Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cheech Marin on HuffPost Live

This evening, Cheech Marin was on HuffPost Live.  It was a super-interesting interview.

He discusses dancing with Kate Middleton while he and Don Johnson were in Scotland for a golf tournament.  The Prince and Kate had just started dating.  Kate grabbed Cheech's hand and said let's dance.  He thinks they should name their child 'Little Cheech.'

Cheech also revealed he's working on a book about immigration called We Come in Peace and We Have you Surrounded.

Marin's voice was hoarse because he just wrapped up doing a voiceover for a Mexican animated film titled El Americano.  It's about birds flying to American to join the circus.  Cheech plays the bad guy.  It will be released later this year.

So this means Cheech will have two animated releases this year.  El Americano and the previously announced Cheech and Chong's Animated Movie.

Cheech says the one thing that he and Tommy Chong would like to achieve is being inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.  He says people often ask him why a comedy duo should be inducted.  His response is that many rock bands cover their songs.
Side Note:  Producer, Lou Adler, had a sticker on their albums which said Hard Rock Comedy.

Cheech and Tommy will be inducting Lou Adler into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame next month.


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