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GBK Productions Hosts Official Gift Lounge at 4th Annual George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic

This press release came out today.  Whenever there's an award show or charity event, a gift lounge is provided.  This is what they use to get the celebrities to attend.  Charity schmarity, Cheech Marin loves the free gifts.  He loves being given a luxury car to use for a few weeks.

Trick-or-treat....give a rich celebrity free stuff.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 29, 2011
GBK (, the luxury lifestyle gift lounge and special events company, will be hosting the official gifting lounge for the 4th Annual Celebrity George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic benefiting The Lopez Foundation. GBK will gift celebrity attendees at their gifting lounge at the Celebrity Golf Classic on Monday, May 2nd from 10AM – 7PM at the Riviera Country Club (1250 Capri Drive, Pacific Palisades, CA 90492). The Lopez Foundation's ( mission is to create positive, permanent change for underprivileged children and adults confronting challenges in education and health, as well as increasing community awareness about kidney disease and organ donation.

Celebrities will be gifted by: Caribbean Living Magazine, providing guests with a 1-week stay in the Caribbean; custom golf clubs from DnA Golf; the first wearable video camera that captures your every moment and allows you to share videos instantly by Looxcie; Croton Watches will gift fine timepieces; Fore!! Axel & Hudson will be gifting fedora hats, driver caps, a set of fashion socks and a bamboo/spandex tee or polo shirt; an interactive toy designed to heal through laughter, Laffy Laffalot, $3 of every Laffy sold is donated to the National Children's Cancer Society and the George Lopez Foundation; headphones, earbuds and audio accessories will be provided by Skullcandy; The Brocoli Wad, the real man's money band; OnePiece will gift their OnePiece Jump In, a unique all-in-one hooded sweat suit; travel kit featuring professional skin care products created specifically for men's skin will be given from Glymed Plus ® Advanced Aesthetics; Haan Therapeutics, the latest innovation in anti-aging skin care; exclusive organic candles will be provided by Milena's Boutique; Newhall Labs, LLC will provide the La Bella brand of hair and skin care products, GroWorks hair products and Monkey Brains hair products; RevitaLash will be providing celebs with eyelash conditioner, their new hair product, Hair by RevitaLash and mascara; Protica Research provides high amounts of protein and other nutrition in convenient, ready-to-eat and ready-to-drink formats; will be providing a wide variety of wines as well as gift certificates; Mama Mia's Beef Jerky will be gifting their home-style beef jerky and Marquez de Valencia, a private label Reposado, a limited production tequila will be on hand for guests to enjoy!

Celebrity golfers will include, host, George Lopez, Aimee Garcia, Andy Garcia, Anthony Anderson, Benjamin Bratt, Billy Bush, Cedric the Entertainer, Cheech Marin, Dave Annable, Don Cheadle, Joe Mantegna, Kenny G, Kevin Nealon, Michael Bearden, Michael Pena, Michelle Rodriguez, Oscar de la Hoya, Tim Allen, Tony Dovolani, Sugar Ray Leonard, William Devane and many others.
About GBK:

GBK, formerly GBK Productions, is a luxury lifestyle gifting and special events company, specializing in entertainment marketing integration. Formed in 2000 by Gavin Keilly, the company's Founder and CEO, GBK consists of five divisions: GBK Celebrity Gifting, GBK Special Events, GBK Weddings, GBK Charitable Consulting and GBK Marketing/Public Relations. Widely known in the entertainment industry for bringing that little extra something into the Gifting Lounge environment, GBK offers its clients a full range of marketing services. For more information on Gavin B. Keilly (CEO), Carla Domen (VP) or GBK, please go to

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Secrets Of The Royal Wedding Exposed

The upcoming royal Wedding of William Mountbatten-Windsor, heir in waiting to the British throne has the UK media in a frenzy of vomit inducing worship and stomach churning sycophantic fawning. Even the US media is pouring over the royals to such an extent that commentators have pointed out that had the modern day corporate media covered the Revolutionary War, it would have firmly supported the British.

The US fought a bloody war of independence against British control of its government and economy, yet the American media has fast become fascinated with an institution that represents everything America is not. This despite the fact that in a recent poll only 6% of Americans said they were at all interested in the event.

Two billion people are estimated to watch this weekend’s royal wedding. Despite the three war fronts, radioactive meltdown in Japan, the evolving 2012 presidential field and any number of other stories, the media’s collective lens will be turned exclusively on a snobbish pompous ceremony that is costing already extremely strained British taxpayers tens of billions to stage.

While the British government balks at the unfolding events in Syria and elsewhere where protests and demonstrations are being brutally curbed, those wishing to protest the antiquated old world elitist values Britain is still forced to accept as “cultural” under the monarchy will be met with stern resistance and a gargantuan police presence this weekend on the streets of London.

Meanwhile, over 40 monarchs from around the world will take their seats at the wedding, among them the dictators and ambassadors from countries with appalling human rights records such as Swaziland, Saudi Arabia and Zimbabwe. Though he was invited, the Crown Prince of Bahrain, whose Gulf state has violently suppressed democracy protests in recent months, has respectfully declined, in order to avoid a public relations scandal. The leaders of Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman, whose military forces have aided the vicious crackdown will all be there, however. The Libyan Ambassador to Britain had his invitation rescinded when it was recently decided that Libya should be bombed back into the stone age.

In addition, a gaggle of “celebrities” have been invited, blatantly in an attempt to whip up more media hype and place a 21st century context on what is essentially a medieval ceremonial show of power.

As London Independent writer and noted Republican Johann Hari has highlighted, the frenzy surrounding the royal family has “a subtly deforming effect on Britain’s character that the ultimate symbol of our country.”

“Our sovereign, is picked on the most snobbish criteria of all: darling, do you know who his father was? Kids in Britain grow up knowing that we all bow and curtsy in front of a person simply because of their unearned, uninteresting bloodline. This snobbery subtly soaks out through the society, tweaking us to be deferential to unearned and talentless wealth, simply because it’s there.”

