Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Seven Questions for Cheech & Chong...Cheech & Chong to Launch New Tour

LAist got to interview Cheech & Chong who were promoting tonight's VH1 special, Lords of the Revolution: Cheech & Chong.

Cheech points out an interesting coincidence. In their film Corsican Brothers, "I burn down the house and then we try to get our way back home. I go one way. He goes the other way. We end up meeting 20 years later. That's what really happened to us in our careers."

Chong says the key to their longevity is the film Up In Smoke. "The movie's a lot like a joint. It takes you on a timeless journey. We're timeless. We aren't driven by fads, we are a fad. A fad that will never go away. No matter how many bitchy reviewers would like it to go away."

When asked if Tommy got his a/k/a Tommy Chong DVDs back [The interviewer is referring to the DEA raid on Spectrum Labs, the company distributing the a/k/a Tommy Chong DVDs. Note: we have the DVDs in stock], he said "No. The government keeps everything. They destroy everything. The movie was a big hit, it was shown on one of the cable networks and was big with the critics."

Cheech also says they are going to launch a new tour.

It's a great interview. Read the entire thing here.

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