Monday, January 25, 2016

Cheech and Chong are Coming to Hawaii

On April 30th, the Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke tour is coming to Maui, Hawaii.

Tickets haven't been announced yet.

April 30
The Sheraton Maui Resort and Spa
Maui, Hawaii

LAHAINA, Hawaii, Jan. 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The Dude, Jeff Bridges, and The Crooner, Brian Evans, rocked Maui, Hawaii on Saturday, January 23rd, to a packed crowd at The Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa. Singer/Songwriter Dayle Tejada opened the show with a rousing performance.

The Oscar winning actor joined the singer's concert series for the event. Stars ranging from Bob Saget to Mos Def have performed the dozens of monthly concerts put on by Evans, who also serves as the opening act.

Evans, who will soon release a new CD and music video, sang several songs from the upcoming release. His new single "Here You Come Again," is being supported by a music video that will be released in March, and features William Shatner, Dog The Bounty Hunter, Beth Chapman, Leland Chapman and comedian Paul Rodriguez.

Other singles on Evans upcoming release include "Maui Moon," "Croonerman," "This Town," and "Planet Blue," which will also be supported by a music video to be directed by William Shatner. Shatner recently performed a concert on Maui last month, performing a duet with the singer.

"It is a privilege to be doing this," says Evans, who also produces the increasingly popular "Maui Celebrity Series," and has been working on numerous other projects, including his two books "Horrorscope" and "The Funny Robbers," both released in the past several months. "It had been a difficult few years prior to this past year, which has brought a lot of things together for me."

Bridges mentioned from the stage his support for The American Sleep Apnea Association while embracing Evans, who lost his mother in 2012 from the condition following what was supposed to be a routine knee surgery. "Jeff Bridges is a class act all the way, and one of the nicest people that I have ever met. Everyone from his agent to his publicist were awesome people that let us do our thing, and then Jeff just blew everybody away."

Evans YouTube videos "At Fenway," which co-stars Shatner, has been added to the library of The National Baseball Hall of Fame. It has received close to 12 million views to date. His last video "Creature," which co-stars comedian Carrot Top, is the first full length music video ever to be filmed at The Bates Motel, the actual film locations of the Alfred Hitchcock thriller, "Psycho."

Evans videos tend to target landmarks, providing the material continuous relevance.

"Halloween and baseball won't go away," says Evans. The Netflix show "BoJack Horseman" use his music on the popular animated show, as does "So You Think You Can Dance," among others. His live performance of "Witchcraft" has received over 6 million views and counting.

Evans will next present Cheech & Chong on Maui on April 30th, 2016. Dayle Tejada, whose single "Nothing But Love" is now available on iTunes, will also appear.

"The venue is about to get much bigger for what I'm doing," says Evans. "And other things as well. It wasn't easy to get here."

Partial proceeds also benefit Mental Health Kokua, a charity that seeks to assist the adult homeless of Hawaii. In December, the Governor of Hawaii issued Evans a Commendation for creating The Maui Celebrity Series. For more information on the charities mentioned in this article, visit and

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