The pomp and hype of this occasion is part of a deliberate ongoing social engineering campaign to rebuild celebrity and importance around a parasitic and tyrannical elite that still pulls all the strings on the world stage.

First Black President Grovels To Virulently Racist Royal Family 020409Queen
This was also emphatically emphasized during the first state visit to London by president Obama in 2009.

Prior to meeting the Queen and her notoriously racist husband, Prince Philip, Obama announced that he “loves” her and that “in the imagination of people throughout America” the queen stands for “decency” and “civility”.

How repugnantly ironic that the first black president of the so called “free world” should refer to the most entrenched prejudiced and elitist institution in Europe as an icon of “civility”!

How disgustingly deplorable that the president should call “decent” a bloodline that has for centuries declared itself as God’s appointed rulers over half of the planet, killing, torturing and maiming anyone who crosses it in order to hold on to that mantle.

Reports also circulated regarding Obama practicing bowing and brushing up on courtly etiquette ahead of the meeting.

Traditional royal protocol dictates that men do a neck bow and women do a slight curtsy — though a handshake is considered acceptable as long as the queen offers her hand first, Politco reported.

When the President met the Queen in a room used to stage audiences with foreign dignitaries, Obama bowed his head and quietly said to her: “Thank you so much for having us” before turning to the Duke, bowing once more and adding: “It’s a wonderful honour.”

Michelle Obama curtsied to the Queen, however, later on she was treasonously caught inappropriately putting her hands on the glorious Monarch. The London Telegraph even issued a report on how the move was “a departure from what is considered appropriate protocol when meeting the Queen.”

Perhaps the most revealing part of the meeting, however, came from the mouth of Prince Philip who could not contain his virulent xenophobia, even in front of the cameras and the press.

In the small talk, the Queen and the Prince asked the President and his wife about their grueling schedule since arriving late on Tuesday evening.

“The time lag,” said the Queen
“You’re just trying to stay awake!” said Philip.

Then the President told the Royals: “I had breakfast with the Prime Minister, I had meetings with the Chinese, the Russians, David Cameron…

“And I’m proud to say I did not nod off in one of the meetings.”

A guffawing Prince Philip then blurted out: “Can you tell the difference between them?”

Apparently Barack Obama replied that he had no trouble telling them apart.

Then Philip, with a wave of his hand, directed the Obamas to turn around for the camera, to which the president nervously replied “of course”.

The Obamas and the Queen managed an astonishing set of uncomfortable false smiles, while Philip didn’t even bother attempting it.

The foursome then joined other world leaders in sipping champagne and devouring canap├ęs, including mini Cornish pasties, smoked quails’ eggs, foie gras and rolls of duck filled with melon.
Watch video of the cringe inducing exchange:

Prince Philip serves as a telling link between the modern day royal family and it’s despicable history. He has made so many racist remarks in public, that they literally fill an entire book.

In 1984 he asked a Kenyan woman “You are a woman, aren’t you?”.

In 1986 he told British students in China ”If you stay here much longer, you will go home with slitty eyes.”

In 1998, during a tour of Papua New Guinea, he told another British student, ”You managed not to get eaten then?”

While on a tour of a company near Edinburgh, Scotland, he saw a poorly wired fuse box. “It looks as though it was put in by an Indian,” he remarked.

During a small town visit in Scotland, in a brief conversation with a driving instructor, he asked, “How do you keep the natives off the booze long enough to get them through the (road) test?”

In a 2002 visit to Australia, Prince Philip asked an Aborigine, “Still throwing spears?”

Also, he once told a group of deaf children standing near a Jamaican steel drum musician, “Deaf? If you are near there, no wonder you are deaf.”

The list goes on and on. While the media often laugh the remarks off as “gaffes”, they take on a more serious nature when Philip’s background and the organizations he is involved with are more carefully examined.

First Black President Grovels To Virulently Racist Royal Family 180208philipfuneralIt is well documented that Prince Philip’s sister, Sophia, was married to Christopher of Hesse-Cassel, an SS colonel who named his eldest son Karl Adolf in Hitler’s honour. Indeed, all four of Philip’s sisters married high-ranking Nazis. The prospect of the former Nazis and Nazi sympathisers attending his 1947 wedding to the future Queen of England meant he was allowed to invite only two guests.

Two years ago, more revelations of Philip’s Nazi links emerged in a book that featured never before published photographs of Philip aged 16 at the 1937 funeral of his elder sister Cecile, flanked by relatives in SS and Brownshirt uniforms.

Another picture shows his youngest sister, Sophia, sitting opposite Hitler at the wedding of Hermann and Emmy Goering. Philip was forced to concede that his family found Hitler’s attempts to restore Germany’s power and prestige ‘attractive’ and admitted they had ‘inhibitions about the Jews’.

Philip also helped start the World Wildlife Fund in 1961 with former Nazi SS Officer Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who is closely affiliated with the founders of the Bilderberg international power group, and Sir Julian Huxley, Aldous Huxley’s brother, who was also the President of the British Eugenics Society.

In the past, Philip has also attended the ultra secretive ritualistic meeting of elites at Bohemian Grove, where he “stole the show” with an “amusing but salty speech” in 1962, according to the Grove’s own literature (pictured below).

First Black President Grovels To Virulently Racist Royal Family 220106Philip

Philip was also trained in the Hilter Youth. His belief in Nazi ideology is clear when one looks at what he has said on the subject of overpopulation.

In the foreword to his 1986 book If I Were an Animal, Prince Philip wrote, “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.”

Borrowing the idea from American scientists who pioneered the field in the 1930′s, the Nazis advanced the pseudo-science of eugenics and incorporated it into Adolf Hitler’s dream of the Aryan super-race. Bearing in mind Philip’s Nazi connections, his views on the subject of overpopulation are unsurprising, but shocking nonetheless.

Just last year he reiterated these views, announcing that there are too many people in the world, and attacking large families in a television interview, despite the fact that Prince Philip himself has four children and eight grandchildren.

