Sunday, January 18, 2004

Free Tommy Protest Scheduled

A major Free Tommy Chong rally is taking place this month in California. If you care about Tommy Chong and your rights as an American, you must attend.

Location: North steps of the state capital in Sacramento, CA.
Date and Time: 01.24.2004, 12PM
Purpose: To get Governor Schwarzenegger to call George W. Bush to free Tommy Chong.
Costumes and signs are requested. NO BUSH BASHING SIGNS, PLEASE.
Sign Ideas:
Free Tommy Chong
Arnold call G.W. Bush
Repeal Paraphernalia Law
Unfair Law
Bails Fines Punishments
Tommy Unfairly Punished
Ashcroft Beatnik Bashing Bully
John Hitler Ashcroft
Pardon Tommy Chong
American Freedom Abuse
Laws Not For Ego Boosting
Tommy Chong P.O.W.
Costume Ideas:
Statue of Liberty
George Washington
Uncle Sam
Hitler Ashcroft
Tommy Chong
Bill Clinton with sign I toked but didn't inhale
Jerry Brown with sign I inhaled but didn't exhale

This protest is being organized by the infamous Bobby Capps. He's the person responsible for hanging Free Tommy signs from overpasses, as well as writing it in the burnt brush along Route 80. Email Bobby with any questions you may have.

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