today, he said it was because there was no dope in it. Cheech didn't want to do anymore movies with dope. I'm sure both were factors.

Cheech Will Be On Celebrity Duets

Chris Jericho (WWE World Champion), actress Lucy Lawless (“Xena: Warrior Princess,” “Battlestar Galactica”), actor Cheech Marin (“Cars,” “Nash Bridges”), 2004 Olympic Gold Medal-winning gymnast Carly Patterson, actor/director Alfonso Ribeiro (“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” “All of Us”), Jai Rodriguez (“Queer Eye”), actor/comedian Hal Sparks (“Queer as Folk”) and actress Lea Thompson (“Back to the Future,” “Caroline in the City”) are the eight celebrities who will compete weekly on CELEBRITY DUETS premiering Tuesday, Aug. 29 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Wayne Brady will host the show.

Each week, the celebrity competitors, as long as they remain in the competition ñ will be paired with a different recording superstar among Grammy Award-winning and No. 1 artists Clint Black, Michael Bolton, Belinda Carlisle, Taylor Dayne, Peter Frampton, Macy Gray, James Ingram, Wynonna Judd, Chaka Khan, Patti LaBelle, Kenny Loggins, Richard Marx, Brian McKnight, Aaron Neville, Smokey Robinson, Randy Travis, Dionne Warwick, Lee Ann Womack and others. In addition, legendary producer David Foster will serve as a judge for the weekly singing competition. Additional recording superstars and other show participants will be announced.

The show will premiere on a one-time-only special night with a two-hour episode Tuesday, Aug. 29 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX. The CELEBRITY DUETS performance show will have its time period premiere Thursday, Sept. 7 (9:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed).

After each performance episode, viewers will vote for their favorite celebrity performers, with the outcome announced live on the weekly results show beginning Friday, Sept. 8 (9:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX. The celebrity with the fewest votes each week will be eliminated from the competition. The winning celebrity will emerge from the competition in perfect harmony, and a $100,000 cash prize will be donated to the charity of his or her choice.

Evil Bong Trailer Posted

The trailer for the upcoming low-budget, straight-to-dvd film, "Evil Bong" has been posted. There is also a review about how bad the director is.

Read Here


NJ Book Signing + Dinner With Tommy

This evening, Tommy signed books at Bookends in Ridgewood, NJ. Other than the lack of air conditioning and the crying babies, the night was fantastic. Bookend's management was very organized resulting in a seemless event.

There were approximately 150 attendees. Tommy Chong was, once again, very relaxed. He discussed the book like he did the night before, but included more improv. There were a couple guys from Maine there that had heard about the signing on the Howard Stern Show. They made the nine hour trip to get there.

None of us had eaten so Tommy, two representatives from Simon & Schuster and myself, the Weedmaster, decided to get some dinner. Walter, one of the owners of Bookends, recommended a place down the street named Joel's Malibu Kitchen. The food was excellent. Sorry, I don't mean to sound like a restaurant reviewer, but Joel gives the patrons personlized attention. He's a super nice guy who used to be a chef in Malibu. Everything we had was superb.

As you can tell from the photo, they write your name on your plate with tye-dyed garlic mashed potatoes.

Dinner was pleasant The reps from Simon & Schuster were beautiful. Dinner allowed me the opportunity to ask Tommy some questions.

Despite what Stern thought, Chong really hasn't slept with any celebrities. He did say, however, that Cheech has dated a few.

Tommy said he'll probably tour with the Marijuana-Logues play in the future, but his primary focus is touring with his wife, Shelby.

He was not allowed conjugal visits in prison. Each prisoner was allowed a certain number of points. Each point can be used for a visit (non-conjugal).

Tommy saw in a LA Times that June Fairchild, the comedian that played the Ajax Lady in Up In Smoke, is homeless and an alcoholic. She was the person responsible for coming up with the name Three Dog Night. She was dating one of the members of the band.

I asked Tommy if he has any full length video of C & C doing stand-up. He said the only thing he has is Perform. Perform is an out of print video which originated on Betamax. You can find bootlegs on ebay.

When asked if there's another book in the future, he said there is. He gave me some information, but asked me not to report it yet. Doing so, would compromise the project.

When he was in prison, he had bronchial problems caused by hay fever. When he was released, Danny Masterson from That 70s Show recommended taking a lot of vitamin C and various holistic approaches. This eliminated Tommy's problem.

After dinner, we said goodbye. They were heading back to NYC. Tommy has some press in the morning before flying to Chicago.