His son, Charles, the next King of England, has continued such ideology as he tours the world in private jets lecturing about the impact of climate change and how too many people are killing the planet.

Charles, who has inherited the entire Duchy of Cornwall estate, which stretches over 135,000 acres across 23 counties mainly in the south-west of England, is also a “patron” of the genocidal Optimum Population Trust, a notorious UK-based public policy group that campaigns for a gradual decline in the global human population to what it sees as a “sustainable” level.

Charles’ fellow patrons at the OPT include Futurist and top Eco-Fascist James Lovelock, who recently called for the ending of freedom in order that an overriding global power made up of “a few people with authority” can oversee the radical stemming of the planet’s human population in order to combat climate change.

Charles and the OPT are closely affiliated with The Royal Society, a 350 year old elitist institution granted royal charter status by King Charles II. The Royal Society is also crawling with eugenics enthusiasts and depopulation fanatics.

John Sulston, currently heading a major Royal Society global population study, most famously played a leading role in the Human Genome Project, the effort to identify and map the thousands of genes of the human genome. Sulston worked under James D. Watson, a notorious eugenicist who has previously argued that black people are inherently less intelligent than whites and has advocated the creation of a “super-race” of humans, where the attractive and physically strong are genetically manufactured under laboratory conditions. Watson is also affiliated with the Royal Society, indeed, in 1993 he received the society’s Copley Medal of honour for “outstanding achievements in research in any branch of science, and alternates between the physical sciences and the biological sciences”.

All of these neo-feudal elitist groups, posing as environmental groups have made it their raison d’etre to introduce hefty carbon taxes on the populations of the developed world and to literally de-develop the industrialized world by cutting carbon emissions by over 90%. It is therefore no surprise that the royals are willing participants.

The royals’ zeal to thin the population of undesirables has little to do with so-called “green credentials,” as is fatuously argued by the corporate media.

As Alex Jones documents in his seminal documentary End Game, this mindset is endemic amongst the elite.

Skip to the bottom of this article for a vast selection of similar quotations from Prince Philip, all advocating culling the “surplus” human population.

First Black President Grovels To Virulently Racist Royal Family 120105harryRacism within the Royal family is not restricted to Prince Philip, however.

In early 2005 Philip’s grandson, Prince Harry, was forced to publicly apologise for donning full Nazi regalia including a badge of the German Wehrmacht and a swastika armband.

Pictures of Harry wearing the uniform were taken at a friend’s birthday party in Wiltshire, which had the fancy dress theme “colonial and native”.

In 2008 Harry was once again forced to issue an apology for referring to an Asian army colleague as “our little Paki friend” and joking with another that he “looks like a raghead”, an offensive term for an Arab.

In the same week Harry’s father and Philip’s son, Prince Charles, caused another race row after it emerged that he had been calling an Asian friend by the nickname “Sooty”.

In 2004 a rather disgusting story emerged in the U.S. media regarding Princess Michael of Kent, who is the wife of Queen Elizabeth’s first cousin. Princess Michael’s father, Baron Gunther von Reibnitz, was also exposed in the 1980s as a former Nazi party member and SS officer.

The Princess reportedly turned to a table of black New Yorkers in a busy restaurant and chided them for being noisy, adding “You need to go back to the colonies.”

When asked to explain her comments by one of the diners the Princess reportedly said “I didn’t say go back to the colonies, I said, Remember the colonies,” adding that “In the days of the colonies there were rules that were very good.”

Just think about it. A German-born British aristocrat — whose father was in the Nazi SS — in the United States telling African Americans who have been here for centuries to “remember the colonies”? The LA Times noted.

The late Queen mother was also said to be virulently racist by close aids, last year Edward Stourton, the presenter of the BBC’s flagship radio program Today, described her as “a ghastly old bigot”.

According to others, the Queen mother referred to black people as “nig-nogs” or “blackamoors”, opposed all forms of immigration, and thought black Africans incapable of running their own countries. She backed white minority rule in Rhodesia and lamented that former apartheid leader P.W. Botha got bad press.

The Queen mother also criticised Lord Mountbatten, viceroy of India, “for giving away the empire” and his wife because “her mother was half-Jewish”.

Despite all of this the media consistently referred to her the as “nation’s favourite granny”.
But it gets worse…

Before the war began the Queen Mother was a supporter of making concessions to Hitler and the Nazis, a feeling shared by a large number of British aristocrats who admired the way Hitler was dealing with the Communists.

For some 50 years royal documents were held in vaults at Windsor Castle that detailed the abdicated king Edward VIII’s relations with Hitler and the Nazis. They included captured German documents describing the Windsors’ meeting with Hitler in 1937 and plans to restore Edward, the Duke of Windsor to the throne if the Nazis won the war. Some of these documents still remain hidden from the public.

While many have described the Edward VIII and his wife as known sympathisers of the Nazis and their policies, relatives of Wallis Simpson, the American woman whom Edward had an affair with, and the reason for his abdication, have suggested that in fact Edward was excommunicated by the rest of the royal family because he wasn’t friendly enough with the Nazis.

Throughout the Twenties and Thirties, George V and George VI were steadfastly opposed to conflict with their ancestral fatherland.

The modern royal family was founded in 1840 when Queen Victoria married Albert of Saxe-Coburg, a Germany duchy, creating The House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Such was the ill-feeling towards all things German during the First World War that in 1917 Victoria’s grandson King George V – an honorary Field Marshal in the German army – thought it prudent to renounce the German name and titles and adopt that of Windsor, the name of a small town in the home counties of England.

Today many people in Britain suggest that all these facts are no long relevant because the royal family has very little power. This is a huge myth. The Queen is the head of state and as such she can simply replace the British government at any time she chooses, should she wish to do so. The royal family still owns vast swathes of land throughout Britain and the rest of the world, and the Queen still presides as head of state in Canada and Australia.


Prince Philip, In His Own Words: We Need To ‘Cull’ The Surplus Population

Here is a re-cap of some of the things “HIS ROYAL VIRUS”, Prince Philip has said in public concerning “culling the population”

Reported by Deutsche Press Agentur (DPA), August, 1988.

