Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Goodbye Everyone!

Today is my last day as owner of Cheech and Chong Dot Com.  It was a great ride and a lot of fun over the years. I enjoyed interacting with fans and keeping fans informed.

It's shame that certain people were blinded by fame and fortune and didn't do the right thing.  Cheech Marin spearheaded the effort to take the domain from me, but Tommy went along for the ride.  It's strange because both Cheech and Tommy didn't object to me promoting their gigs over the past 10 years.

Two years ago, Cheech didn't want to be associated with Cheech and Chong.  He wanted nothing to do with drugs.  He objected to my having banners pointing to sites with "marijuana alternatives."  Cheech had his soon-to-be wife tell me, "i think the content of that advertising is a bit problematic for cheech's team. personally when i first googled cheech your site came up, but when i saw the home page i turned it off. the content of your site is much higher level and quality then you can assume when you see that ad for the first time. may be chong doent's mind it since he maintains more or less his old image, and though cheech can still do stand up easily, he has become so much more diverse, think of it-he is a hollywood actor, major art collector, golfer and now has a doctorate degree."

Life's about Karma so who knows what fate has in store for them.

See you on my new site www.cheechandchongfans.com.



Bobby said...

This is just an opinion but I believe I have a few other things that Cheech did. Wasnt he a DRAFT DODGER? I heard somewhere's that he was a wife/child beater. Am I wrong? Is he afraid to face men down for the protection of this country USA but beats his family? Im not sure does anyone know? This is just my own question and does not have any part what to do so ever with the people running this website. I just want some answers about who this guy really is and why we should go see his works any longer. Is this the type of guy we praise in this country? Anyone know the answers to these questions?

Anonymous said...

cheech is cheech, that old bag wanted a high status husband, just like a woman to ruin it! but cheech was his ex wifes horse stall cleaner lol, look at chongs life of zen and easy going, laid back cat, cheech whishes he could be happy as chong and half as sucsessful!
hey richard! be "the cheech"
i would expect this from cheech but for chong to follow??? must be doing anythig to have his "mexican" lol
good luck ryan! thanks for all the years man!

Anonymous said...