Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Bruce Springsteen Recalls Opening for Cheech and Chong

On Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, Bruce Springsteen recalled the time he opened for Cheech and Chong.  It was at a college in Pennsylvania.  He was relatively unknown.  After five songs, someone tapped him on his shoulder and says that's enough.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Cheech and Chong Honor Lou Adler

In April, we announced that Cheech and Chong would present Lou Adler with a Grammy Salute to Music Legends.  It aired last night.  Richard and Tommy's relationship with Lou has been on and off again.  Mostly due to money and album ownership.  However, they can make more money being cordial with Lou, the music mogul.

The Recording Academy will produce "Grammy Salute To Music Legends" in partnership with Thirteen as part of the "Great Performances" series on PBS, set to air later this year. Previously held during Grammy Week, this is the fourth year The Recording Academy has celebrated the Special Merit Awards with a stand-alone TV event and musical tribute. In addition to the tribute concert, special celebrity guests will present recipients their award statues and guests will enjoy never-before-seen video packages celebrating each of the honorees' contributions to the music industry and our cultural heritage.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

REVIEW: Cheech & Chong, Nothing New Here

Canada's Daily Courier newspaper caught the Cheech and Chong tour when it hit South Okanagan Events Centre.

"Fans of Cheech & Chong back in their day would have found Wednesday's concert at the South Okanagan Events Centre to be a pleasant nostalgia trip.

For just about everyone else, it was an agonizing 75 minutes."

The reviewer is correct.  They never change their performance.  It's not even worth seeing anymore.

Monday, October 07, 2019

Rest in Peace Rip Taylor

Legendary actor and comedian, Rip Taylor, died yesterday at age 84.  Cheech and Chong fans may remember him from their film Things are Tough All Over. He will be missed.