In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.

Prince Philip, in his Foreward to If I Were an Animal; United Kingdom, Robin Clark Ltd., 1986.

I just wonder what it would be like to be reincarnated in an animal whose species had been so reduced in numbers than it was in danger of extinction. What would be its feelings toward the human species whose population explosion had denied it somewhere to exist…. I must confess that I am tempted to ask for reincarnation as a particularly deadly virus.

Press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on the occasion of the “Caring for Creation” conference of the North American Conference on Religion and Ecology, May 18, 1990.

It is now apparent that the ecological pragmatism of the so-called pagan religions, such as that of the American Indians, the Polynesians, and the Australian Aborigines, was a great deal more realistic in terms of conservation ethics than the more intellectual monotheistic philosophies of the revealed religions.

Address on Receiving Honorary Degree from the University of Western Ontario, Canada, July 1, 1983.

For example, the World Health Organization Project, designed to eradicate malaria from Sri Lanka in the postwar years, achieved its purpose. But the problem today is that Sri Lanka must feed three times as many mouths, find three times as many jobs, provide three times the housing, energy, schools, hospitals and land for settlement in order to maintain the same standards. Little wonder the natural environment and wildlife in Sri Lanka has suffered. The fact [is] … that the best-intentioned aid programs are at least partially responsible for the problems.

Preface to Down to Earth by HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, 1988, p.|8.

I don’t claim to have any special interest in natural history, but as a boy I was made aware of the annual fluctuations in the number of game animals and the need to adjust the “cull” to the size of the surplus population.

Lecture to the European Council of International Schools. Montreaux, Switzerland, Nov. 14, 1986.

The great difficulty about “life” is that we humans are part of it, and it is therefore almost impossible to study objectively…. It therefore tends to be anthropocentric and gives scant attention to the welfare of all the other life-forms which share this planet with us.

…|When the Bible says that man shall have “dominion” over God’s creation, the choice is between understanding dominion as in “having power over,” or dominion as “having responsibility for.”

“Conflict Between Instinct and Reason”

Fawley Foundation Lecture. Southampton University, Nov. 24, 1967.

The conflict between instinct and reason has reached a critical stage in man’s affairs, largely because the explosion of facts has revealed the instincts for what they are and at the same time it has undermined traditional philosophies and ideologies. The explosion of facts has effectively altered mankind’s physical and intellectual environment and when any environment changes, the process of natural selection is brutal and merciless. “Adapt or die” is as true today as it was in the beginning.

Introduction to “Exploitation of the Natural System” section of Down to Earth by HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, 1988.

It took about three and a half billion years for life on earth to reach the state of complexity and diversity that our ancestors knew as recently as 200 years ago. It has only taken industrial and scientific man those 200 years to put at risk the whole of the world’s natural system. It has been estimated that by the year 2000, some 300,000 species of plants and animals will have become extinct, and that the natural economy, upon which all life depends, will have been seriously disrupted.

The paradox is that this will have been achieved with the best possible intentions. The human population must be properly fed, human life must be preserved and human existence must be made safer and more comfortable. All these things are obviously highly desirable, but if their achievement means putting the survival of future generations at risk, then there is a pressing obligation on present generations to apply some measure of self-restraint.

Address to Edinburgh University Union, Nov. 24 1969.

We talk about over- and underdeveloped countries; I think a more exact division might be between underdeveloped and overpopulated. The more people there are, the more industry and more waste and the more sewage there is, and therefore the more pollution.

The Fairfield Osborne Lecture, New York, Oct. 1 1980.

If the world pollution situation is not critical at the moment, it is as certain as anything can be that the situation will become increasingly intolerable within a very short time. The situation can be controlled, and even reversed; but it demands cooperation on a scale and intensity beyond anything achieved so far.
I realize that there are vital causes to be fought for, and I sympathize with people who work up a passionate concern about the all too many examples of inhumanity, injustice, and unfairness; but behind all this hangs a deadly cloud. Still largely unnoticed and unrecognized, the process of destroying our natural environment is gathering speed and momentum. If we fail to cope with the challenge, the other problems will pale into insignificance.

Introduction to “The Population Factor” section of Down to Earth by HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, 1988.

What has been described as the “balance of nature” is simply nature’s system of self-limitation. Fertility and breeding success create the surpluses after allowing for the replacement of the losses. Predation, climatic variation, disease, starvation–and in the case of the inappropriately named Homo sapiens, wars and terrorism–are the principal means by which population numbers are kept under some sort of control.
Viewed dispassionately, it must be obvious that the world’s human population has grown to such a size that it is threatening its own habitat; and it has already succeeded in causing the extinction of large numbers of wild plant and animal species. Some have simply been killed off. Others have quietly disappeared, as their habitats have been taken over or disturbed by human activities.

Humans are the Greatest Threat to Survival

Interview with HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, in People Dec. 21, 1981 titled “Vanishing Breeds Worry Prince Philip, But Not as Much as Overpopulation.”

Q: What do you consider the leading threat to the environment?

A: Human population growth is probably the single most serious long-term threat to survival. We’re in for a major disaster if it isn’t curbed–not just for the natural world, but for the human world. The more people there are, the more resources they’ll consume, the more pollution they’ll create, the more fighting they will do. We have no option. If it isn’t controlled voluntarily, it will be controlled involuntarily by an increase in disease, starvation and war.

Address to the Joint Meeting of the All-Party Group on Population and Development and the All-Party Conservation Committee in London, March 11, 1987.

I do believe … that human population pressure–the sheer number of people on this planet–is the single most important cause of the degradation of the natural environment, of the progressive extinction of wild species of plants and animals, and of the destabilization of the world’s climatic and atmospheric systems.

The simple fact is that the human population of the world is consuming natural renewable resources faster than it can regenerate, and the process of exploitation is causing even further damage. If this is already happening with a population of 4 billion, I ask you to imagine what things will be like when the population reaches six and then 10 billion…. All this has been made possible by the industrial revolution and the scientific explosion and it is spread around the world by the new economic religion of development.

