Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tommy Chong to Launch Innovative Content on Cannabis Club TV


Cannabis Club TV’s unparalleled broadcast technology is set to elevate today’s consumers with an innovative and engaging experience. Cannabis Club TV is the first Direct Out Of Home (DOOH) and Over the Top TV (OTTtv) portable broadcast network devoted to the cannabis industry - at retail, in your pocket and at home.

As the cannabis industry grows, innovative pioneers are leading the way to bring cannabis to the mainstream. Cannabis Club TV will be launching twenty new channels with a variety of different shows from sports to cooking with one of the first being Tommy Chong’s travel show that will be similar to the Anthony Bourdain cooking show with all kinds of cannabis flower and concentrates, from Humbolt to Amsterdam to Nepal to Kentucky.

“I'm excited to announce that I'm developing a cannabis travel show, where I explore all the unique cannabis cultures this planet has to offer. I love to have a Cannabis Club TV channel playing while I'm carving and testing my handmade water pipes,” says Tommy Chong, cannabis pioneer.

Cannabis Club TV retains leading cannabis agency Damanant to be their official agency of record. This powerhouse move brings a wealth of resources together that the cannabis industry has yet experienced.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Real Life Sgt Stadanko has Died

Abe Snidanko who worked undercover in Vancouver busting hippies, has died. He was the inspiration for Cheech and Chong's Sgt Stadanko (Up in Smoke, Nice Dreams, Los Cochinos).

He died August 2nd at 79 years old.

“We needed a name for the cop, and I immediately thought of Abe Snidanko,” said Chong. “I used his name purposely, it was my way of saying, ‘How you doin’, Abe?’ It did make him famous. Years later I got a call from the narcotics office in Vancouver and they said Abe was retiring and wanted me to send him a signed Up in Smoke poster. So I did and apparently Abe wasn’t too pleased.”