Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Flashback 2008: Josh Gilbert Hosts Tommy Chong Book Read in New York City

Here is video of Josh Gilbert hosting the Tommy Chong Cheech and Chong: The Unauthorized Autobiography at the Bryant Park book read in August 2008.

Everyone misses you Josh.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Our Friend Josh Gilbert has Died

Our friend, Josh Gilbert, passed away last night after a long battle with cancer.

Who was Josh Gilbert?

Most may know him as writer, director, producer of the documentary, A/K/A Tommy Chong which chronicles the entrapment and incarceration of Tommy Chong.  He spent years creating this film.  Josh was one of the most passionate people I've ever known.  He was so proud of this film and it won numerous awards.

After it was released, Tommy and Shelby Chong allegedly wanted the rights to the film.  Josh refused so they allegedly got one of the film's investors to sue Josh.  Josh spent a fortune defending his film and eventually had to get another investor to buy out the unhappy investor.

It's a long, long story and it really sucked the energy out of him.

But Josh was always upbeat.  Always had great film ideas.  He was always working on documentaries.  He briefly worked with Vice TV, also worked on a doc about an autistic boy, Jake the Film, which tugged at your heartstrings. He loved people.

How do I know Josh Gilbert?

I used to own Cheech and Chong Dot Com.  I owned it for years and Cheech and Chong didn't care because their Cheech and Chong career was over and the brand was dying.  Eventually, I got them to reunite.

All of a sudden, they wanted their domain.

Josh and I spent hours on the phone each night.  He told me about all the shit Tommy and Shelby put him through.  He told me so many god awful stories about Cheech Marin and the Chong family that I could write a book.

Josh wanted me to change my name to cheechandchong dot com so they couldn't take it away from me.

I last spoke to him in August of this year.  He was going in for a stem cell procedure in a last ditch effort to defeat his cancer.  He had 3 things on his mind.  His son, his cancer and how much Tommy "allegedly" fucked him over.  He told me he wanted to post a video on YouTube about Tommy Chong.  I told him he should.  I don't know if he ever recorded the video, but I know hours of audio were recorded when he was in for treatment.

I somehow knew this would be my last conversation with him.  The next day I sent him an email thanking him for everything he did for me.

I'll post memories as they come to mind.

Goodbye, Bub.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tommy Chong Supports Donald Trump

In an interview with the Ottawa Citizen, Tommy says...

"I love him. I gotta tell you the truth. I had a great epiphany. I was really against him right up until he won, and then I had to change my thinking when he gave his acceptance speech. When he said that he was going to rebuild the infrastructure, to me it made all the sense in the world because he’s a builder. He’s a developer. And what better person to have in the White House than a guy who’s going to remodel the country?"

When asked about the wall...

"the wall is symbolic. What the wall really means is that we have to fix the immigration situation."

Tommy Chong Working on Pot Related Show

In an interview with the Ottawa Citizen, Tommy Chong says he's working on a pot-related reality show.  Cheech will be involved somewhat.

Cheech Convinces Obama to Pardon Tommy Chong

In an interview with the Ottawa Citizen, Tommy Chong says that when Cheech Marin met with Obama about an unrelated issue, he asked Obama to pardon Tommy Chong.  Obama said he would.

"But to do the paperwork, I have to hire all these lawyers. It’s not worth it. I’m not going to go out of pocket for something that should be given to me so I’m just going to wait it out."

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Affinity Connextions and The Legendary Tommy Chong Award Digital Marketing Contract To Studio 420 - A Cannabis Friendly Creative Agency


Studio 420, a cannabis friendly creative agency, today announced it has been selected to provide digital marketing and social media management services for Affinity Connextions and The Legendary Tommy Chong, a Palm Beach Gardens, Florida based company that plans to introduce an exclusive Medical Marijuana Rewards Card. Affinity Connextions is taking the next step in the medical marijuana revolution. They are connecting industry leaders, the finest dispensaries, suppliers and powerful advocates to valued patients with a cannabis loyalty card program that benefits all.

“Studio 420 was selected over other competitors for several reasons,” said Mike Sorbara, President of Affinity Connextions. “The most important issues to us were their excellent relationship with cannabis industry clients and their understanding of our needs and their capability to produce the high quality of work we were looking for.”