Address at the Salford University Degree Ceremony, July 16, 1973.

There may be disagreements about the time scale, but in principle there can be little doubt that the population cannot go on increasing indefinitely. Resources presently being used will not last for ever and pollution in its broadest sense, unless severely checked, is bound to increase with population and industrial activity.

Address to All-Party Conservation Committee in London, Feb. 18, 1981.

I suspect that the single most important gift of progress to conservation has been the development of human contraception techniques.

The survival of the “most important”

Interview with HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, in People magazine, Dec. 21, 1981 titled “Vanishing Breeds Worry Prince Philip, But Not as Much as Overpopulation.

Q: Is birth control part of the solution?

A: Yes, but you can’t legislate these problems away. You’ve got to get people to understand the need for it: the more important people, the ones who have responsibilities have got to do it because they’re at the receiving end. They’ve got to accept the measures.

The Chancellor’s Lecture, Salford University, June 4, 1982.

As long ago as 1798, Malthus explained what happens when the factors limiting the increase in any population are removed. One of the factors noticed by Darwin was that all species are capable of producing vastly greater populations than can be sustained by existing resources; populations did not increase at the rate at which they are capable was the basis for his theory of Evolution by Natural Selection.

The relevance to natural selection of this capacity for overproduction is that as each individual is slightly different to all the others it is probable that under natural conditions those individuals which happen to be best adapted to the prevailing circumstances have a better chance of survival. Well, so what? Well, take a look at the figures for the human population of this world. One hundred fifty years ago it stood at about 1,000 million or in common parlance today, 1 billion. It then took about a 100 years to double to 2 billion. It took 30 years to add the third billion and 15 years to reach today’s total of 4.4 billion. With a present world average rate of growth of 1.8%, the total population by the year 2000 will have increased to an estimated 6 billion and in that and in subsequent years 100 million people will be added to the world population each year. In fact it could be as much as 16 billion by 2045. As a consequence the demand on resources of land alone will mean a third less farm land available and the destruction of half of the present area of productive tropical forest. Bearing in mind the constant reduction of non-renewable resources, there is a strong possibility of growing scarcity and reduction of standards. More people consume more resources. It is as simple as that; and transferring resources and standards from the richer to the poorer countries can only have a marginal effect in the face of this massive increase in the world population.

Speech at the Margaret Pyke Memorial Trust Dinner in London, Dec. 14 1983.

So long as they [birth control methods] … remained taboo subjects the chances of making any impression on the human population explosion were that much more remote.
In the introduction to the IUCN Red Data Books which list all animals and plants under threat of extinction, it says that virtually everywhere the major threat to a wild species is loss of habitat to a rapidly increasing human population requiring more space in order to build villages and cities and grow more food. But starvation and poverty cannot be eradicated solely by increased food and resources at the expense of what remains of the natural world. Any increase in the provision of food and resources must be accompanied by a drastic reduction in the rate of increase in the human population.

Address on Receiving Honorary Degree from the University of Western Ontario, Canada, July 1, 1983.

The industrial revolution sparked the scientific revolution and brought in its wake better public hygiene, better medical care and yet more efficient agriculture. The consequence was a population explosion which still continues today.

The sad fact is that, instead of the same number of people being very much better off, more than twice as many people are just as badly off as they were before. Unfortunately all this well-intentioned development has resulted in an ecological disaster of immense proportions.

The Chancellor’s Lecture, Salford University, June 4, 1982.

The object of the WWF is to “conserve” the system as a whole; not to prevent the killing of individual animals. Those who are concerned about their conservation of nature accept that all species are prey to some other species. They accept that most species produce a surplus that is capable of being culled without in any way threatening the survival of the species as a whole.

A Question of Balance by HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Michael Russel (Publishing) Ltd., 1982.

It is curious how many philosophers from Plato to Keynes’ time have believed in and advocated the control of society by “philosopher kings.” According to Plato, “its kings must be those who have shown the greatest ability in philosophy,” but–realistically–he added, “and the greatest aptitude for war.” Such people may exist in the imagination and occasionally someone with the necessary qualities may briefly dominate the stage of history, but it is a naive appreciation of human nature to imagine that such processed paragons can be invested with the necessary powers and not be tempted to take advantage of their situation.

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Tommy Chong has a Big Announcement

Tommy Chong claims he has some "terrific news," but he's not allowed to say right now.  He may announce it tomorrow.

What could it be?

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Some Really Old Video of Tommy Chong Flirting with the Host of a News Show

Tommy Chong Interview KNWS 51 Houston Texas Donna Rusch 9-6-1996
He pokes fun at Cheech working with Don Johnson on Nash Bridges. Tommy mentions he's working on the film Best Buds. This film was never released because it was really really bad. Last, but not least, Tommy flirts with, necks with and dances with the host.

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Video: What's in Cheech Marin's Bag?

Cheech was shopping at Amoeba Hollywood yesterday. What did he buy?
In this interesting interview, Cheech discusses musicians he likes and has met.

Video: Look at the Limited Edition Nike SB Cheech and Chong Sneakers

Customer Looks at his New Sneakers

Animated News Report

Nike Cheech and Chong Sneakers have a 'Spare Change' Pocket

The Nike SB Cheech and Chong sneakers which went on sale today have a little surprise in them...a hidden pocket to hide your stash.  Although legally, Nike calls it a 'spare change' pocket.

Happy 4/20, Party People!

Toke, toke it out.
My license? It's on the bumper, man.
You wanna get high?  Has Howdy Doody got wooden balls?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nike SB Cheech and Chong Sneakers are NOT Canceled

We previously reported that the Nike SB Cheech and Chong sneakers were canceled. This is not the case. They were postponed til May due to a manufacturing delay.

Cheech and Chong at the Hoodwinked Too! Hood VS Evil Premiere

Cheech and Chong were at the "Hoodwinked Too! Hood VS Evil" Premiere tonight.

