Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tommy Chong Remembers Gaye Delorme

The legendary guitarist, Gaye Delorme, passed away on June 24th after years of declining health. Gaye wrote Earache My Eye and numerous other Cheech and Chong songs and sketches.

The Vancouver Sun interviewed Tommy Chong about his memories of Gaye.
“When I met Gaye, I had just started the Cityworks Improv Company at the Shanghai Junk [nightclub in Chinatown]. It was like fate, the universe put us together. Gaye was really part of the original cast. He was a writer for the comedy, he actually wrote the first bit we ever did.

He was also responsible for getting me out of music,” laughs Chong, who played guitar with soul greats Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers in the '60s. “After I heard him play guitar, I thought well I’d better concentrate on the comedy, because I’ll never be able to play guitar as good as he does.”

During the interview from his home in California, Tommy Chong discusses how Earache My Eye was written. Chong's version of the story constantly changes, similar to the way explanation of how 'Dave' was written constantly changes.

In a 2008 interview with Vue Weekly, Gaye says he and Cheech wrote Earache My Eye.  Tommy was going to play guitar, but the guitar went missing.  Gaye wound up writing the infamous Earache riff.  Tommy got everyone in the studio, except Gaye, completely stoned.  Tommy Chong re-recorded the song with Cheech so he could claim it was his own.  Tommy frequently claims he wrote the song....which he did not.

There will be a tribute to Gaye Delorme this Sunday from 5-9PM at the Yale Hotel in Vancouver.  Tommy Chong will not be attending.

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