Monday, June 23, 2008

Update: RIP George Carlin

The legendary comedian, George Carlin, died of heart failure yesterday. George had a history of heart problems.

Tommy Chong appeared on Fox-TV's George Carlin Show in 1994.

We will try to get comments from Cheech and Tommy on Carlin's passing.

We spoke to Cheech Marin earlier today. Cheech said he's "sorry to see him go. He was a great comedian."

Tommy Chong told the Associated Press "He made us look at things, look at ourselves. You won't find too many comics with the kind of chops to do that. You're only allowed to do that when you've paid your dues."


Bobby said...

Please People Go out and see your heros They are all passing quickly Time is of the essence Get their books movies and tickets for their shows Dont wait and say next time Go see them
George Carlin was a comedic genius. Hmmm Wonder if Tommy discovered him I think Tommy discovered everything once the smoke wore off heheheheh Good bye George Thanks for the laughs and memories.

TrailerParkRuss said...

I agree Bobby ..Go out and see your heros and meet them. Before they are gone and you are left with an "I should've" ...I never got to meet George and I wish now that I would have. I don't think Tomy found him cus he was on TV on Johnny Carson in the 60s doing Al Sleet the Hippy Dippy Weather Man, Man.
I got some insight reading Brain Droppings. and a few things I have heard him say and read ...he seemed to be happy but you never know til you really know someone.
I wish all his friends and family well , my prayers are with you right now. RIP George we miss you!
PEACE I hope Cheech and Chong live to be 110 years old man!
Take care, Russ

MJ515 said...

I had the chance to see George and I did not go. Now I am kicking myself in the ass for it. Heaven just got a lot funnier. R.I.P. George Carlin.

Bobby said...

Mj515 I did that same thing with Ray Charles The tickets were 99 bucks at the Konacti Harbour in Clear Lake Calif and my old lady didnt want to pay the price. I said but hun This is Ray Charles we may never get this chance to see him again and she said I don't care thats to much. We missed our one and only chance. The bitch! hahahaha Nah she was right we couldnt afford it at the time. But I have seen Tommy many times and covered the stories for you guys as you know. And I got the great privelage of working with Cheech on Nash Bridges and I even was messing with him on a mental level and never told him. But it was all good. If you guys ever see the episode of Nash Bridges called "Jackpot" week one of a two parter Check out the guy on the ladder at Cheechs (Joe) desk Thats me and Stone Cold Steve Austin is there arguing over the desk with him. Im the electrician who could never fix that music thing that always came on for no reason. To funny bros SO YES GO OUT AND SEE YOUR HEROS WHILE YOU CAN. I hope to meet some of you when Cheech and Chong do the Standup review.

reality checks said...

I always thought that George was one of the sharpest linguists in the world who just happened to be funny. A comedian is supposed to make you laugh. George made us think. The man would joke about anything, no limits. The following is a passage from his 1982 performance at Carnegie Hall where he compares his health to Richard Pryors:

"An update on the comedian health sweepstakes. I currently lead Richard Pryor in heart attacks 2 to 1. But Richard still leads me 1 to nothing in burning yourself up. See, it happened like this. First Richard had a heart attack. Then I had a heart attack. Then Richard burned himself up. And I said, 'Fuck that. I'm having another heart attack!"

RIP George. Say hi to Richard for us.

Bobby said...

Reality Thank you You made me remember George right there. Its one thing to remember his work its another to remember him personaly. Thanks again

OU812 said...

Hey Bobby

Yes you are right. We have to see our heros before they go. I have seen Tommy twice and met him once. I had a chance to see George at Casino Rama in Canada but I put it off too much and did not go. Dumb ass I am. There are really only 2 true original counter culture comedians left and I believe they are Cheech and Chong. I mean, yes we have some good comics and actors nowadays who are carrying the torch, but George, Tommy, Lenny, Cheech etc, these guys opened the doors of counter culture comedy. George Carlin was a genius. He farted in the face of the system and managed to become successful when the law tried to supress him. That's why these guys are my heros. They speak their minds and cross all the fine lines they can. But in real life, they are peaceful good people. When they express themselves and "the man" does not like it, they try and shut them up. Freedom of speech in America is a joke man. Even here in Canada a few years back they legalized small amounts of pot but then the US Government stepped in and it was illegal again. That's how powerful and scary they are! They sent Tommy away for 9 months, they fucked Lenny and they busted George but in the end, they never kept them down for long. Sorry man, I am ranting on like a putz. Get out and see the originals before it's too late.

reality checks said...

It's been nearly 2 weeks since we lost George, and I've listened to a lot of his old shit and newer stuff since then. Man, it never really hits home how close we feel to people we have never met until their voice is silenced forever. I want to expand on my viewpoint of him being a brilliant language artist. The term comedian, to me, means someone like Henny Youngman or Bob Newhart. You tell a little story designed to get you to the punchline, plain and simple. George never had a simple punchline since the 60s. Every word that man spoke on stage was a well timed choreograph between him and the audience. George had the chops to say whatever was on his mind, and said it in a way that we all could laugh at. His handle on the English language was phenominal. Not only the words, but how to deliver them. Every second from the time he took to the stage until the curtain fell, he had total command of his audience. See, no punchlines, just fast zingers that would stab your funny bone, and still have you saying to yourself, "You know what? That motherfuckers right!!!" Every word was well timed for a response, and you can't learn that shit at The Comedy Store. George was hardwired to do a lot of our thinking for us. That's why we knew when he hit the stage that we were gonna be pissing ourselves not long after. He proved that no matter how disgusting the subject matter, he could find a vein of humor there and expand on it to the point of hilarity. The sad thing is that he is no longer among us, but if he were, I think he'd be giving us all reality checks. He had no faith in either heaven or hell or God for that matter. I can just hear George now, saying to people who have left tributes , "Are you people fucking crazy or what? All these tributes to me, after I'm dead. Where the fuck were you people when I was alive? You know that if I was right about religion, then I ain't gonna know shit about the way you feel about me now anyways, right? Y'all should've told me sooner" Anyways, sorry to rant on and on, but the next time you listen to one of his routines, count the laughs per minute. Every line was expertly crafted by him, and if you didn't get the joke, he didn't care. Many others did. If you didn't get the joke, then it was you that he was probably making fun of anyways.

For the first time in nearly six months, I got a great buzz on tonight, and it feels good. I think I'll throw on Springsteens "Drive All Night" and zone away, and zone away, but before I do, I have to say to Tommy that I'm sure I'm not alone when I hope that we don't care if the doctors have to run extension cords up your ass and plug you in, we can't lose you yet. We've already lost way too many and despite what Uncle Sam tried to teach you about mankinds DTA policy, We love ya man. C'mon, You and Cheech on stage for your 100th birthday, hook me up with a set of those tickets, would ya? Maybe you and Shelby could do Dancing With The Stoners, unless the extension cords get in the way. lmao. See, George would be proud. Hope you read this Tom.