Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Entire Audio of Rae Dawn Chong Interview...Let the Truth be Heard

Last week, TMZ posted excerpts from an interview Matty P's Radio Happy Hour conducted with Rae Dawn Chong.  Rae Dawn made some very crude and, some would argue, racist comments about Oprah.

Rae Dawn responded with a video on YouTube saying those clips were taken out of context.  She said if everyone heard the entire interview, it would make more sense.

We have the entire audio interview for download right here.  She's correct.  It doesn't sound as bad if you hear the entire interview.

In summary, Rae Dawn Chong and Oprah Winfrey were in the film The Color Purple.  Rae Dawn went on to do Commando with Maria Shriver's husband (Arnold Schwarzenegger).  Oprah is a very jealous and vindictive person.  She was super jealous of Rae Dawn.  Oprah invited the Commando cast to be on her show.  The cast was backstage as she called each cast member out on stage.  She called everyone, but Rae Dawn.

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