Thursday, February 19, 2015

RIP June 'Ajax Lady' Fairchild

It's a sad day for Cheech and Chong fans.  Up in Smoke's Ajax Lady, June Fairchild, has passed away from liver cancer.  She was 68.

Fans saw her not too long ago (April 2013) at the premiere of Cheech and Chong's Animated Movie.  June looked great.

However, June had a history of drug and alcohol addiction.  She had lived on the streets, where she was beaten and raped. June spent her last years living on Social Security disability payments in small rooms in downtown hotels.

Besides being known as one of the stars from Up in Smoke, she was in dozens of movies, she also coined the name for the band Three Dog Night.  Cheech used to hire her to do stand-up at parties.

In 2002, she told The Times that she signed a contract at Paramount Studios for use of her likeness on bobble-head dolls of the Ajax Lady from "Up in Smoke."

Up in Smoke wasn't the first time she performed the Ajax Lady character.  She first did it in a Jack Nicholson film.

June died Tuesday after being put in hospice care over the weekend.  Friends are hoping that Tommy Chong will help with funeral expenses.

She is survived by her daughter, grandson and brother.

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