Friday, December 07, 2012

Tommy Chong is Trending All Over the Place

Tommy Chong did a press tour yesterday talking about the possibility of pot legalization.  Now, he's trending all over the search engines.

On Current TV, Tommy said the DEA will be disbanded.  He must be high because drug enforcement is a business.  Obama will never disband it.

Marijuana advocate Tommy Chong had a bizarre yet hilarious interview with Stuart Varney on Varney & Co. Chong maintained that marijuana increases fine motor skills, and that this is why professional golfers use marijuana to improve their game. He argued that "potheads" were responsible for President Obama's re-election. The best moment came when Chong speculated that Varney himself is a pot smoker.


Chris Merritt said...

Hey there. just wondering how mr Chongs cancer is doing with the hemp oil treatments. it is a growing concern of mine being a young male, and am eager to hear how he is fairing.

The Weedmaster said...

He has old man cancer, not serious. He won't die from it and he admitted that the hemp oil treatments have done nothing.