Friday, August 16, 2002

Cheech in Dylan Flick

Cheech Marin recently finished shooting the film Masked and Anonymous. The film stars Bob Dylan and numerous other celebrities (Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Angela Bassett and more). It is about the ups-and-downs of being a musician. The film is currently in post production and will be released sometime in 2003. Note: One can presently see Cheech as Uncle Felix in Spy Kids 2 (in theaters now).

Monday, August 05, 2002

Best Buds In Production...Again

We've just received word that Tommy Chong is in the process of re-tooling the film Best Buds.
If you recall, back in September 12th, 2000, Tommy's lawsuit against Coyote Films was settled out of court. Tommy Chong is now in possession of the original reels. Tommy had sued Coyote Films because he disagreed with the way the film had been edited.
Tommy plans on releasing Best Buds, most likely straight to DVD, within one year's time.