Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Updated: Attention Waldwick Voters! It's Time to Elect New Board of Education Members

On April 27th, Waldwick, New Jersey taxpayers will get their chance to vote for two new Board of Education members.  The current board members, including the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Patricia Raupers, are trying to force a random drug testing policy on us.

If the student refuses or fails the test, they won't be allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities, nor be able to park at the school.

The ballot hasn't been finalized, we'll post the candidates as that information becomes available.

These people have filed, but we don't yet know their stance on the mandatory drug testing policy.
Eugene Dell'Aglio
John Dewitt
Claire McLafferty
Barbara Moran
Nick Puccio
Martha Walsh


Anonymous said...

Who is taking ownership for these posts?

Anonymous said...

Whoever it is posting is wrong and it calls into question anything they post. Lisa Tesoriero was never running for re-election and Ed Sandve had withdrawn his petition for re-election 4 days days before their post. If the poster is wrong about these simple facts what else is wrong - maybe most of what they post?

Anonymous said...

The article was based on the most recent edition of the Villadom Times which is apparently outdated.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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