Hood vs. Evil will find a teen such as Red Riding Hood who will be training in a distant land with a mysterious, covert group called the Sister Hoods. When Red and the Wolf get called upon by Nick Flippers the head of the Happily Ever After Agency over to investigate the disappearance of Hansel and Gretel.

Cheech Marin is Mad Hog and Tommy Chong is Stone of The Three Little Hench Pigs.

Cheech and Natasha Marin with Tommy and Shelby Chong

Tommy and Shelby Chong

Cheech and Natasha Marin

Friday, April 15, 2011

Nike SB Cheech and Chong Sneakers are Canceled

The Nike SB Cheech and Chong sneakers which we announced were to be released on April 20th (420!) have been canceled.  Why?  Nike never got legal permission.  In fact, Tommy Chong didn't even know about them until recently.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Tommy Chong Reveals Plot of the New Cheech and Chong Film

The Patch has published part two of a three part interview with Tommy Chong.  During the interview Tommy reveals the plot of the Cheech and Chong film he's writing.

"A story about two rock musicians that split up and one of them went on to be a very rich, famous art dealer and the other one went the other way and became a street artist."

When asked about the recently wrapped up tour, Tommy says "We did two tours. Now Cheech is exploring his world and I’m still with Cheech and Chong, I’m writing the movie. We’re together but it’s more of a business now. We never really were, uh . . . social."

He says Cheech is on board for the next film.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Radiation Detected In Drinking Water In 13 More US Cities, Cesium-137 In Vermont Milk

This is not related to Cheech and Chong, but is terribly important for those of you on the West coast.

Radiation has reached the EPA's maximum contaminant level in some milk samples (Royalty-free image collection via flickr)

• Unusual Reading At Chatanooga Nuclear Plant

• Milk Contamination At EPA Maximum

• Highest Levels Yet In Boise Rainwater

Radiation from Japan has been detected in drinking water in 13 more American cities, and cesium-137 has been found in American milk—in Montpelier, Vermont—for the first time since the Japan nuclear disaster began, according to data released by the Environmental Protection Agency late Friday.

Milk samples from Phoenix and Los Angeles contained iodine-131 at levels roughly equal to the maximum contaminant level permitted by EPA, the data shows. The Phoenix sample contained 3.2 picoCuries per liter of iodine-131. The Los Angeles sample contained 2.9. The EPA maximum contaminant level is 3.0, but this is a conservative standard designed to minimize exposure over a lifetime, so EPA does not consider these levels to pose a health threat.

The cesium-137 found in milk in Vermont is the first cesium detected in milk since the Fukushima-Daichi nuclear accident occurred last month. The sample contained 1.9 picoCuries per liter of cesium-137, which falls under the same 3.0 standard.

Radioactive isotopes accumulate in milk after they spread through the atmosphere, fall to earth in rain or dust, and settle on vegetation, where they are ingested by grazing cattle. Iodine-131 is known to accumulate in the thyroid gland, where it can cause cancer and other thyroid diseases. Cesium-137 accumulates in the body’s soft tissues, where it increases risk of cancer, according to EPA.

Airborne contamination continues to cross the western states, the new data shows, and Boise has seen the highest concentrations of radioactive isotopes in rain so far.

A rainwater sample collected in Boise on March 27 contained 390 picocures per liter of iodine-131, plus 41 of cesium-134 and 36 of cesium-137. EPA released this result for the first time yesterday. Typically several days pass between sample collection and data release because of the time required to collect, transport and analyze the samples.

In most of the data released Friday the levels of contaminants detected are far below the standards observed by EPA and other U.S. agencies.

But the EPA drinking-water data includes one outlier—an unusually, but not dangerously, high reading in a drinking water sample from Chatanooga, Tennessee.

The sample was collected at the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Sequoyah nuclear plant. A Tennessee official told the Chatanooga Times last week that radiation from Japan had been detected at Sequoyah but is “1,000 to 10,000 times below any levels of concern.” The 1.6 picocures per liter reported by the EPA on Friday is slightly more than half the maximum contaminant level permitted in drinking water, but more uniquely, it is many times higher than all the other drinking water samples collected in the U.S.

[UPDATE: EPA released new data Saturday revealing higher levels than reported here in Little Rock milk and Philadelphia drinking water]

The EPA released this new data through a new interactive open-data system it quietly launched on the EPA website Wednesday. The new interface is to be regularly updated, replacing EPA’s periodic news releases and pdf data charts. Here are more details of the data released Friday:

Drinking Water

Radioactive Iodine-131 was found in drinking water samples from 13 cities. Those cities are listed below, with the amount of Iodine-131 in picocuries per liter. The EPA’s maximum contaminant level for Iodine-131 in drinking water is 3 picocuries per liter.
  • Oak Ridge, TN collected 3/28: 0.63
  • Oak Ridge, TN collected at three sites 3/29: 0.28, 0.20, 0.18
  • Chatanooga, TN collected 3/28: 1.6
  • Helena, MT collected 3/28: 0.18
  • Columbia, PA collected 3/29: 0.20
  • Cincinatti, OH collected 3/28: 0.13
  • Pittsburgh, PA collected 3/28: 0.36
  • East Liverpool, OH collected 3/30: 0.42
  • Painesville, OH collected 3/29: 0.43
  • Denver, CO collected 3/30: 0.17
  • Detroit, MI collected 3/31: 0.28
  • Trenton, NJ collected 3/31: 0.38
  • Waretown, NJ collected 3/31: 0.38
  • Muscle Shoals, AL collected 3/31: 0.16


In the data released Friday, iodine-131 was found in rainwater samples from the following locations:
  • Salt Lake City, UT collected 3/17: 8.1
  • Boston, MA collected 3/22: 92
  • Montgomery, Alabama collected 3/30: 3.7
  • Boise, ID collected 3/27: 390
As reported above, the Boise sample also contained 42 pC/m3 of Cesium-134, and 36 of Cesium-137.


