Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cheech and Chong, The Bicycle

Cheech and Chong superfan, Henry, has been working on this lowrider Cheech and Chong bicycle for two years. You'll notice the fuzzy dice he purchased from us.

From the owner...

It took me about 3 years to get this bike to the way it is now. It went through 3 different styles. The bike was a gift from my girlfriend. When we first got it, the bike was all original. After the first year, it turned into an all twist bike. Once it was all twist, the bike still looked undone. I still was not happy with it. I saw a picture on a magazine with a bike with its fenders painted and it looked really nice. So I figured I'd do the same. The only problem I had was that I did not know what theme to go with. So one day during work I was with my friend, Nolan, talking about the bike when he gave me the idea of Cheech & Chong. Im a huge fan of them so it made perfect sense to do it. I looked for a paint and mural shop here in Palmdale that would be able to help me with the fenders and the seat. I met with Cosme from Cosme’s Airbrush and he tells me that he did his El Camino hood with the Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie Cover on it. He showed me his car and I was impressed by the job he did on it. It also helped that he was a big Cheech & Chong fan, too.

The body frame and spare tire cover came in a little bit later. My friend Jesus and I did the frame and spare tire. It was pretty hard to get the shape of the frame. Once it was done, then back to Cosme’s I went. He tells me that I need to take it back to get all the scratches from the bondo out. So I did , and after 3 fixes it finally was ok to paint. We picked out our favorite scenes from the movies that we liked. We ended up picking the opening car scene from Up In Smoke. You can see that Chong has his hands together telling Cheech to say "MELLOW". On the other side of the bike, we have Cheech with a worried look in his face after taking too much acid. The 2 murals in the back side are them two smoking the "Quarter Pounder". As far as the spare tire goes, we have the Up In Smoke cover on it with Cheech & Chong getting rolled up in a joint. Cosme did both there faces on the seat and on the fenders, also. The whole bike is covered with smoke that pop out when the bike is moved. We also got the Uniques Bike Club logo on it too.The top and bottom of the bike are also covered in film that represents the movies they made. I had the honor of meeting Chong and his wife Shelby in person at the Improv in Ontario CA. He signed 3 of my shirts and he was kind enough to take pictures with me. I have Tommy Chong’s autograph on my bike too that was copied from my shirt that he signed. I got Cheech’s autograph by taking pictures that he’s signed online. The name of the bike is "Up In Smoke" but many just call it "The Cheech & Chong Bike". It really does not matter to me what they call it, as long as it brings them memories of there favorite Cheech & Chong moments.

Special thanks to my Uniques Antelope Valley Family , Javier , Aaron , Alex. To Cosme from Cosme’s Airbrush (u really got down on the bike man, thanks) to HHH Bike Club for helping us get things going in the AV.. And last I would like to thank Mr.Weedman for giving me the opportunity to get to show the bike on his website.

Smoke On!

Henry Gomez

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