Friday, March 04, 2016

Tommy Chong Lights Up A Smokin' New Podcast

TOMMY CHONG, best known as one-half of the iconic comedy duo CHEECH & CHONG, is now hosting a self-titled podcast, which debuted on MARCH 2nd.

New episodes of “The TOMMY CHONG Podcast” will air WEDNESDAYS at 9p ET on CANNABISRADIO.COM, and via the TUNEIN RADIO and SPREAKER RADIO apps. Archived episodes of “The TOMMY CHONG Podcast” can be downloaded on-demand from iTUNES, STITCHER, iHeartRadio and at

In the first episode, they discuss:
Tommy Chong's cancer.
Tommy mentions repeatedly that Cheech Marin doesn't like him.
He discusses about what a disaster it was presenting at the 1984 Academy Awards.
Tommy says he saw Johnny Carson after he retired.  Carson had long hair and was in the men's room putting water up his breathe.  He couldn't breathe because Carson was washing out the cocaine from the night before.

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