Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tahoe Golf Tournament Recap

The American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe, Nevada wrapped up yesterday. Cheech Marin's group, which included Charles Barkley, Kevin Nealon and Don Cheadle, had a blast out there. They frequently hammed it up for the crowd.

Charles Barkley finished last with minus 94 points. Cheech Marin was second-to-last with minus 67.

Ultimately, former NFL quarterback, Chris Chandler, was crowned the winner.

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TrailerParkRuss said...

Hey Cheech
if you read this I would love to play a round of golf with you ...I can't play very well but that is what would make it fun...I hope you and Tommy do get something going again but I do respect your decisions to do what you want with your life it is after all YOUR LIFE!
Peace dude I will always be a fan.

Bobby said...

Hey Russ You and I can play golf and make people think its Cheech and Chong back together. bwaahahahahha

juliemarg said...

Hi - I was there with you when Charles made par on the 17th!

and relayed by the weedmaster said...

What's a "hole reporter"? lol There's a joke in there somewhere.