In the most recent data, iodine-131 was found in air filters in the following locations. In the case of air samples, the radiation is measured in picoCuries per cubic meter.
  • Montgomery, AL collected 3/31: 0.055
  • Nome AK collected 3/30: 0.17
  • Nome AK collected 3/29: 0.36
  • Nome AK collected 3/27: 0.36
  • Nome AK collected 3/26: 0.46
  • Nome AK collected 3/25: 0.26
  • Juneau AKcollected 3/26: 0.43
  • Juneau AK collected 3/27: 0.38
  • Juneau AK collected 3/30: 0.28
  • Dutch Harbor AK collected 3/30: 0.14
  • Dutch Harbor AK collected 3/29: 0.11
  • Dutch Harbor AK colleccted 3/26: 0.21
  • Boise, ID collected 3/27: 0.22
  • Boise, ID collected 3/29: 0.27
  • Boise, ID collected 3/28: 0.32
  • Las Vegas NV collected 3/28: 0.30
  • Las Vegas, NV collected 3/30:: 0.088
  • Las Vegas, NV collected 3/29: 0.044
No other types of isotopes were found in the most recent data from air samples, even though EPA is also on the lookout for barium-140, cobalt-60, cesium-134, cesium-136, cesium-137, iodine-132, iodine-133, tellurium-129, and tellurium-132.

In older samples, isotopes of cesium and tellurium were found in Boise; Las Vegas; Nome and Dutch Harbor; Honolulu, Kauai and Oahu, Hawaii; Anaheim, Riverside, San Francisco, and San Bernardino, California; Jacksonville and Orlando, Florida; Salt Lake City, Utah; Guam, and Saipan on the Marina Islands.

Some of these locations had not been previously reported in EPA news releases.
The EPA has said it will continue to monitor radiation levels in air, precipitation, drinking water, and milk even if the budget impasse shuts down the government next week. 

There is more discussion of maximum contaminant levels and health concerns in the related links below and their associated comments:
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First US Drinking Water Samples Show Radiation from Japan

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Cheech to Host Bonnaroo Festival

Bonnaroo has announced several additions to the 2011 lineup! Along with Bonnaroo veterans Galactic and G. Love & Special Sauce, the legendary reggae group Black Uhuru, one of punk rock's finest, NOFX, and the critically acclaimed Daniel Lanois' Black Dub among others. They are also bringing you their most eclectic comedy lineup to date. See the full list of additions below.

Comedy Lineup!

Lewis Black
420 Comedy Blaze hosted by Cheech Marin featuring Ralphie May, the stars of Workaholics and more
John Waters
Henry Rollins
Henson Alternative's Stuffed & Unstrung
The League (Paul Scheer, Nick Kroll, Jon Lajoie, Stephen Rannazzisi)
Donald Glover
The Gregory Brothers
Kathleen Madigan
Eugene Mirman
Ted Alexandro
Tim Minchin
Tig Notaro
Hannibal Buress
Craig Baldo
Nate Bargatze

Artists Additions!

G. Love & Special Sauce
Black Uhuru
Shpongle Presents Shpongletron Experience
Daniel Lanois' Black Dub
Allen Toussaint (w Dr. John and The Original Meters)
Anthony B
Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears
Ben Sollee
Dennis Coffey
Forro in the Dark
The Knux
Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens

These artists join a roster of performers that features: Widespread Panic, Eminem, Arcade Fire, The Black Keys, Buffalo Springfield, My Morning Jacket, The String Cheese Incident, Lil’ Wayne, Robert Plant & Band of Joy, Mumford & Sons, The Strokes, The Decemberists, Ray LaMontagne, Bassnectar, Iron & Wine, Girl Talk, Primus and many more. Bonnaroo returns to Manchester, TN on June 9-12.

Toronto Freedom Festival to Return to Queen's Park

TORONTO, April 7 /CNW/ - After numerous meetings with City of Toronto and Park officials, the Toronto Freedom Festival 's organizers were elated today to receive their permit to use Queen's Park North on Saturday May 7th.

The Toronto Freedom Festival is Toronto's largest FREE, one-day, outdoor spring festival, attracting upwards of 30, 000 people. Festival organizers learned in January that their permit to occupy the park had been revoked by Toronto and East York District Parks. Initially this news came as a surprise to organizers, and several months later, a working plan with the City has been reached to keep the Festival at Queen's Park North for another year. The plan has been designed to appease the concerns of City and Park officials, community stakeholders, and those raised by the Global Marijuana March who rely heavily on the festival's infrastructure for their participants.

Toronto Freedom Festival co-founder Gabe Simms states "We've always believed it was best to work with the City to address concerns rather than being in opposition to them. We are excited to have been able to reach a safe and reasonable compromise, and we remain committed to once again producing an unique, safe and exciting festival behind the very symbolic provincial legislature."

While organizers are pleased with the results of their collaborated efforts with the City, they recognize that the impetus for change could not have occurred without the voice of Tommy Chong and other Festival supporters. Now the 'Friends of Freedom' will be called upon to help the Festival meet the increased demands.  "We are very excited at the recent news and hope festival supporters will contribute and spread the word, volunteer, or give a donation to help us with the demands associated with hosting the expected massive crowd," Festival co-founder Gavin Gerbz states.

The Global Marijuana March is the flagship event of The Toronto Freedom Festival. Toronto's march component, which is part parade and part protest, is the world's largest. March Organizer Neev states, "The march has been free of violence and arrests for last 12 years and we are dedicated to keep it that way. We are very happy to have the Freedom Festival's essential infrastructure such as washrooms, food, water, Marshals and cleaners."  The 13th Global Marijuana March will gather at the Toronto Freedom Festival on the North side of Queen's Park North at noon taking off at 2pm. The 5th Toronto Freedom Festival runs from noon to 8pm and is FREE to attend. RAIN or SHINE.



Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Image Entertainment to Release The Perfect Game

Image Entertainment has nabbed North American distribution rights to William Dear helmed sports-themed indie, "The Perfect Game," with plans to launch the film theatrically in limited release this spring.

