Monday, July 29, 2002

First Ever Cheech and Chong Book

This Autumn, Browne Stane Books will be releasing The Cheech and Chong Bible, the first book ever written about Cheech and Chong. It will hit stores approximately early October, but Cheech and Chong fans can preorder their copy online at FREE SHIPPING* if you order your copy by 8/31/02
This tribute to one of the most hysterical comedy teams of our time features:
  • BIOGRAPHY - facts and photos about a Mexican American and Chinese Canadian whose story is as outrageous as the albums and films that made them famous.
  • GREATEST BITS - reviews/descriptions of Cheech and Chong's best audio tracks
  • GREATEST HITS - Before you book a gig at the Rock Fight, you gotta know which Cheech and Chong songs you'll be playing. That's why this book comes equipped with a number of lyrics to C&C's most popular tunes. (Sorry, Fender and tutu not included!)
  • GREATEST FLICKS - Reminisce over the funniest scenes, quotes, and characters from Cheech and Chong's movies.
  • CCAT - The Cheech and Chong Achievement Test is the most comprehensive, standardized C&C movie trivia exam in the world. If you've ever wondered how many times C&C say 'man' in Up in Smoke, the answer can be found here.
  • GLOSSARY - C&C: A-Z. This mock glossary contains all the Cheech and Chong terminology found in their movies. And so much more, man!

So log onto Browne Stane ( and light up your library with The Cheech and Chong Bible!

Update: Now available at contraband

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