Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cheech & Chong: Light Up America Tour Will Be Theatrical

During today's press conference, Cheech and Chong told reporters that the Cheech & Chong: Light Up America Tour will be theatrical. When they toured early in their careers, the duo's props were a bag of used clothes, but the new tour will have large video screens to flash images on.

Live Nation will be producing the tour.

Photos from today's press conference, including pix of Cheech and Chong with marijuana plants (plastic plants) will be posted here in a couple days.


TrailerParkRuss said...

I am looking forward to this! Thanks you guys ROck On!
We will Probably see you in Atlanta and Miami I will bring the whole crew and we will be front row center!

President Anthony Taurus said...


Can't wait.

mongotom said...

I went to the fillmore in Miami Beach Saturday 9/27.let me start by saying ,I have allways been a fan and i have been a stand up comic for over thirteen years[retired now]and had the oportunity to open for Tommy Chong in myrtle beach for bike week in 97.Shelby was with Tommy then and opened his portion of the show.this show in Miami started late.[i probably would have been disapointed if it did start on time].Shelby opened up the show with a horible monolog,it lacked any depth of material,saying "I really love pot"just for responce.she is a intelegent woman and capable of much better perforfance.[SO WRIGHT HER BETTER MATERIAL!]When it came time for Cheech and Chong they came out to a standing ovation.they did their old routines perfectly.It was the stroll down memory lane everyone came for.I guess its the professional comic in me that wanted more,I wanted new material,when you go to a concert you want the old song but you want to hear the new ones too.i was hopeing for some new bits.I was happy to see them togeather,well and performing.I wish them the best.My one complaint,Dudes $40.00 tshirts!!! come on I know its about getting what you can while you can!but have you forgotten who we are?We are stoners for god sakes!Tommy taught me how to market myself when we worked togeather,lessons I have never forgot.But guys show the love.MongoTom