Friday, April 29, 2005

Chong Sued For Dropping Out Of Logues

In the current issue of Newsweek, Tommy Chong reveals he will not rejoin The Marijuana-Logues once his probation ends. Why? “I don’t feel comfortable because I’m trying to get my record expunged. I’d still be thumbing my nose at the government [that] just finished putting me in jail.”

AC Lichtenstein, the producers of the show plan to sue Tommy for not fulfilling his contract for 36 performances. Chong is considering a countersuit for unpaid wages and damages.

During the interview, Tommy revealed he is working on a book about his Operation Pipedream arrest, as well as a book on Cheech and Chong. He also mentions that "Holy Smoke" is the current working title for the Cheech and Chong reunion film.
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The Kansas City Star also had a chance to interview Tommy. He's in town for this weekend's shows at Stanford and Sons Comedy Club.

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