Saturday, December 13, 2008

Big Holiday Sale and Freebies

Hempy Holidoobies!

Very cool holiday stuff.
This week only!
FREE LET'S MAKE A NEW D@PE DEAL CD with every order of $100 or more ($10.99 value).
FREE A/K/A TOMMY CHONG DVD (in the special sm@keable wrapper) with every order of $200 or more ($19.99 value).
FREE KEYCHAIN with every order no matter how big or small your order.

$3 OFF a/k/a Tommy Chong (Special: 'Rolled in Paper' Edition) DVD
Note: One free CD or DVD per address. While supplies last. For orders over $200, you do not receive the CD, you only receive the DVD. Offer expires Saturday, December 20th at 12PM New York.

For Christmas delivery, order by Saturday, December 20th, 12PM New York (only U.S. guaranteed).

Be sure to pick up the double CD, Where There's Sm*ke, There's Cheech and Chong. It contains two essential, hilarious holiday trax, Santa Claus and His Old Lady, and Moe Money (featuring Rudolph). "Santa Claus is not a musician, Man."

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