Saturday, March 07, 2009

Cheech & Chong TV Show and Live Album Coming Soon?

What's up next for Cheech & Chong? There's been talk of a broadway play based on Up in Smoke, a Vegas production based on Up in Smoke, a new movie and now a television show.

The only thing that's definite so far is the Cheech & Chong animated film.

However, Tommy Chong tells The Morning Call that earlier this week, he and Cheech pitched a television show. Tommy says they're "waiting to see what the genius TV execs are going to come up with."

He didn't provide any additional details, but he also says they may do a live comedy album. Of interest is that Cheech & Chong recorded, but Warner Records/Lou Adler never released, a live comedy album in the 1970s.

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Bobby said...

Up In Smoke Television Show eh? Hey Tommy and Cheech Id like apart on the TV show Pedros cousin FAT CHILLI who lives in a junk yard.