Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tommy Chong Tours New York City

Tommy Chong is in New York City this week doing a press tour.

Here's a recap of some of his appearances.

Huffington Post Live

Chong Star Pot which is a mix of Sativa and Indica.  It is sold in Colorado and Tommy is part owner.
Futurola Chong roller.  It rolls cone shaped joints.  He was giving demos at the 1 Percent store on Ludlow Street on Wednesday.

Talked about using pot suppositories to reduce his prostate cancer.
Take note that he had cancer cells, but not a dangerous level.  He just used it as a means to promote legalization.
He told a great story about how, after Up in Smoke, they needed help getting an additional film deal (without Lou Adler).  Within a few hours, Howard Brown was able to negotiate two deals with two studios for three movies for more money than Cheech and Tommy asked for.

Wall Street Journal Money Beat

Chong Swipes which you wipe on your clothes to remove the smell of pot.
Futurola Chong roller.

“Cheech and I have been approached by some hedge-fund people to brand our name, and we’re in negotiations,” he said. “And we’re also looking for other hedge-fund people to approach us.”

At  the end jokingly asked what the host thought of joint gave him. Host got very nervous and said Tommy is just kidding.

Opie and Jimmy

Entire Opie Audio

Talked about his experience with suppositories.

Tommy comments on Nancy Grace on Stand Up! with Pete Dominick on SiriusXM

Sway in the Morning

Talked about suppositories, Nancy Grace/2 Chainz.

Tommy demos the Futurola roller at the 1Percent pop-up shop in downtown NYC.

Chong defends Obamacare on Fox News

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