Saturday, November 10, 2001

Holiday Auctions Have Begun

Cheech & Chong Sculpture

As traditional as turkey at Thanksgiving, the Cheech and Chong Dot Com Holiday Auctions have returned. We've been accumulating tons of C and C memoribilia all year to give to loyal fans. The auctions are refreshed every week. It's a great opportunity to score some rare collectibles. They make far-out stocking stuffers!

However, you don't have to wait for the auctions. If there's something you're looking for, email sales to see if we can find it.

Also, be sure to pick up Anthology, featuring Cheech and Chong's Santa Claus and His Old Lady.

Auction Round #1 (currently underway)
• Rude Awakening Standee - Special movie studio promotional cardboard cutout featuring the cast of the movie. It is new and never been assembled. Nothing beats having a lifesize Cheech in your house.
• RARE Cheech and Chong Ceramic - Super rare, never used C & C ceramic.• Still Smokin VHS - Original VHS movie at a great price.
• Corsican Bros VHS - OUT OF PRINT, uncensored version of the movie.
• Nice Dreams VHS - Original VHS movie at a great price.
• Cassette Two-Pack - We're offering this special two-pack of cassettes that consists of The Wedding Album and Big Bambu.
• Bloat On 45 - Ltd Release single from the Let's Make a New Dope Deal LP. Few have seen, nor heard this song. Sleeve features caricature of C & C as fat black men.
• Sleeping Beauty TEST PRESSING - LP given to record execs and the likes to evaluate prior to being submitted for mass production. This is very rare.

Auction Round #2 (begin Sunday, Nov 11th)
• RARE Next Movie Cartoon Animation Cel - Super rare. This is one of the coolest things we've ever seen. It's an animation cell with matching cartoonist sketch.
• Still Smokin Movie Poster - Original insert poster 14" by 36" for the 1983 film. Mint condition!
• (How I Spent My Summer Vacation) A Day At The Beach With Pedro & Man - Rare skit never released on LP, only on this 45 single. It's hysterical.
• Playboy's Tommy Chong Roast VHS - Out-of-print Playboy video which stars Jerry Seinfeld, Richard Belzer and more.
• Big Bambu LP with HUGE Rolling Paper - Album is in great condition and comes with huge rolling paper.

Click here to access the auctions.

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Mark Roe said...

Any idea what the Cheech and Chong ceramic sold for?