Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Notes of Interest from the Interview with Rae Dawn Chong

In June, Rae Dawn Chong, actress and Tommy Chong's daughter called into Matty P's Radio Happy Hour.

Besides the well-documented Oprah Winfrey controversy, the interview was packed full of great stories.

Here are some highlights:
  • In 6th grade, she was busted for selling weed.  Tommy comes to the school with his really long hair and they assumed she was selling his weed.  It wasn't.
  • She's only done heroin twice in her life, despite what Mackenzie Philips said in her book. She didn't shoot it.
  • Rae Dawn went with Mackenzie to a publisher meeting at Tavern on the Green in NYC and Mackenzie kept nodding off.  Rae Dawn was such a drug novice that she didn't even realize Mackenzie was on heroin at that time. 
  • Rae Dawn disputes Mackenzie Philips incest allegations.  She says Papa John Philips was a junkie who had no interest in sex.  He was only interested in drugs and money.
  • Tommy Chong discovered the Jackson 5.
  • Michael Jackson was so obsessed with Rae Dawn that he cast a Rae Dawn look-a-like for the The Way You Make Me Feel video.
  • Steven Spielberg cut most of her scenes from The Color Purple, scenes which could have scored her an Oscar.
  • Steve Spielberg put the moves on Rae Dawn during filming.
  • Her former husband, C Thomas Howell, was well-hung.
  • She was hired to be on Good Times, but she was fired because she spoke too well.
  • She didn't get along with Jim Belushi while filming The Principal.
  • Recently, she shot a pilot for a new show called The Celebrate. She wrote it. It's about a woman that travels around New Hampshire to see the human condition.
Listen to the entire interview here

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