Thursday, November 13, 2008

"a/k/a tommy chong" on SHOWTIME! - TOMORROW

a/k/a Tommy Chong, has made it to primetime! With W. heading back to the ranch to lick his wounds, the broadcast premiere is tomorrow on Showtime Networks, November 14th, at 7:30pm.

It's been a long, strange trip getting this project a broad public viewing, but we finallly did it.
Get some takeout, memorize some of the lines, relive the terror of the Bush administration and laugh now that it's almost over. 67 days and counting.

Get the DVD

See the Showtime Schedule

Buy a/k/a Shirts and Posters.

Michael Moore is graciously promoting it on his website.


Bobby said...

I still say The picture of Tommy and Cheech on the front page of this web site Look like the Stoner Version of Santa Clause and Dopey from Snow white The Mexican version of course

Ruff said...

Hey Tommy and Shelby, this is jahn and kat from Richmond, ruffbong, lol, and we just saw the aka on showtime, plastered, lol, to the tube while watching it, what a truly profound statement your life and the situation turned out to be after all, an incredible documentary, feel closer to you now, and you are still in our thoughts every day, our friends. Still blown away at how things happened and how things are now, some inevitable truths in your film, maybe will provoke people to actually think about how we are treating our citizens in this country, you know? Love you guys, seriously... :-P Stay strong and find happiness in knowing the love that America has in their hearts for you.

Ruff said...

Oh yeah, lol, forgot to say that kat loves having a tommy near her personal region all the time, lol, everybody ORDER A CHONG THONG RIGHT NOW. :-p Our customers love the Tommy shirt too, folks.

Steph and Aiden said...

Cheech, It was great sitting next to you on the plane ride to Corpus Chrisit. Watch out for those head rails next time, They'll get you everytime ;)
Have a great tour!