“Affinity Connextions is an exciting partner for Studio 420 to work with,” said Kurt Whitt, Founder and CEO of Studio 420. “They are pioneers and the leader in rolling out a medical marijuana loyalty card program. Their card members will collect valuable Tokins at participating dispensaries, websites and ancillary businesses, where every dollar spent earns 1 Tokin that can be redeemed online for merchandise in the Affinity Connextions Rewards Catalog. I am excited they have selected Studio 420 for their digital marketing campaign, and I am confident they made the right choice.”

About Studio 420
Studio 420 is a world-class cannabis friendly creative agency dedicated to your success. As an celebrity, investor, grower, marijuana consultant, high-profile dispensary, lab, retailer, club, directory, or association, YOU are the backbone of this growing industry. Through smart use of the latest in design technologies and cannabis marketing strategies, we bring your cannabusiness to the forefront and help make you a key player in the marketplace.

Studio 420 is a subsidiary of Planet Media, a privately held Limited Liability Corporation, incorporated in the State of Colorado. The company was established in 1999 in Mountain View, California and founded by Kurt Whitt, a Silicon Valley business executive with over 25 years of experience in Internet and web based businesses, interactive television, new media, broadcast and broadband communications.

For additional information on Studio 420 or Affinity Connextions, please connect with them at the following contact details.
Studio 420 - A Planet Media Company
RiNo Art District
3515 Ringsby Court, Suite 133
Denver, CO 80216
720-279-1289 - Studio

About Affinity Connextions
Affinity Connextions and The Legendary Tommy Chong have come together to introduce a new and exclusive MMJ Loyalty card. The Tommy Chong Card will allow participating Retailers and Dispensaries to reward patients and consumers for their continued patronage. Members will collect valuable “Tokins”, which can be redeemed online for merchandise, or donated to participating charities. Retailers and Dispensaries who join the program, will see increases in traffic as members are driven to their location via the Affinity Connnextions website.

Affinity Connextions is a product of Encentive Concepts LLC and is managed by loyalty experts with 60+ years of combined experience. This includes an extensive background in Petroleum, Hospitality, Consumer Packaged Goods, Traditional Retail and Online Retail sectors.

Affinity Connextions
3450 Northlake Blvd.,Suite 203
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33403
416-671-2424 - Office

Monday, November 14, 2016

Will Arnett’s ‘Comedy Show Show’ & More Set On Audible

Will Arnett’s The Comedy Show Show is now available on Audible, an Amazon company, along with original comedy series featuring comedians Nick Offerman, Dan Savage and more.

The series, which can be accessed via the Audible app, include the first season of Bedtime Stories for Cynics, presented by Nick Offerman, featuring inappropriate children’s stories for adults; Hold On with Eugene Mirman, with guests including “Weird Al” Yankovic, Jim Gaffigan and Lisa Lampanelli among others; Hot Mic with Dan Savage, a collection of awkward, poignant and hilarious stories about lust, longing, and lewd behavior hosted by the sex advice columnist.

Also available are the first season of Sounds Like America, hosted by a rotating cast of comics; Limelight, featuring stand-up shows from comedy clubs around the country; Audible Comedy Specials featuring highlights from comedy festivals and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, featuring dramatic performances of pieces from McSweeney’s literary humor site

Other comedians featured in the above programs include Gilbert Gottfried, John Mulaney, Patton Oswald, Rob Delaney, Tommy Chong, Maria Bamford, Jackie Kashian, Mike Birbiglia and Lisa and Kumail Nanjiani.

“I’m excited to see The Comedy Show Show take off because of the amazing platform that Audible is creating with Channels,” said Arnett. “The opportunity for creative and inventive stand-up comedy to gain exposure and build momentum among Audible’s voracious listener base, and to be part of a growing roster of other incredibly high quality and entertaining shows, is gratifying.”

“Creating a dedicated platform for comedy shows within Audible Channels allows our listeners to discover a quality and quantity of content they won’t be able to find anywhere else,” said Audible Chief Content Officer Andy Gaies. “Audible’s access to comedy shows throughout the country and deep roots in the comedy world allow us to surface the best talent coming out of clubs nationwide. The sheer volume of comedic voices that contribute to these shows set them apart in the audio space, and we are proud to offer these rich listening experiences within Channels.”

Introduced earlier this year, Audible Channels features a selection of original programs, lectures, and audio editions of standout articles and news from The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Foreign Affair, Charlie Rose, The Onion, and other leading periodicals. Audible Channels is free with an Audible membership and to Amazon Prime members, and also available to purchase as a standalone for $4.95 a month.