Sunday, October 24, 2021

Cheech and Chong to Release New Book in 2022

On April 19th, 2022, Simon and Schuster will be releasing Cheech & Chong's Chronicles: A Brief History of Weed.

Z2 proudly presents Cheech & Chong’s: A Smoke Though Time. An original graphic novel about the famous doobie duo's offbeat take on the history of cannabis.

In a world where everyone is questioning the truth, comedy legends Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin have teamed up to bring you the facts... That every important moment that ever happened ever--happened because of weed. Yup. That’s right.

About the author...

Eliot Rahal is a comics/writter and creator best know for his work on HOT LUNCH SPECIAL, MIDNIGHT VISTA and CULT CLASSIC.

More details coming soon.

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