Monday, April 15, 2013

Cheech and Chong to be on Lots of TV and Radio Programs This Week

This week, Cheech and Chong are doing a major media (tv, radio, newspaper) in New York City.  They are promoting Cheech and Chong's Animated Movie! which will be released next Tuesday.

List constantly being updated.

Tuesday, April 16th.
Wendy Williams Show

Saturday, April 20th
11AM ET. Reddit AMA: Tommy and Cheech rally the r/trees community with a wake and bake AMAA!
12PM ET.  Twitter Q&A: Prepare your #CC420 hashtags as the Q&A continues on twitter and make sure you follow @Cheechandchong!
1PM ET.  Facebook Q&A: We're going cutting edge with our 1.6m facebook fans by trying out Facebook's new "Respond" feature! "Like" us to get in on the "respond" action. "Poke"
2PM ET.  Google Hangout: Fans will get to chat screen to screen with Cheech and Tommy as they "Prepare" for their Livestream. Join in the fun on Google+ or on YouTube.
4PM ET.  Livestream: 40 Minutes of fan interaction and screening selected clips from the movie as Cheech and Chong welcome 4:20 on 4/20!

Thursday, April 25th
SiriusXM Town Hall

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