Tuesday, March 12, 2013

UPDATE: Cheech and Chong to Launch Summer Tour with War and Tower of Power

On HuffPost Live today, Cheech announced that Cheech and Chong will be launching a summer tour with the bands War and Tower of Power.

Coincidentally, during this week's Chong and Chong podcast, Tommy revealed that their tour manager, Jimmy Root, came up with the idea of using War's Low Rider song during their act.  Cheech and Tommy told Jimmy they needed a song to play during the low rider sketch and he came up with Low Rider.

Tommy also said that they videotaped every show so Jimmy knew when to play the sound effects.  Sadly, they'd overwrite the tape each night.  The only tape that exists is Cheech and Chong Perform.  It's a bootleg that a club owner recorded.

The tour will take place this summer only, in open air venues.

The first date of the WAR / Tower of Power / Cheech & Chong tour will be May 25 at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.

Price: $100.00 / $75.00 / $55.00 / $30.00

On sale date has yet to be announced.

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