Monday, February 21, 2000

Review: E! True Hollywood Story


After sitting in front of the square box with moving images for one hour, the staff at Cheech and Chong Dot Com concluded that E! did a fantastic job detailing the life and times of the legendary duo. In case you missed it, E! premiered their Cheech and Chong "True Hollywood Story" episode last night (note: re-broadcast yet to be scheduled).
As expected, Tommy and Richard downplayed the amount of hostility that existed between the two of them. However, they did reveal that the problems began after Tommy was credited as Director of Next Movie, even though Cheech felt he had contributed equally. The tensions peaked during the filming of Get Out of My Room, for Cheech longed to pursue a serious acting career (which he accomplished). After making their last on-screen appearance together in After Hours, the duo went their separate ways.
On a happier note, Tommy and Richard did not rule out the possibility of a reunion. They gave the impression that, if the money and script are right and the duo are both at the same point in their lives, they'd be willing to do a movie.
We hope they do reunite! We want a simple movie with classic, crude drug humor. Oh, and one more thing...Stacey Keach must return as Sgt. Stadanko!

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