Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tommy Chong was on Reddit Today

Tommy Chong took to Reddit today because someone, once again, spread a rumor that he was dead...and a lot of morons believed it.  It's called a Death Hoax, people.

The questions fans asked were pretty basic.

Here are things we've never heard before.

On what it was like working with Martin Scorsese on the film After Hours.
"One memory is that they had me drive the van recklessly but they didn't tell me where to finish. And so when I careened around the corner there were a bunch of Japanese tourists that had come to watch the shoot right in my pathway... I stopped just inches from them. The look on their faces though, they were taking tourist photos. I learned I'm a pretty good stunt driver that day."

On Led Zeppelin...
"I was once with Robert Plant and I drove a Citroen at the time and he told me "You drive the nicest car in the world, Tommy"

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