Tuesday, November 25, 2008

** Green Friday Sale **

Happy Holidoobies!

This Friday, we are having our first ever Green Friday sale.
Friday, November 28, 12AM-11:59PM EST.

FREE KEYCHAIN with each order (One per address.)
$3 OFF Let's Make A New Dope Deal CD
$3 OFF Sleeping Beauty CD
$3 OFF a/k/a Tommy Chong (Special: 'Rolled in Paper' Edition) DVD

Santa Claus and His Old Lady and Moe Money (featuring Rudolph)
Pick up the double CD, Where There's Smoke, There's Cheech and Chong. It contains two essential, hilarious holiday trax, Santa Claus and His Old Lady, and Moe Money (featuring Rudolph). "I didn't know Santa Claus was a musician, Man."

Stocking Stuffers
Two lids are better than one. 2 disc DVD sets. Up In Smoke/Still Smokin and Next Movie/Born In East LA. They are super affordable and are in a super cool case.

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