Tuesday, July 04, 2006

AUCTION: Shirt Autographed By Tommy

Up for auction is a framed autographed tee-shirt by Tommy Chong along with other souvenirs from his tour at the Keswick Theater on May 6, 2006.

Tommy Chong was originally scheduled to perform the Marijuana-Logues at the Keswick Theater on March 18th, 2005, but the tour was cancelled due to violations of Tommy's parole because of reported incidents of audience members throwing joints on stage. Tommy returned to the tour circuit when his parole ended in 2006 and was finally able to finish his 2005 tour. When he came to the Philadelphia area on May 6th 2006 for two shows at the Keswick Theater, William Haney graciously requested Tommy Chong to sign this tee-shirt in support of medical freedom.

This one of a kind autographed shirt has been preserved with a black marble shaded matte, high quality wooden frame with acrylic sheet. The frame measures 34" by 25" and has an acid free back.

The autographed tee-shirt is accompanied with several related historical souvenir items including the original Keswick Theater ticket stub for the Marijuana-Logues, a theater program for the show, a custom black bronze name plate honoring Tommy's comeback tour, and a newspaper interview with Tommy from the Philadelphia Daily News dated May 2, 2006. Ironic enough, when Mr. Haney contacted reporter Stu Bykofsy for a copy of the interview, Mr. Bykofsky sent Mr. Haney the actual newspaper, and the postmark on the envelope was May 24th, the Birthday of Tommy Chong! These two items will be sent along with the framed items. There is a spot on the back of the frame to house these two items.

Mr. William Haney plans to donate a part of the proceeds to four non-profit organizations that benefit medical marijuana reform groups and they are: The Philadelphia Chapter of Norml, Women's Organization for National Prohibition Reform, The San Francisco Patients' Cooperative, and The Coalition for Medical Marijuana of New Jersey.

Update: auction postponed til August.

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