Saturday, January 25, 2020

Tommy Chong Says Nicholas Cage is One of the Finest Actors in America

Tommy Chong sat down with the New York Post during this media blitz promoting the film Color Out of Space.

Chong, 81, plays a small but memorable role in Richard Stanley’s gonzo new movie, based on an H.P. Lovecraft story, as a hippie who lives in the woods abutting an alpaca farm. When a meteorite crashes on the property, saturating everything around it with a neon glow, Chong’s character is sucked into its mind-altering effects, along with the family on the farm, headed by Nicolas Cage’s character Nathan.

Chong has known Cage ever since [1983’s] ‘Valley Girl,’ ” says Chong. “He was a big Cheech & Chong fan. We got along really well, and I’ve just followed his career ever since. He’s one of the finest actors in America — he’s the real deal!”

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