Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Night on the Town in NYC with Cheech and Bride-To-Be

Cheech, Tommy, pianist Natasha Rubin (Cheech's fiance) and Shelby Chong (Tommy's wife) are in New York City this week doing press for the Cheech & Chong: Light Up America tour. You may have heard the great interview Howard Stern did with Cheech, Tommy and Natasha on Monday. Cheech and Natasha announced they are getting married in August.

Howard and the rest of the Stern staff are huge fans. Richard Christy was wearing the Bong shirt we sent him a few months back.

They were also on Opie and Anthony. The interview went well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. This is in contrast to the interview they did with Tommy in 2006 when he was promoting his first book, The I Chong).

Last night, Cheech and Natasha ate dinner at the Per Se restaurant in Manhattan. It has the same chef as the French Laundry in Napa Valley, and one of only 4 top rated Michelin guide restaurants in New York.

According to Natasha, "they gave us a royal treatment with a 13 course dinner (their usual is 7-9), crowned by a specially created (in honor of Cheech) Rice Dreams dessert, cinnamon-smoke-infused rice sorbet."

The Cheech & Chong tour comes to Westbury, NY this Thursday and Friday. The shows are sold out, but keep checking because there's always the chance seats will be released at the last minute.


Doug Clayton said...

The O&A Show interview was actually very interesting and entertaining. Did you even hear the interview?

Darin said...

10/20, Afternoon, 450 W33 NYC: I was coming back from lunch and as I'm approaching my building's entrance two of my childhood idols were getting out of their ride. I opened the first set of doors for them, then Tommy opened the second for me. All I could muster was 'wow' while Tommy smiled I past awestruck - I hope the look on my face conveyed the amount of respect I have for these two guys... 26 years later and I still have my Greatest Hit cassette among my prized possessions.

Well done fellas, you're both looking good in your prime - much success with your tour and future - keep on rolling and don't ever die. I'll be laughing at your material for the rest of my days. - Darin Blum

Stig said...

Dude, the Stern/O&A war is over. Get over yourself. O&A have always been cool with Cheech and Chong, and their appearance went very well.

and relayed by the weedmaster said...

This is what happened when Tommy was on O&A in 2006.

jim302 said...

Is this a Cheech and Chong site or a kiss howards ass site?

Please get your facts straight.

Nick said...

That interview was hillarious. Choke yourself.

insomniactil2 said...

"The interview went well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves."

NO, the interview went GREAT, you faggot piece of shit webmaster.

Change it, change it now.

and relayed by the weedmaster said...

It's important to listen to the 2006 interview before commenting on last week's interview.