Friday, November 23, 2012

Tommy Chong Defames Josh Gilbert in his Potcast

On Wednesday, Tommy Chong and his son posted the latest episode of their potcast.  They sit down with hashbar owner Sean Kush whose California hashbar was raided by the feds.

Sean was telling a story and Tommy (who is now sounding really old) tried to relate with a story of his own.  However, the story Tommy told is blatantly false.

Tommy says "I did fire a guy one time for [not having a video camera on when he was hired to be filming].  Josh, Josh Gilbert.  He was supposed to be filming some stuff, but he didn't do it.  I hire him and he turns the fuckin camera off."

The truth...
Josh directed the documentary A/K/A Tommy Chong.  Josh and Tommy Chong went to famous architect, Frank Gehry's, studio.  Tommy was friends with Gehry.  Frank told Josh not to film anything until they get into his office because there are copyrighted 3-D models of works in progress all around.  Josh and Tommy agreed.

Josh wasn't even working for Tommy.  Tommy wasn't paying him.

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