Thursday, May 24, 2018

Happy Birthday! Wow, Tommy Chong is 80 Years Old

The dopemaster, Tommy Chong, turned 80 today. Tommy was born May 24th, 1938 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

 Here's Tommy singing Happy Birthday to himself.

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Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Tommy Chong

He was born in Alberta this day
Where the Stamps and the Eskimos play
And the Oilers and Flames
Who sell out all their games
But are rarely still playing in May

In his twenties he moved to B.C.
A musician he wanted to be
He performed in a band
But he got himself canned
As he smoked BC bud by the key

Though his music career didn’t take
Since the man was a consummate flake
Tommy's singular wit
Made him in to a hit
As a comic considered first-rate

With Cheech Marin he formed a duet
Playing many a comedy set
Causing people to laugh
Cheech was dodging the draft
When the two incidentally met

They began playing comedy clubs
As the punters got wasted on suds
Their routines were outrageous
Their humor contagious
And mostly inspired by drugs

Later on they made films and LPs
While commanding significant fees
Many records were sold
They were box office gold
Both at home and at gigs overseas

In the eighties they got a divorce
With no sadness or hint of remorse
Mr. Marin was keen
For the silvery screen
Tommy Chong sought an alternate course

On his own Tommy struggled at first
Life got better, but then it got worse
When a marketing plan
Sent his butt to the can
At significant cost to his purse

After nine months in jail he resumed
The vocation for which he was groomed
Playing comedy shows
At locations he chose
Where hard liquor and wine is consumed

So let's wish Happy Birthday to Tom
Who emerged from the womb of his Mom
Long ago on this date
So tonight he'll eat cake
After smoking hashish in a bong