"Perfect Game," based on a true story about a group of Mexican boys who become the first non-U.S. team to win the Little League World Series, toplines Clifton Collins Jr, Cheech Marin, Jake Austin and Moises Arias. W. William Winokur adapted the script from his book.

David Salzberg and Christian Tureaud produced.

Deal was announced by Bill Bromiley, chief acquisitions officer for Image, following the film's debut on April 2 at the Dallas Film Fest. Pic will go out in ancillary markets via Image late summer.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Dr. Greenthumb,Tommy Chong, & Snoop Dogg’s Spring Gathering 2011 Music Festival & Medical Marijuana

Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, Travis Barker w/ Mixmaster Mike, Stephen Marley, Collie Buddz, PLUS MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED!

NOS Event Center San Bernardino, CA
Included in Price: $7 Parking fee, $3 Facility fee, $1 Charity fee.
Sat, June 11, 2011 12:00 PM (Doors: 12:00 PM)
$61.00 – $431.00

Guerilla Union has announced the return of the second annual Dr. Greenthumb, Tommy Chong and Snoop Dogg’s SPRING GATHERING Music Festival and Medical Marijuana Expo powered by Weedmaps, taking place on Saturday, June 11 at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, CA. In 2010, SPRING GATHERING established itself as a premier lifestyle destination celebrating music and activism. The second installment will feature a powerful line-up that continues to perfectly blend the worlds of music and cannabis culture. SPRING GATHERING 2011 will feature live performances by SNOOP DOGG, CYPRESS HILL, TRAVIS BARKER WITH MIX MASTER MIKE, STEPHEN MARLEY, COLLIE BUDDZ plus more to be announced. SPRING GATHERING’S ambassadors, Dr. Greenthumb (B Real of Cypress Hill), Tommy Chong, Snoop Dogg and special guest Shelby Chong, will host the day-long festivities.

Festival organizers have also announced an exciting partnership with music artist, Snoop Dogg and technology company,, further solidifying B Real, Tommy Chong and Guerilla Union’s mission to create a platform for compassion, activism and education for the entire medical marijuana community. B Real states, “We are thrilled to have Snoop Dogg join our partnership. He is an icon in music and medicine. His commitment to Spring Gathering solidifies our vision with Tommy Chong, and myself. You can count on us to bring innovative ideas that continue to shape this movement.” Chang Weisberg of Guerilla Union also shares his excitement, “We have been looking for a technology partner that would make an immediate impact with our music and medicine platforms. WeedMaps’ combination of web optimization, community, and content will help us power the future of this platform.”

In addition to the music portion, the festival will also offer a full day of activities and attractions to further educate and drive awareness toward the ever-changing social and political landscape surrounding medical marijuana. The WeedMaps Medical Marijuana Expo @ Spring Gathering will play host to advocates, non-profit organizations, medical marijuana collectives, eco-friendly exhibitors and more. While visiting the WeedMaps MMJ Expo, fans will be treated to a full schedule of expert discussion panels, celebrity guest appearances, speakers and meet and greets. In addition to sharing hosting duties, B Real, Tommy Chong and Snoop Dogg will also participate as special guest speakers at the WeedMaps MMJ Expo.

Guerilla Union and WeedMaps have also teamed up to launch The Spring Gathering Cannabis Classic, hosted by Tommy Chong. This new platform, which will take place at SPRING GATHERING, was created for medical marijuana patients to commemorate their favorite collectives, products and strains of the season. Patients will also be able to recognize activists and artists in their communities who have helped bring integrity, compassion and progress toward marijuana reform.

Following the unprecedented and successful implementation of onsite medical marijuana consumption at the Cypress Hill SmokeOut 2010, Guerilla Union and the Medicine and Music Project have announced the first integration of onsite consumption for medical marijuana patients at SPRING GATHERING. A complete and comprehensive list of procedures and regulations for festival attendees is available online at Festival organizers urge all attendees to carefully review all protocols and prerequisites prior to attending the festival.

The Guerilla Union ticket pre-sale, for registered Guerilla Union newsletter subscribers, will begin on Friday, April 8 from 10:00am PST- 10:00pm PST, exclusively on Tickets will be available to the general public online via and at key retail locations starting Saturday, April 9. SPRING GATHERING will also be streaming live courtesy of B Real TV on Saturday, June 11. The live stream will feature artist performances, exclusive backstage content and artist interviews throughout the show. Fans can sign up and log on at Visit to sign up for the Guerilla Union newsletter and receive up to date information and festival announcements.

General Admission – $50 + fees

VIP – $150 + fees
Includes: Access to viewing area of Stage, Meet N Greet, T-shirt, Backpack, Poster, Credential, 2 Drink Tix (Under 21 non-alcoholic), VIP Entry, Private Full Bar, VIP restrooms.

High Roller VIP – $420 + fees
Includes: Cabanas with view of Stage, Meet N Greet, T-shirt, Backpack, Poster, Credential, 2 Drink Tix (Under 21 non-alcoholic), VIP Entry, Private Full Bar, VIP restrooms.

Tickets available at Authorized retailers.

Backside Records
139 North San Fernando Blvd

1299 Galleria at Tyler Mall

Headstone Boutique
22500 Towne Circle Ste.1000

Santa Ana
209 N. Broadway

Moreno Valley
5060 E. Montclair Plaza #2101

Sherman Oaks
4408 Vesper Avenue

Pacific Beach
951 Garnet Ave

West Covina
Store 13
142 ¾ S. Glendora Ave

Store 13
2220 E. Colorado Blvd

Music Revolution
11133 E. Washington Blvd.

168 W. 3rd. St.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Just When You Thought It Was Over...

They said the reunion tour was over, but apparently it's back on.  Cheech and Chong have announced they'll be performing at Humphreys Concerts By the Bay in San Diego, California.

When: Friday, August 5th, 2011.
Where: Humphreys Concerts By the Bay, San Diego, CA
Ticket's go on sale this Saturday, April 9th at 10AM local time.

Tickets start at a whopping $82 ($94.55 if you include the fees).

Click on the ticketmaster link above to purchase tickets.