Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cheech and Chong's Last Show

The last show of the Cheech and Chong Get It Legal tour took place last night at the Adler Theatre in Davenport, Iowa.  The reviews were equally as bad as Friday night's show at the Fargodome.  This is surprising because the reviews of the first few dates of the tour were positive.  I guess Cheech and Tommy were burnt out (pardon my pun).

The first twenty minutes of last night's show was plagued with sound issues.  This wasn't Cheech and Chong's fault.

The rest of the night the fans wished there were sound issues.  According to the Quad City Times,  Cheech "stumbled and stammered over his jokes, often muffling his delivery."  They go onto say "Cheech seemed to lack the mastery of spoken word one might associate with a semi-accomplished actor."

Tommy Chong said he's writing a Cheech and Chong film, but don't hold your breath.  He's been writing various scripts over past 5 years.  Most were never finished and if Shelby is involved, Cheech doesn't want anything to do with the project.


Anonymous said...

Considering the sound issues & how rude some in the audience were during the last show of the "Get it Legal" tour, my brothers & I enjoyed ourselves!! Appreciated Cheech saying that we can use our tickets from last night to see their new movie when it comes out, but don't know how the local theaters will honor our tickets.

Anonymous said...

gimme my money back

Anonymous said...

i have been to well over 200 professional concerts and shows. this was by far the worse show i have ever seen. not only were there sound issues, but cheech and chong were not even funny. it was so bad i walked out half way through the show and i have never walked out of a show early. a bad deal for everyone involved!

Anonymous said...

Man, ever since they made you change the name of the website, you've been hating on them consistently... mightas well close the website.

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