Saturday, April 03, 2004

New Date And Location: Free Tommy Chong Benefit Show

Due to the festivals rising popularity and growth, they have moved the festival from Slingapours indoor club to Calico Jacks. They will be closing off an entire shopping mall parking lot in order to make a more adequate festival grounds for the event. The sponsors Orlando's Real Rock station 101.1 FM (a clear channel station) will be presenting the event along with Miami Blunts. In addition, the Orlando weekly who is doing a full feature story and Hightimes magazine is doing promotion for the event on their web site(Thanks Steve Bloom!!). Other sponsors will be confirming this week.

When & Where?NEW DATE: April 30th 2004NEW LOCATION: Calico Jacks, 1259 State Road 436, Casselberry FL.

Why?As you have probably heard by now, on September 11, 2003 cultural icon Tommy Chong was sentenced to nine months in federal prison for his role in selling glass water pipes on the Internet through his legally licensed company Tommy Chong Glass. Tommy Chong is the first person to be prosecuted under John Ashcroft's "Operation Pipe Dreams" and "Operation Headhunter," which shut down national glass distributors nationwide, resulting in the indictment of over 55 people.Tommy Chong was obviously targeted by the federal government because of his status as a cult figure among marijuana smokers. The federal raids on paraphernalia distributors has been an utter waste of time and money, while it has ruined the lives and careers of otherwise law abiding citizens. These businesses pay taxes and do not in any way contribute to the crime problem in America. To target them at this time shows a total lack of understanding as to which risks truly threaten the health, welfare and safety of America's citizens.
On April 30th , 2004 there will be a concert to raise signatures and awareness on behalf of Tommy Chong, We believe that he was unfairly imprisoned and needs your help . So, come out to Calico Jacks and help support Tommy Chong while having a booty shakin', rockin' time!

Festival Lineup:BLOWFLY "Thee Original Dirty Rapper"
(Last years Latin Grammy award Winners)Locos por JuanaìPremios Lo Nuestro Nominee & Universal Recording Artist
Jorge CorreaìThe son of Funkî Buddha Gonzalez(With Members of P-Funk)
(From Miami)La Lacra de la chacra
(From Orlando)ADAMAS

For More Info:www.buddhagonzalez.combuddhagonz@aol.comBuddha Gonzalez 305-648-3216

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