Monday, April 20, 2020

Live: Cheech and Chong Epic 4/20 Sesh with Cypress Hill, Kevin Smith, Andy Cohen and More

Cheech and Chong and friends were celebrating 4/20 tonight with an epic sesh.  They were joined by B Real (Cypress Hill), Kevin Smith (Clerks), Eric Andre, Wilmer Valderrama (That 70s Show), Craig Robertson (The Office), Jason Mewes (Clerks), Andy Cohen, Dana White (UFC), Jeff Ross, Jaleel White (Family Matters), Seth Green and more.

Wilmer Valderrama says the cast wants to do a That 70s Show film.

Cheech and Tommy appear to actually be getting along.  When they first reunited, they'd barely speak off-stage.

They are really all just getting paid to promote the Cheech and Chong mobile app, Bud Farm.


Happy 4/20!

What is this sh*t, man?

Saturday, April 18, 2020

VHS plans First Ever Second Annual 17th Annual World's Shortest St. Patrick's Day Parade

Do fall colors mix with Kelly green? Visit Hot Springs plans to find out.

Visit Hot Springs will announce today that the World's Shortest St. Patrick's Day Parade, which was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, will be held Oct. 16 and 17, and renamed the First Ever Second Annual 17th Annual World's Shortest St. Patrick's Day Parade.

"Why would a St. Pat's parade work in October? Well, basically, why not?" Visit Hot Springs Director of Marketing Bill Solleder said. "As far out and do-it-the-way-we-want attitude we've always had about the World's Shortest St. Patrick's Day Parade, why not just do it in October?"

Solleder said he thinks the fans of the parade and the people and tourists of Hot Springs "deserve it, especially after what we're going through right now."
Some people might wryly note that the parade's new name seems about as long as the route, the 98-foot-long Bridge Street in downtown Hot Springs.

Solleder readily admits the lengthy name "First Ever Second Annual 17th Annual World's Shortest St. Patrick's Day Parade" is ridiculous, but then again, "Why not?"
The parade will be the "second annual" because Solleder and fellow parade organizer Alexis Hampo held a "very small" parade on March 17, he said.

"There was so much work (put into the parade) and then it was all of a sudden 'Oh my gosh, can we have the parade or not?' And we're waiting on the (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), and we're waiting on the governor, and then it just became the smartest thing to do was just to postpone the parade," Solleder said.

" ... But we decided to go to Bridge Street and actually have a toast and walk the length of the 98 feet so we could say the parade happened."

Actor Cheech Marin was already lined up as celebrity grand marshal, and actor Danny Trejo as the official parade starter, with Blues Traveler and Foghat as its live performances. Solleder said the celebrity and entertainment bookings for the fall edition of the parade have been confirmed and he can neither confirm nor deny if the same bookings remain for it.

"But if there are people out there who have really wanted to meet Cheech or really wanted to meet Trejo, I encourage you to why not reach out to them on their Facebook or Instagram accounts and say 'Hey Cheech, sorry we missed you in March, but we really wish you might come in October,'" he said. "Why not do that? A little bit of Hot Springs charm to a celebrity in Los Angeles goes a long way."

Solleder said the entertainment and celebrity guests booked will be announced shortly, so "only time will tell."

As far as the fall parade's participants, Solleder said Visit Hot Springs is reaching out to participants who were confirmed, giving them "first dibs," and if there's anything leftover they will open the opportunity to anyone else who might want to participate.

Being in October, Solleder said the second annual parade will have a "fall feel" to it with "fall colors" in addition to the St. Patrick's green.

"We've been kicking around hashtags like #wewillparadeagain and #shamrocktober, so definitely we'll use fall to our advantage," he said. " ... The fans of the St. Patrick's Day parade love it and they're committed and they're loyal and want to be a part of the parade whether they're in it or watching it, so I think we'll have a fantastic turnout in the fall, I think the weather will be fantastic in the fall."

Solleder said the lack of a live race meet at Oaklawn and spring break crowd in October may impact the second annual parade's overall turnout, but he thinks as long as the pandemic has dissipated by then, it will be a "great time to inject some tourism dollars into the economy at just the right time."

It was noted on a VHS social media post that "as ridiculously fun as having St Paddy's in October is, there is a serious side to planning a parade in these strange times."

"We will continue to follow the guidelines of the CDC and the Arkansas Health Department, so everyone keep on your toes for updates," the post stated. "Flatten the curve now and we will parade later!"

The second annual parade's date coincides with the final day of the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, and Solleder said the two events will work together to plan activities together.

"October is going to be so busy and fun for Hot Springs," he said. "There's Hot Water Hills Music Festival and there's Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, and now we'll have a concert and St. Patrick's Day Parade in October, so it's going to be a good month for everybody."

Monday, April 13, 2020

Cheech & Chong launch free video game to entertain you during coronavirus pandemic

LOS ANGELES -- Cheech & Chong defined an era with their hilariously irreverent, satirical, no-holds-barred comedy routines. And now, they're bringing it all back in a brand new free for download video game, "Bud Farm."

Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong's phenomenal success began on the stand-up comedy circuit that led to nine hit comedy albums and eight hit films, breaking box office records, shattering comedy album sales, garnering multiple Grammy nominations and mesmerizing fans for more than four decades. Their stunningly successful comedy streak transitioned to the film "Up in Smoke," the highest grossing comedy of the time, topping $100 million at the box office.

"Cheech & Chong Bud Farm" is created by LDRLY Games, the world's largest publisher of cannabis games. The developers of "Pot Farm, Bud Farm: Grass Roots" and "Bud Farm: Idle Tycoon" have been developing weed games for a decade. LDRLY Games are leaders in the cannabis industry. They were first to market on Facebook, Android and iOS.

"The story line is that we're trying to grow weed online or on your phone. You've got Cheech and you've got Chong and it's a lot of fun," Chong told On The Red Carpet's Karl Schmid.

In the game, Sgt. Stedenko is determined to put Cheech & Chong in jail for life. With the help of a cast of supporting characters, Cheech & Chong will chase their dreams of fame and fortune, while staying one step ahead of the law.

Cheech & Chong's video game "Bud Farm" promises to take players back to the 1970s.

"It's a lot of fun, but I've got to warn you, it's addicting -- once you get started it's hard to stop," Chong said.

Cheech & Chong's "Bud Farm" is available for free download on (appropriately) 4/20. The game was created by LDRLY games who've created a bunch of stoner apps.
It's free to play, but has in-app purchases.


Monday, April 06, 2020

Cheech and Chong have a New Mobile Game

All of the Cheech and Chong-related social media accounts have been taken over by ads for a new Cheech and Chong app.

"Hey Farmers! First #BETA for Cheech and Chong Bud Farm is now out! It’s a very exciting time for the team and we’re inviting interested farmers to play the game and share feedback with us. We opened up 1000 spots to start. Hit the link below on your device, install, and let us know what you think! "

The game was created by LDRLY games who've created a bunch of stoner apps.
It's free to play, but has in-app purchases.