Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Where is she now? Officer Gloria Whitey from Up in Smoke

Actress Louisa Moritz, who appeared in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Last American Virgin, Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke, Death Race 2000 and over 100 other movies, TV Shows and plays, will be signing movie scene photographs at The Hollywood Show at the Burbank Airport Marriot and Convention Center on October 7-8-9. Last year Louisa had a great time at The Hollywood Show and met many of her fans who were attending the show from all over the world.

Currently practicing law in Los Angeles, Louisa Moritz's website,, features pictures, movie posters and video clips from the many movies and TV shows she appeared in during her show biz career. Included on the website are a number of autographed movie scene pictures that are available for purchase, and in fact she has been getting orders from around the world in recent months. Louisa, a native of Cuba, appeared in the short lived series Chico and the Man, starring the late Freddie Prinz, and was perennial favorite on the famous Match Game TV show.

Started in 1979, The Hollywood Show is perhaps the best known autograph show in the Hollywood area. It is legendary among autograph shows, not only for the celebrities who appear, but the crowds each event brings. It's the only celebrity autograph convention held four times per year. Currently taking place in Burbank, California, The Hollywood Show has earned the reputation of being "THE PLACE" for celebrities to appear, and known worldwide as the perfect place for fans to get "up close and personal" with their favorite stars!

In addition to the fabulous line-up of celebrities offered at each event, The Hollywood Show has teamed up with hundreds of vendors to offer fans the ultimate selection in show related memorabilia and much, much more. The staff of The Hollywood Show works around the clock to bring entertainers and fans together for each of our events. They have a large network of contacts and celebrity relationships that always prove helpful when inviting guests to appear.

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